In Great Loss There Can Be Great Kindness

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(Three weeks after the sudden loss of my daughter, I decide it’s time to take off the plastic hospital bracelet that matched hers, and have it replaced with an engraved bracelet. I find a store that carries jewelry, keepsakes, photo albums, dishware, awards, meaningful gifts, etc., that can all be engraved or personalized. I find a very nice silver bracelet and take it up to the counter to ask about having it engraved. There are two women, and the older one gestures to the younger one to help me while she’s with another customer. The younger woman comes over to me.)

Woman: *brightly* “Hi. How are you? What can I do for you today?”

Me: “Hi. I was hoping to get this bracelet engraved, and I’m wondering if there’s a character limit here.”

(The young woman turns to her coworker, and the coworker hands her a catalogue inventory book. The woman turns back to me.)

Woman: *flipping through book* “Thank you so much for your patience. Today is my first day. Okay, what did you want to have put on it?”

Me: “[Daughter’s Full Name], and I was wondering if I’d be able to get a couple of dates on the charm?”

(In addition to the main part of the bracelet, there is a small, heart-shaped charm near the clasp.)

Woman: “Of course!” *pulling out an order form and starts writing* “Okay, so, it was [Daughter’s Full Name]. And then on the charm…”

Me: *gives daughter’s birthdate*

Woman: *writing, pause* “You said a couple. Was there another date?”

Me: *deep breath* “Yes. To [date a few months later].”

(The young woman stops. She looks at me. I can feel my eyes starting to water.)

Woman: *quietly* “Was this your baby?”

(I nod, struggling to hold back tears. She steps forward and wraps her arms around me, giving me a warm hug.)

Woman: *stepping back* “My sister lost her baby. It’s been fourteen years; it’s still hard. But you will get through this.”

(I pulled myself together, and we finished placing the order and agreed to pick up in about an hour. When I returned, the young woman recognized me as I walked in and had everything ready by the time I got to the counter. Everything looked absolutely beautiful. It may have been her first day, but I think she will do very well in this particular shop. Her warmth and kindness gives me hope.)

Doctors Without Diagnoses

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(I get a strange painful lump that shows up while I’m pregnant. The doctor tells me not to worry and that it will go away after birth. Six months postpartum, I go to get it checked out again. The doctor tells me to give it more time to heal. Eight months postpartum, I go to a GP to get it checked out, because I’m still in pain and tired of being blown off. I’m quickly diagnosed with a hernia. As I’m getting ready for surgery:)

Me: “I wish my doctor had just told me he couldn’t do anything and told me to go see someone else.”

Nurse: “Well, that would have meant having to put aside his ego; doctors don’t like to do that.”

Claims To Be Dismissed

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(I work in the land acquisition department for a civil engineering firm. We are tasked with acquiring right-of-way and/or easements needed for roadway improvement projects initiated by our state, county, or even city transportation and roadway departments. We usually settle with property owners, where they’ll receive fair market value or an acceptable amount of money for the portion of their property required for the roadway project. However, in some cases, we have to acquire the portion by right of eminent domain, by act of condemnation. In most cases the judge only deals with the property owner and attorney for the body of government seeking to acquire the owner’s property. Very rarely do these hearings go to jury trial, but on the off chance they do, jury duty is ordered as it is with any other trial. Potential jurors are each issued a paddle with a number in a large font printed on it. This happens to a former coworker of mine.)

District Attorney: *after introducing the case* “Is anybody here familiar with [Property Owner]?”

(A few jurors raise their paddles, as does my coworker.)

District Attorney: “Is anybody here familiar with [Roadway Project]?”

(A few more jurors raise their paddles, including my coworker.)

District Attorney: “Does anybody here know [County D.O.T. Commissioner]?”

(A couple of jurors raise their paddles, including my coworker.)

District Attorney: “Is anybody here familiar with [Our Employer]?”

(A few more jurors raise their paddles, including my coworker.)

District Attorney: “Does anybody here know [Boss]?”

(A couple of jurors raise their paddles, including my coworker.)

District Attorney: “Does anybody here know [Coworker]?”

(By then, [Coworker] is basically jumping up and down in her seat, waving her paddle as if she is swatting at flies.)

District Attorney: “Yes, Juror #24, how do you know these parties?”

Coworker: “Because I am [Coworker]!”

(She was promptly dismissed.)

Smoking Or Stress: Which Will Kill Her First?

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(I am with some friends traveling through a small tourist town. We go into a convenience store, where a woman goes nuts and starts screaming at the cashier.)


Cashier: “Miss, the law is clear. I cannot sell you any cigarettes without proper ID.”

Woman: “I want the manager, now!

(The manager repeats the same thing. The state law is clearly marked on the display case and there is nothing the manager can do. The customer has to show ID. A poor police officer gets in line behind me carrying a large package of bottled water. The woman starts yelling at him.)

Cop: “Lady, what do you expect me to do if you don’t have your ID?”

Woman: “Make them sell me the cigarettes!”

Cop: “I will not demand that they violate the law.”

(The woman starts complaining that it is a stupid law.)

Cop: “Look, lady. I don’t make the law; I only enforce it. You don’t like it, contact your congressman. Now, calm down and leave, or I will arrest you!”

(The poor manager and cashier apologize and get us signed out quickly. I get one of the “rate our store” surveys on my receipt. I decide to call the corporate office and let them know how professional their manager was throughout the whole ordeal. I am told the following.)

Corporate: “Thank you so much for calling. We know exactly what store you are talking about. That nutcase has been calling here screaming and yelling about how we should fire the manager and cashier for following the law. A positive call like yours telling what happened will help them with the regional managers.”

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I’m a cashier at my till pretty early in the morning (around 7:30). A teenage boy and girl enter, the girl is holding a flat iron that she brought in with her.
Boy: Hey, do y’all’s bathrooms have plug-ins in ’em? Like to plug stuff into? (*gestures to the girl and her flat-iron*)
Me: I’m fairly sure there aren’t.
Boy: That’s bullsh**t!
Me: You are welcome to check, but I’m almost positive there aren’t.
Boy: If there are, I’m gonna be mad at you!
Me (*sick of his attitude already*): Why?
Boy: ….. (*huffs off to the bathroom*)

No, there are no outlets in our bathrooms.

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