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Two women, one middle-aged and one older, were at our hotel for 3 days. They greeted me every day and had polite conversation with me. On the fourth day, they stopped by the desk and stated that they could feel Jesus all around me. So cool, I felt like the man, I got Jesus all around me right? Well that didn’t last long. They returned from the room stating their cards didn’t work and it was a sign from god that they weren’t supposed to return to the room and that they knew that if they entered the room, they’d find a “bloody dead body on the bed.” Their exact words.
So, we were completely sold out so I couldn’t move them anywhere, and they’re so freaked out that I’m starting to believe this s**t too. So, I left my coworker at the desk to go exercise the room for these women and spritz some holy water on the carpet. They had me pray with them in a circle before entering the room, and we found absolutely nothing wrong with the room. Thinking they were cool I returned to the desk only to see them coming down the hallway.
The moment I left, they changed their minds and packed all their s**t, and were willing to sleep on the street, but I could have the fu**ing pope go to that room with them, they weren’t going back to the room.
So I did some searching and had an out of order room taken care of and put them in there so they wouldn’t have to leave.
So we have a possessed hotel.

The Biggest Horror This Halloween Is The Delivery

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My “Mrs. Peacock” Clue/Cluedo Halloween costume wasn’t complete without a small toy revolver, so I searched an online marketplace that specializes in handmade and vintage goods, and found one at a good price from a seller only about 100 miles from me. Per the seller’s policies, he usually shipped items within three business days of order placement, but sometimes needed up to seven days to ship the item. In either case, the package should take only two or three days to arrive even by basic postal service.

On Wednesday the 19th, I received an email from the seller with the package tracking code and the following note: “Your package was shipped a few days back on time. Here is the tracking information. Have a great day!”

“A few days back on time” was ambiguous, but it sounded as though the seller was stating that he had shipped the package out “a few days back,” which was certainly well within his policy and therefore “on time.” However, when I got home that afternoon, the package had not arrived, nor did it arrive the following day. Or the next. Or the next. The whole time, the package tracking showed the same status message: “Pre-Shipment Info Sent to USPS, USPS Awaiting Item.”

It seemed the seller had created the package profile with the post office, but hadn’t yet given the package to a postal worker to begin processing. On Sunday the 23rd, one week after I’d ordered the item, I contacted the seller: “Please send out ASAP. I ordered this well enough in advance to accompany a Halloween costume for a party this coming Friday, October 28th.

“Columbus to Cincy isn’t far; it should take no more than two or three days to arrive, but I’ll get it in time only if you ship it by tomorrow, Monday, October 24th.

“If you cannot manage to get it in the mail by close of business tomorrow, please let me know by canceling the order and issuing a full refund so that I can seek an alternative that will deliver in a timely fashion.”

The seller responded: “Hello, your package is indeed in the US mail system and on the way to you. The post office is always a day or more behind scanning updates. Some updates are as late as five days.

“Thank you for your patience. Have a good day!”

Yes, he was placing the blame for the package’s delay on the post office! Magically, the very next day, the tracking status changed to “Accepted at USPS Origin Facility.” Two days later, the 26th, I finally had my costume accessory. It was exactly what I needed, albeit a little smaller than I expected.

However, the seller got his very-well-deserved negative feedback posted to his account about his slow service and blatant lies!

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Catfished By A Sandwich  

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(I work at a locally-owned seafood restaurant as a short-order cook. Our cod sandwiches are served on sliced bread, and our catfish sandwiches are served on a long bun. A customer calls about a to-go order he picked up about ten minutes earlier.)

Customer: “I ordered two fish dinners and a catfish dinner, and instead of catfish I got a hotdog.”

(We do not have hotdogs on the menu. Thinking that maybe he’s trying to scam us for free food, I pass the phone to my manager.)

Manager: “Have you unwrapped the sandwich, sir?”

Customer: *after a pause* “Oh. It’s catfish.”

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So I haven’t been very secretive about my disdain for carry out anything in the Georgetown area. Usually placing orders online to PapaJohns.com has been my safe haven. I wish I was kidding but over 90% of every take out order I’ve made at no matter what restaurant has been goofed up. Not in small ways, but fairly obvious. Cracker Barrel forgets the fries on a burger order, every time. Forgets the salad that was ordered or the dressing for my wife, nearly every time. The Ruby Tuesdays managed to mix the toppings on our burger orders so half of my burger was on my wives and vice versa. Then there is O’Charleys which tends to forget half a standard orders toppings or the drinks, or the side items. Which makes me think with all of the consistency if it isn’t the same cooks who just bounce between restaurants making the same mistakes over and over.

Anyways, the Papa Johns was at least my safe haven. I would place the online order, and always gave an 8 to 10 dollar tip to the driver because they did great. Till lately. I would like to blame the site, or maybe the cook. It definitely isn’t the driver, they show up promptly without our drinks. The cook forgets the sriracha sauce on a sriracha pizza. The cinna knots are garlic parm knots, which has happened twice.

I wish I could say I was “that” customer and I’ve managed to piss off every carry out server or location. Yet, I can’t because I tip well even to carry out orders. I’m always patient and polite. I just apparently have crap luck.

The place we liked to go and sit down that was out of the way, Sarge’s Galley, just burned down too. I swear, I’m not having any luck with restaurants in Georgetown, KY.

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I recieved a complaint about something smelling bad in our campground men’s restroom. I go in look in all the stalls, and it’s getting worse. I look in the last shower stall and there it is. A giant steaming pile of poop. I call my coworker, to tell him about it and get advice.

Me: Coworker, it finally happened to me.
Co: What?
Me: I found poop in the shower in the lower bath house.
Co: Did you clean it?
Me: Not yet. What’s the best way to get it up?
Co: Pick it up with your hands.
Me: No. That’s not happening.

I grabbed a box, and managed to scoop it up into the box. The nastiest thing I’ve ever done.