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(I greet my new table and ask them what they would like to drink.)

Man: I’d like an Arnold Palmer with sweet tea.

Me: I’m sorry, all of our tea is unsweetened.

Man: That’ll be alright, then.

Woman: I’ll just have a sweet tea.

Me: *facepalm*

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(I am at a reptile exhibit with my younger sister. We are looking into buying a chameleon from a breeder here, as their reptiles tend to be healthier from the ones sold at pet stores. We have wondered over to a snake cage where the breeder is sitting close by.)

Sister: Oh! I want to hold that huge snake!

Me: Careful it might bight off a finger!

(The breeder has been listening in and holds up a hand, missing two fingers.)

Breeder: It just might.

The Returning Dead

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(I’m working the returns desk and I have an older lady and her young granddaughter in my line.)

Me: “Could I see your card for your return?”

Lady: *digging around purse* “Where did I put my card?”

Girl: “I don’t know, Grandma.”

Lady: “Did you take it out?”

Girl: “I’m a zombie killer, not a stealer!”

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A pretty rowdy mother-daughter duo comes in and is making their way through the store. They look at various things but haven’t picked anything up, so I go over to see if I can help them.

Me: “Hello, can I help ypu find anything today?”
Daughter, looking at a dress: “I really hate this store.”
Me: “Um… okay…”
Daughter: “None of this is my style. I think it’s all ugly.”
Mom: “Oh my god, right? Who would wear this crap?”
I walk off without saying anything. Despite their previous statements, ten minutes later they are still walking around the store, loudly complaining about our clothing/merchandise.
Me: “Ma’am, I’m going to have to ask you to please be a little quieter.”
Daughter: “Do you like the stuff in here?”
Me: “Well, I work here. so yes, I do.”
Daughter, with a smirk: “Oh, so you have to say that? It’s okay honey, I know you think the clothes are ugly too.”
Me: *looks down at my outfit, purchased entirely from this store, and looks back up at her* Actually, I work here because I love pur clothes.
Daughter: “Oh. Well, none of it is my style, I wouldn’t wear any of this.”
Me: “Then with all due respect, ma’am, why the hell are you still shopping in a store where you don’t like any of the clothes?”
The daughter has the nerve to look shocked, then grabs her mom and books it out of the store. Several customers are laughing, and my manager gives me a high five on my way to the back.

Fast Food Isn’t Fast Paced

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(I’m a cashier at a fast food place. If our registers sit idle for too long, they turn off and you have to go through the sign-in process again, which can be lengthy sometimes. To get around this, we pull up a menu of recent transactions, which keeps the register on. Today, our corporate rep — my boss’s boss — is in the building. Right before she leaves, she walks past my register and sees the menu open.)

Rep: “What’s this on the screen?”

Manager: “Oh, that’s the recent transactions list. We pull it up in between orders because the system shuts off after being left alone for too long, and as long as that menu’s open it stays on.”

Rep: “Well, you should be placing orders so often that it doesn’t need to be open at all.”

(With that, she smiles and leaves. I look at our empty restaurant and then notice the timestamp on the most recent order: about 20 minutes ago.)

Me: *to my manager* “Did she really just say that?”

Manager: “I try to tune her out. A few minutes ago she was saying something about being out of [an item we have literally never sold]. We tried to tell her we don’t sell that but she wouldn’t listen to us. She’s coming back tomorrow to make sure we have it, which won’t do any good, anyway, because we don’t get a delivery for four more days.”

Me: “…”

Manager: “I’m going for a smoke break.”

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