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(I am a security guard out on patrol when I witness this.)

Car: *pulls up on he street and shouts to a man standing on the sidewalk* “Hey, is this a parking spot?”

(The man on the sidewalk turns slowly to the very prominent ‘NO PARKING” sign that we’ve put up because people were ignoring the already posted street sign.)

Sidewalk: *flatly* “No,”

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I work in a video game store that sells new and used video games. Our new games have the word “NEW” in big bold capital letters right above the price that is also in bold. A customer comes up to my reifster and sets a copy of a new video game down on my counter. I grab his game and ring it up.
Customer: Wait, that’s new.
Me: Yes, so it’ll be (total).
Customer: I wanted it used though.
Me, annoyed: Oh, I see. I’m sorry, I thought you wanted the new because your brought the new case and not the used case. Let me see if I have it used for you.
Customer: Well, I thought you would know because I couldn’t find the used case.
Me: Oh, next time you can just ask us if you can’t find it. It doesn’t look like I have it used, would you like to buy it new?
Customer: No, I’ll just go somewhere else.

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Me: “Alright, your total will be 26.94.”
Customer: “Do you need any ones?”
Me: *chuckles, thinking she’s joking* “We’re fine on that front.”
Customer: “Well, here you go anyways.” *hands over 27 one dollar bills*
Me: “…”

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I work in the medical laboratory for a major local hospital. When we receive specimens through the tube station we have to check the labels to ensure there’s enough specimen for whatever test is on the label. We have two tube sizes: adult tubes and pediatric tubes, which can only hold up to 0.5 milliliters.

One day, I get a pediatric tube on a child patient with a label for TEST1 and TEST2 but TEST2 requires 2 milliliters of blood to run so I call down to the ER to let the nurse know.

Me: Hey, so I got the specimens on [patient] but we can’t run TEST2 off this amount of blood, we need 2 milliliters

Nurse: Oh shoot, okay I’ll see if the doc even still wants the test, thanks.

I hang up and the physician calls not even five minutes later:

Dr: Why can’t you run TEST2?

Me: The specimen sent was insufficient, we need at least 2 milliliters.

Dr: Are you kidding me? We sent a full tube, this IS a child you know.

Me: I understand doc but that’s the minimum for this test.

Dr: Can’t you LOWER the minimum?

Me:…No doc, we can’t. It’s the minimum acceptable amount.

The physician was none too pleased but ‘thanks’ me and hangs up.

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(My store sells all sorts of random stuff. Home decor and crafts mostly, but we actually have really nice sheets, towels… and rugs. Room rugs, 5×7, 8×10, and every other common size. Customers often need help getting rugs off the racks they’re hung on, which can be problematic because our stores operate in duos, regardless of size and inventory level.)

Customer (to manager): I’d like to look at a rug. I need it down and presented.

Me: (Knowing my manager is, frankly, our best worker and shouldn’t be taken from the front for as long as this will inevitably take) I’ve got it. No worries.

(Along the way tot he back, I make standard retail small talk and we arrive at the rugs. Naturally, she stops at our two biggest and heaviest–8×10, 100% wool.)

Customer: This one will do.

Me: Uh, which one? You’re sort of standing in front of two.

Customer: Both, obviously.

Me: O-of course. (I size both up and realize she wants not one, but two 8×10 rugs put into a roughly 6×7 space.) Could I keep these folded in half?

Customer: Do you think they’re going to be folded at home?

Me: Well, no, but I don’t really have room.

Customer: I’m not buying anything unless I can see it the way we’d have it.

(Whatever, I’ll move a few units and put it down. However, as I’m moving the first rug…)

Customer: What ARE you doing?!

Me: You said you wanted it displayed, right?

Customer: You’re totally manhandling it!

Me: I mean, it’s like 150 to 200 pounds. I kind of have to put some effort into it, you know?

Customer: Is this how you treat ALL of your goods here? No wonder I haven’t heard of this store.

(I shake my head and ignore her, putting the rug on the floor.)

Me: There you go!


Me: I’m not aware that I did, but I assure you my shoes are clea–

Customer: I’ll be asking for a discount.

(She takes a few pictures of the rug, including a selfie, before I silently get the next one down. I have to lay one on top of the other.)

Customer: Do you think I’ll have this rug on top of another rug at home? Do you? Hmm?

Me: Miss, I don’t know what you’re going to do with it, but I don’t have anything else to do here. Thank you for your understanding.

(That shuts her up. After a few more small rugs, she gives me a fake smile of thanks and heads to the front. I haul the rugs back up to their racks, and arrive just in time for…)

Customer, to Manager: It’s not like he was a lot of help. I could’ve done that myself, better AND faster. I just didn’t want to get the dust from your rugs on my hands.

(She was in her 60s, about 5’5” and tiny. I’m between 6’2” and 6’4” depending on how tired I am, 300 pounds, and used to play football.)