A Bad Case Of Extreme Entitlement

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(I need a trip to the doctor, and the one I am seeing is brand new to me, so I don’t know much about the office. When my husband and I walk in, we are approached by a woman in a wheelchair.)

Patient #1: “If you’re here to see the doctor, there’s a four-hour wait.”

Me: “Seriously?”

Patient #1: “Yeah. It’s really bad. They’ve started using a new system today and they’re having all sorts of trouble with it.”

(A younger woman comes out to take the patient away.)

Husband: “Excuse me, but is it true that if you have an appointment, they’re running four hours behind?”

Young Woman: “Oh, no. That’s just the walk-in clinic. Appointments are running as close to on time as they can get.”

Me: “Thanks.”

(My husband and I go inside and approach the counter.)

Nurse #1: “Hello there. Are you here for the clinic?”

Me: “No, I’ve got an appointment with [Doctor] at three.”

Nurse #1: “All right, then. Let me get some information from you and we’ll get you going.”

(I give her all the pertinent information. She puts it all in, and then her computer beeps and she gives a deep sigh.)

Nurse #1: “I’m sorry. I need to restart the computer, and I’ll have to get your info again. It’s this new system we got. Today is our first day using it and it’s been nothing but trouble.”

Me: “No problem. I understand computers acting up.”

Nurse #1: “Thanks for your understanding.”

(Next to me is another patient trying to get in to see a doctor via the walk-in clinic.)

Patient #2: “What do you mean there’s a four-hour wait? I’m sick. I could die. Why can’t you get me in sooner?”

Nurse #2: “I’m sorry, ma’am. But we’re running behind because of the trouble with our new system. If you don’t want to wait, I can get you an appointment tomorrow morning with your doctor.”

Patient #2: “I don’t have time for that. I’m here now and you will see me now.”

Nurse #2: “I’m sorry, ma’am. You’re going to have to wait.”

Nurse #1: “Okay, [My Name]. Let’s go over that information one more time.” *gives info* “Okay, it took it this time. Here you go. You should be called back shortly.”

Me: “Thank you.”

Patient #2: “Why is she getting in before me? She’s fat. Fat people are always sick. They should have to wait.”

Nurse #2: “She has an appointment with one of our doctors.”

Patient #2: “Then give me her appointment.”

Nurse #2: “We’re not going to do that. Either sit down or take the appointment I’m offering you.”

([Patient #2] continued screaming that “fat people are too sick to see a doctor,” and “I’m more important than everyone here.” She was removed from the office and banned from the clinic.)

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I was the GM of a brew pub on the Oregon Coast. We had a weekly trivia game where the winner won a growler of the beer we brewed (the prize was stated on every chalkboard in the place as well as announced throughout the game). The idea was to promote OUR BEER.

At one point during the winter months, an older couple started showing up every week and playing. One week they won, and when I went to the table to ask which beer they wanted me to fill their growler with, they said “Oh we don’t drink beer. We’d like a bottle of wine” (they even requested one of our more expensive bottles). I replied, “I’m sorry, I can’t do that. The prize is a growler of one of our beers. That’s the entire point of the game”. They proceeded to get irate and asked for the manager. Which was me. NO, they didn’t get a bottle of wine.  One of my servers later had the nerve to use the “but the costumer is always right” line on me, to which I replied “Like hell they are.”  Maybe I wasn’t cut out for that line of work.

That Bread Must Taste Sassy

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(I’m discussing angel food cake, because I’ve never seen any bread or cake this bright.)

Me: “How is it so white?! It’s even whiter than white bread!”

Aunt: “It’s because they use b****ed fire.”

(There’s a slight pause while she realizes what she said.)

Aunt: *laughing* “I meant bleached flour! I’m really tired.”

(We’ve all been there, Aunt.)

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(I work at a paint store. I wasn’t working, but one evening we got a call from a frantic lady saying we needed to tint some product we had never heard of. The only thing that employee said is that we can try it, but we can’t guarantee it.

I hear of this story the next morning when I come in for my shift. The lady calls again a little later and speaks with the assistant manager, who basically tells her the same thing: it’s a product we don’t know, it’s clear so we can’t tint it completely white like she wants, and we cannot guarantee it, even though she wants us to. My assistant manager says we can try it if they bring it in, but is sure to tell her we canNOT guarantee the product will come out the way they want or work the same way. The lady is angry but agrees.

The next day, a man comes in like he owns the place. He demands we tint all of the product he brought, orders us around like we’re his employees, and tries to tell us how to do our jobs. We go out to his car to get the product and find it’s in weird 3.5 gallon buckets, which we cannot tint reliably OR shake in our paint can shakers. We tell him we just can’t do it.)

Entitled man: I cannot BELIEVE you would tell us you would guarantee that this would work. I want your number, your manager’s number, your sales rep’s number, your regional manager’s number, and corporate’s number! You’re going to hear from me again!

(We awkwardly pack all of his product back into his car and he leaves in a huff. The rest of the day is spent in quiet, awkward stress, and randomly shaking our heads going “Geez. People!!”)

Kindness Is The Best Medicine

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(I wake up feeling sick and miserable, but I have to work, so I drag my sick carcass in. I get in late and overall feel bad. A few hours into my shift, an older lady comes in with a smile, saying she wants to pay her bill in her unit. I say it’s no problem, but I sound stuffed up and I sniffle and croak. I apologize for being sick and that I probably look and sound gross. The woman looks at me.)

Customer: “Oh, honey, no! You’re fine. You’re sick, and you look it, but there’s nothing wrong with that; you can’t help it. Really, it’s fine.”

Me: *giving her a smile* “Thank you.”

(I process her bill and as I am printing a receipt:)

Me: “I don’t know. It’s probably the change in weather. I’m a scrawny guy; I get cold easily.”

(I laugh it off and the woman only looks at me with concern.)

Customer: “Maybe it’s allergies; have you thought of that? Well, there is a dollar store up the road, very cheap. You should get some allergy medication, and if that doesn’t work, buy some cold medicine. That should do the trick!”

Me: “Why, thank you. I should be going to lunch here soon; perhaps I’ll run up there.”

(She nods, takes her receipt, and walks to the door before turning around.)

Customer: “I believe in being kind and understanding to people; we all share the same planet, after all.”

(I agree and thank her for the advice and bid her a good day. About twenty minutes go by and the woman reappears. I turn to ask her what she needs as she walks in, and she smiles and hands me a bag.)

Customer: “Here you go, dear. That should help you out!”

(I look inside and there is allergy medicine and two boxes of cold medicine!)

Me: *shocked but grateful* “Oh, wow! Thank you! You really didn’t have to!”

(I thank her profusely, but she only shakes her head and says:)

Customer: “Kindness goes a long way. We all share this place, so we should take care of each other. Get well soon, dear!”

(And with that, she gave me another smile and left. Blessed be to that kind woman. She has no idea how much she made my day and restored just a little faith.)

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