I’m Going To Get You Fired! Oh, Wait…

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I work at a fast food chain that specializes in fried chicken. We are ten minutes from closing one night and a man comes in to order a large amount of food. As the chicken and sides take time to prepare and we do not prepare too much in a day to help reduce loss, some items are unavailable after they get bought up by the end of the dinner rush. To make matters worse, we’ve seen one of our managers fired earlier in the day for incompetence, and are, thanks to her mistakes, running low on several items that we would normally have.

Me: “Welcome to [Restaurant]. What can I do for you today?”

Customer: “I’d like a twelve-piece bucket, large macaroni and cheese, and a large mashed potatoes and gravy.”

Me: “I’m sorry, sir, but we’re out of macaroni and cheese tonight.”

Customer: “I’ll have baked beans, then.”

Me: “I’m sorry, sir, but we’re out of baked beans, as well. We have every side but those two available.”

Customer: “Why the h*** don’t you have any? Can’t you make more?”

Me: “We’ve had trouble with our supply chain and don’t have any of either item in the freezer right now. I could offer you some biscuits.”

Customer: “I don’t want biscuits! Whose fault is it that you don’t have what I want?”

Me: “Our assistant manager’s, sir. She was in charge of ordering and was already fired today for her mistakes.”

Customer: “Oh, uh, all right.”

He shut up and bought his food.

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Credited With A Sense Of Entitlement

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At my store, a message will come up on the register screen when someone has been preapproved for our store credit card. However, the person whose name it’s under has to be present. I’m checking out a lady who I have been helping pick out a sweater, and her husband is preapproved.

Me: “Is your husband [Husband]?”

Customer: “Yes?”

Me: “Well, it says he’s been preapproved for our credit card. But since he’s not here, he will be mailed the information.”

Customer: “Oh, that’s all right; he wouldn’t want one anyway.”

Me: “Okay. He’ll still be mailed information about it, and if he chooses to go through with it, he’ll be able to save fifteen percent on his purchase, and if you sign—”

Customer: “Oh, okay! Wait, since he’s not here, I can’t get the discount?”

Me: “Unfortunately, no, but—”

Customer: “Oh, that’s just ridiculous. You know what? I’m gonna be cold. I’m not even gonna buy this just because of that. That’s just a horrible policy.”

She left her purchase at the counter and stormed out before I was even able to tell her that it has to be registered under the correct name to protect him, and that she could have easily saved her own 15% by signing up for a credit card anyway without preapproval. Guess it didn’t matter that much to her after all!

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A Basket Full Of Karma

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At my thrift store, each department uses secondhand selling websites — eBay, for one — to find out what a particular item seems to be going for in the market, and prices items that way. As such, anyone who tries to haggle is told that we simply don’t do that.

A customer comes in and sees a picnic basket for two behind the counter and asks so see it. It comes with two of each utensil, as well as space for a nice lunch and a bottle of wine to be stored.

Customer: “Wow, I really like that item… but not for [our low price].”

Me: “Sorry, sir, the price is as marked. Housewares determined they’re going for that price when used. We cannot haggle.”

Customer: “Hmm. You know, I bought a new one for [$5 higher than our price], retail price.”

Me: “Uh-huh.”

The customer is silent for a beat as he almost obsessively checks and rechecks every inch of the item.

Customer: “Wow. I really do like that. It’s really cool. But not for [our price]… Maybe [half our asking price]. But not [our price].”

Me: “Sorry, sir, we still don’t haggle here.”

He is silent for another beat, obviously waiting to see if I’ll throw in a “but…” in there. When I remain quiet, as well…

Customer: “Well, I really like it, but not for [our price].”

He waits again.

Me: “…”

He finally heaves a very long, very exaggerated sigh and does a full-body sag of epic disappointment and dejection before he reluctantly stops fiddling with the basket:

Customer: “Well, I guess I’ll have to think about it.”

I put it behind the counter once more and say in a falsely cheerful voice:

Me: “Thank you for your interest, sir! If you decide that you really do like it enough to pay our asking price, you just ask me to bring it out for you.”

Customer: “Well, I really do like it. Just not for that price.”

Me: “Have a good day! Bye-bye now!”

I mutter under my breath:

Me: “You don’t actually like it… you just want it cheaper, you cheapskate haggling jerk.”

He comes back the next day, and I can see that he is preparing to sigh over the item again. He oh-so-casually asks if I have talked to Housewares to see if they’d be willing to part with it for his offer, reiterating yet again how MUCH he likes it, and how he just needs us to come down a little on the price.

Me: *Smiling sweetly* “Oh, I’m so sorry, sir! A young gentleman came in two hours ago and bought it already. He said he was going to take a date out for a picnic lunch as soon as the weather turned nice.”

It was a pleasure to see the man’s face fall when he realized how he had missed out. 

It’s actually very common for someone to try wrangling discounts out of us. Some even threaten that no one else would “pay so much money” for the item they want. Almost every single time that happens, someone else will come along and snatch the item up for the asking price without batting an eye.

In our store, you snooze, you lose!

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A Customer By Any Other Name…

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I’ve recently changed my name, but I opened my bank account with my original name and went through the whole process with my local bank when I got it legally changed, so most of the tellers are aware of me having two names. I just put both names when signing and it’s all good. 

My payments from work have always been direct deposits up until this summer where I received a check after attending a training.

I go to my bank with this check and there is a teller I have never seen before. It’s already taken about fifteen minutes to even get through the line. When I finally get to the counter, I kindly explain that the check has my old name and I’ve signed both names on the back of it.

First, she claims I can’t get cash back on the check unless I deposit and then withdraw in two different transactions. Okay, cool.

Second, she claims I can’t withdraw at all from my check and then goes to speak with a supervisor. Dumb, but I can just use the ATM after.

Returning, she then tells me I can’t deposit the check at all and tells me to call the number on my check and tell them to send me one with my name on it. That’s something I can’t do until I make the four-hour trip out of town to change my social security card, and I need the money now.

When I tell her I’ve never had an issue since the change with anyone else, she tells me there’s nothing she can do. When I tell her I’ll just go over to the other branch, she just gives me a short “Okay!” and throws my slips into the shredder without so much of a second glance. This whole thing has already taken another twenty minutes.

I then have to go downtown where — Surprise! — they deposit and let me withdraw without batting a lash, and then I come back into town. With an hour wasted now, I call the bank back and the senior teller there is pissed.

Apparently, it shows both my names on my account. Why the teller couldn’t just look at the screen and see that… we both aren’t sure.

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(I’m finishing up a call with an employee “customer”, its pretty standard to offer them the ticket number so they can follow up if further related issues occur)
Me: Alright, and do you want the ticket number for this issue?
Person: … Like a ticket number?
Me: … yes.
Person: Oh yeah, let me get that.