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i work in a call center and manage accts, a customer called in for help
cust: i want a rep on line 4 (im a rep, theres no specific line for other reps)
me: ok im here how can i help you
cust: i want a man rep on line 4
me: im avail to help you sir
cust: are you a man
me: im a rep that can help you
(he finally moves on with what im thinking will be his question, he continues to ramble asking question that arent allowing me to give much assistance other than to ask for clarification and we come full circle)

cust: i want a man that can help me youre not helping me
me: youre not givinge me enough to help you on sir
cust: i want to speak to a man
me: there are no men avail, you have to speak with a woman (entire call center errupted with laughter)
cust: yes there is i know there is i spoke with him earlier
me: he went home sir, only women avail

(silence for a long pause)

me: anything else i can help you with?
cust: yea……(pause)……quit your job
me ok sir have a good night (i ended the call)

Booked Yourself In For Some Weird Meals

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(My sister is a giant bookworm. She is always reading, no matter what she’s doing. Cooking, bathroom, watching TV, breaks/lunch at work, she’s reading a book. For showering and driving, she plays an audio book. It can sometimes lead to comedy gold.)

Sister: “Well, this morning I was making a bowl of cereal while also reading my book, so I wasn’t 100% paying attention. I opened the sugar canister and spooned plenty of sugar in, while still reading my book. I took a bite and I got a big mouthful of salt! The canisters look alike! I feel so betrayed.”

Me: *bent over laughing*

Sister: “Oh, that’s not all. While I was on video chat with [Best Friend], I made a sandwich and I went to get the Italian dressing to put on it. Well… I wasn’t paying attention, and the chocolate syrup is next to the Italian dressing in the fridge. I didn’t realize until I already put it on the meat and went to close it. [Best Friend] was laughing her butt off. I rinsed the chocolate off the meat and put Italian dressing. I took a bite and there was still chocolate on the bread! I had to spit it out, and [Best Friend] laughed even harder!”

Me: *laughing and wondering how she made it to 28*

Doesn’t Take A Degree To Recognise This Stupidity

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(In this case, I am a customer in line. As I wait for my turn, I see this play out.)

Customer: “Can I have a [burger] with extra pickles, mustard, mayo, and cheese?”

Cashier: “Sure, let me ring that up for you.”

Customer: *turns to friend* “Man, it is just sad that people have to work at places like this. I can’t understand why they don’t just go to college!”

Customer’s Friend: “But you never went to college.”

(After this, the customer didn’t say another word until they sat down.)

About To Enter A Whole New World

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(A new user attempts to log into her system account but can’t. I troubleshoot, but cannot find a cause of the problem. I chalk it up to user error and do a manual forced login on the user’s behalf. The same thing happens again the very next day. Now I’m curious. I ask the user to tell me what she is using for her password.)

User: “Well, I know it needs some special characters, so I used my middle name, but put a dollar sign in place of the S, then the down-and-back arrow, and then part of my phone number with an exclamation mark for the one.”

Me: “The down-and-back arrow?”

User: “Yeah. That’s a special character, right?”

Me: “I’m not familiar with a down-and-back arrow. Do you mean one of the slashes?”

User: “No, the down-and-back arrow! On my keyboard, it’s above the Shift key.”

Me: *looks at keyboard* “The Enter key?”

User: “Yeah, that one.”

(I was going to explain how pressing Enter was the same as telling the computer you were done entering your password, but I changed my mind. I just told her that the down-and-back arrow was not a valid special character for this system. She picked a new password and seems to be doing just fine now.)

Sweeping Away Any Teachable Moments Here

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(I am around eight, and my cousin is about twelve. We go to a school that has adult supervision long before and after school in case parents need a babysitter; this is provided for free. We’re waiting on the playground after school. Out of boredom, we’ve been repeatedly leaning against the fence behind us and bouncing off it.)

Teacher: “Girls, that’s bad for the fence. Do you need me to find something for you to do?”

Cousin: “No.” *goes off and finds an activity*

Me: *thinking she means something fun* “Yes!”

Teacher: *disappointed* “Grab this broom and sweep bark chips off the pavement.”

(I’m dismayed that she’s giving me a punishment for boredom. Bark-chip duty is usually reserved for students who repeatedly cause trouble on the playground. After a minute or two…)

Teacher: “You don’t have to do that anymore, but I hope you learned your lesson to not talk back.”

(I legitimately did not understand what I’d done. I had zero grasp on sarcasm at the time, and even now I have a hard time with it. Plus, the concept of “talking back” made no sense to me. The punishment would have been a fair one if I had known what on earth I’d done wrong.)

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