Big Heart For Big Bird

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When my son was about two or so, his grandmother gave him a huge stuffed Big Bird toy. The thing was, true to its name, big — easily five feet tall. My son insisted it go everywhere in the car with us.

One day, I dropped the car at our local garage for service. Big Bird was tossed in the back seat.

When I returned a couple of hours later, I got in my car and glanced in the back seat and laughed. There was Big Bird, sitting upright and safely seat- and shoulder-belted in.

Tucked into the belt was a note that read, “Safety first for everyone.”

I think I smiled the rest of the day over some unknown mechanic’s concern for my son’s favorite stuffed friend.

Thank you, mechanic, for your small act of kindness.

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A Cute Mis-Steak

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I am about six years old. My family is out at a steakhouse to celebrate my older cousin’s first communion. I have just learned how to read and want to impress my family by not only reading the kids’ menu but ordering all by myself. I decide on the kid’s steak, but since I have never ordered food at a restaurant on my own before, it doesn’t occur to me that beef is cooked and served in different ways.

Waitress: *Turning to me* “And what do you want, sweetie?”

Me: “The kid’s steak, please.”

Waitress: “Okay, how do you want that cooked?”

Me: “Um… hot, please!”

Cue all of my adult relatives and the waitress laughing at the response. It’s been nearly fifteen years since that day, and my family still considers it one of the funniest and cutest moments of my childhood.

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It Takes A Snowflake To Know A Snowflake

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One day, in the breakroom, one of my coworkers loudly breaks out a REALLY sexist joke. The entire room goes dead silent while he is laughing and grinning around like he expects everyone, including several women, to join in on his fun. Finally, the guy he is talking to speaks up.

Coworker: “No, no, no. No. That isn’t funny.”

Sexist Coworker: “What? Man, it’s just a joke!”

Coworker: *Gesturing at the crowd* “And no one else is laughing, which means it is not a good one. Just… just don’t. That’s not okay.”

Sexist Coworker: *Starting to sound angry* “It’s humor! You just need to learn to not be so sensitive!”

Coworker: “Like the way you’re being sensitive over your joke falling flat?”

The sexist coworker didn’t have a response to that.

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[I’m ringing up a customer with two salad plates.]
Me: If I could start with your phone number in the PIN pad, please?
Customer: What do you need *that* for?
Me: It’s just in case you need to return an item without a receipt, we can look you up via phone number. We don’t call you or give it out.
Customer: Do I look like I’m going to return them? I won’t do it, and hurry up!
Me: Sure, no problem. [I ring up her plates, give her her total, and go to wrap them like we do for all breakable items.]
Customer: what are you doing that for? Just give them to me, they’re for a dinner party and I’m already running late!
Me: Oh, alright, sorry about that, I just didn’t want them to…
Customer: Just give them to me! I’m going to be late! [My manager who’s ringing up another customer glances over]
Manager: Just so you know, if those break or chip en route because you didn’t want them wrapped, we won’t be liable for the damage.
Customer: Whatever, I’m late. I still don’t know what took so long. [She takes her plates and leaves, I hear my manager mumbling under her breath.]
Manager: A lack of planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on ours…

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Me: Alright, when to blue lights flash, you going to slide your card for me.
Customer: Is this a chip?
Me: No Ma’am, you’ll just slide the card.
Customer: You should have the chip!
[This happens at least every other transaction.]