This Worker Is Down For The Count  

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(I’m the customer. I’m getting ready to pay for my items.)

Cashier: “Okay, your total is [dollars] and 37 cents.”

(I take out bills and hand them to the cashier, and then dig in my change purse and pull out a few coins. I look at them for a moment, remove a couple, and hand them to the cashier.)

Cashier: *astonished* “How’d you do that?”

Me: *confused* “Do what?”

Cashier: “Give me the right amount without counting it?”

Me: “I’m… pretty sure I did.”

Cashier: “No way! You just looked at the coins for, like, a second!”

Me: *shrugging* “Practice, I guess.” 

(What are they teaching these kids in school?!)

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It’s Raining Dogs

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My husband is a subcontractor for a rental management company. He’s been working for the same office group for about fifteen years. 

He has been working on renovating a house for the company. The carpets have been replaced, and my husband has repainted the interior and trim, fixed both toilets, repaired and repainted the exterior, and replaced all light fixtures. He has saved repainting the deck and patio for last. From the living room, there is a sliding glass door that leads into the outside patio, surrounded by screening, and then there is a screen door that leads to a deck, kind of an L shape. My husband has replaced all of the screening around the patio and replaced the screen door, and has now started to paint the railings around the deck. Then, it starts to storm, so he has to stop.

The next day, he goes back to finish what he couldn’t do the day before. I’ve tagged along to help where I can. He starts at the steps of the deck and works his way towards the sliding doors in the patio. As soon as he crosses the threshold into the — covered — patio, we hear thunder. Within minutes, the heavens have opened up and it is pouring. Soon, all of the paint on the still-wet deck has washed away, and I’m watching a taupe-colored river cross into the neighbor’s yard. The deck now looks as it did when we began. He finishes what he can, but the rain never lets up.

Day 3: It doesn’t rain. He gets the deck painted. He goes inside to do a final run-through and make sure everything is as it should be. Then, he looks through the sliding glass door; there are two dogs on the deck… walking over the paint, leaving footprints. One is female, in heat, and bleeding… all over the deck. The other dog is male, and obviously answering the call of nature with the female. My husband goes out to the screened patio with a broom to shoo them away. The male starts barking and growling at him. Then, he places his paint-covered paws up on the new screen door. Neither dog leaves all afternoon.

At this, my husband snaps a few pictures of the deck and the dogs and sends them to the rental management company, along with a description of the last three days. The management company group simply laughs and asks when the job will be done. I’ve never seen him look so dead inside.

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This Is Why The Theater Is Dying

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My partner and I go see the 7:10 showing of Maleficent and, as we rarely go to the movies due to many bad experiences in the past, we decide to make this experience nicer by purchasing an expensive tray consisting of popcorn, two drinks, and two candies. We have assigned seating and purposely choose the row behind the handicap seats as we figure most people like to sit much further back.

A family with children comes in and sits directly behind us. One of the children starts hanging all over the seats and kicking our seats. I keep looking back at them hoping the “mother” will get him to knock it off. 

This continues all the way through the end of the movie. When the movie ends, I get up and look at her and say sarcastically, “Great job controlling your child.” She tells me to turn around — signs of a s***ty parent there. 

I wish I had gotten a manager when the child first started up.

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(My husband immigrated to the US as a child from a non-European nation. In order to fit in a little better, his cousins suggested that he go by an English name instead of his more difficult to pronounce legal one. Thus, I’ve gotten accustomed to having to spell his name whenever dealing with official matters at the bank, doctor’s offices, etc. Once in a while, I get to have the following exchange.)

Employee: “And what’s your husband’s name?”

Me: “I’m just going to spell it. It’s—” *spells distinctly non-English name starting with a W*

Employee: “Oh, what an interesting name! How do you say it?”

Me: “Bobby.”

Employee: *laughs*

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Dragoncon Goers Beware

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My boyfriend and I were going with a friend to a very big convention in a large city. This convention happens to coincide with the city’s Pride Parade, so you have to book in pretty far in advance or there is no possible way you will find accommodation anywhere near the Con.

We made our booking on a popular home-rental site about three months out. We found a nice spot in convenient walking distance for a decent price, paid in full up front, and were all set for Con time. Awesome.

Then, two months later, our booking was cancelled and our deposit returned. We got a message from the owners stating that the price we booked at was incorrect, because their booking calendar “hadn’t updated to consider the increased demand.” However, we were welcome to rebook the same location for four times the original price.

My boyfriend called the helpline and, while the rep was extremely helpful and did place a penalty against the owner — though what form that penalty took we don’t know — he informed us that he wasn’t authorized to give us more than a $50 credit towards another booking, and the only things still open by then were much more than $50 over the price of our previous booking. He stated that he would pass our issue on to upper management and we should get a call soon.

That call never came, and now we were stuck without a place to stay, only a few weeks out from the Con, and everything in the area was either out of our price range or booked up. This was probably exactly what the owners of our original booking were counting on, hoping to trap us into rebooking at their inflated price.

Thankfully, our friend knew someone in the area who happened to have been given a free room at one of the host hotels due to being an invited guest at the Con, and offered for us to stay at his house while he was in the hotel. So, by a stroke of luck it all worked out, but no thanks at all to the house-rental site.

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