Another Gen Z Innovation: Self-Kidnapping Children!

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(My apartment complex has a large playground in the middle where kids from all over the neighborhood come to play, even on cold days. One Saturday, I am coming out to the car to go to the store, but I have to scrape ice off of the car. I unlock my car, pull out the scraper, and then start scraping the frost off my windows. When I get around to working on the back window, I see some movement by the driver door. I turn to look just in time to see a little boy, about eight or so, opening the door and climbing inside.)

Me: “Hey!”

(Before I can circle around the trunk, he pulls the door shut and I hear the sound of the locks locking on the car. I walk up to the driver door and he is sitting there with that mischievous grin kids have when they are doing something they know is bad but think is exciting. I knock on the window.)

Me: “Kid, you need to get out.”

(He just keeps grinning. I look around and see a woman making her way over. I think she is the kid’s mom, coming to get him and apologize. Silly me.)

Woman: “What are you doing to my baby?! Get away from my boy!”

Me: “Then get him out of my car!”

(I back up, but she just stands on the sidewalk by the front of the car and glares at me, like I shoved her kid into my car myself or something. After a few seconds, I lose patience and circle around, quickly scraping off the passenger windows. I then go to the rear door on the passenger side. Because my car is so old, the lock on that door doesn’t actually work, but it would cost too much to actually replace the whole thing, so I just live with it. I pull the door open and the kid’s face immediately goes from gleeful to wide-eyed surprised. The mom comes circling around the front.)

Woman: “Get away! Get away from my baby boy!”


(Apparently, me shouting with no door between me and him was scary enough for the kid to decide to get out. He unlocked the door and shoved it open, banging my neighbor’s car, and ran off. Naturally, the mom didn’t go check on him. Nope, she kept yelling at me about staying away from her boy and about how she was going to call his uncle and have him come whoop me. I just closed the door, circled back around, climbed in the driver’s seat, and drove off, leaving her screaming on the sidewalk. Luckily, when I got back, there was no sign of her or her kid, and I haven’t seen her since then. I was able to explain the dent in my neighbor’s car to the owner, who laughed it off, and we both laughed about the messed-up mom.)

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Most bars/restaurants will tell you that when it’s slow, and by ‘slow’ I mean dead, it is common for private establishments to close a little early to keep operating costs down. This particular night was very slow, so we got confirmation of an early close, one hour to be exact, so instead of 9pm on a Sunday, we’re closing at 8pm on a Sunday. For a kitchen, closing at [time] means a hard stop, with as much already done as possible while still being able to potentially make an order at a few minutes before
As my fellow bartender and I are nearing completion of our nightly clean-up, a customer walks in just past 9:00.

Coworker: Hi, sir, I do apologize but we’re closing up now. I’m more than happy to get you some wine or a beer, since those are readily available.
Customer: (Checking watch) Are you closed??
Me: Yes, sir, we typically close at 9:00 anyway, but the slowness of the night had us close a little early.
Customer: Well, it’s 9:00 and I fought traffic to get all the way down here, so you’re going to make me some food.
*Not only is there no traffic at 8:30pm on a Sunday unless you’re leaving a major event (sports, concert, etc.) which is your own fault, but their demand is incredibly rude and stupid to make*
Me: *trying to be polite while explaining it’s even worse for us* I do apologize, sir. This is the only time I’ve seen this happen here, and we definitely would have preferred to be busy instead of losing money.
Customer: Well you shouldn’t do this. It had better not happen again, or I’ll never come back!
I’ve noticed my coworker’s face has gone sour, and she’s about to say something ‘un-kind’, so I talk very loudly over her.
Me: (as customer is leaving) Yes, sir, I do hope that our time is worth it in the future!

It should be noted that this man was very well-dressed, in a suit, tie and overcoat. I bet you he would not have obliged any business demands at his company past regular hours, yet expects us to know he’s coming and make him food on command when we’re closed. I seriously do not understand people!

Customer Service Required Even Where There Should Be No Customers  

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(I work in a discount retail store where, since it’s getting close to Christmas, we are receiving Saturday shipments of merchandise and the usual stockroom team will not come in on the weekends, which is why I am here. I’m currently in the stockroom where I am processing clothing to go out to the floor; we are also overloading with shoe carts that need to go out to the floor. I notice a customer peeking through the small window on the stockroom door and knocking on it. My coworkers look at me since I am a senior employee. I eventually open the door to see what the customer needs.) 

Me: “Hi! Is there anything I can do for you?”

Customer: “Shoes, I need the runner to run the shoes so I can purchase them; his name is [Coworker].” 

Me: “Oh, I apologize but that employee has already left for the day. We typically can’t run anything when we are short of stock staff on the weekend, but it will be run to the floor on Monday!” 

Customer: “No, you don’t understand. [Coworker] always runs the shoes when a truck comes in.” 

Me: “Yes, ma’am, but we are on a tight budget on weekends, so [Coworker] has gone home for the day and the shoes will be run on Monday. If is there a particular shoe I can find for you?” 

Customer: “Are you f****** kidding me? How does a business expect to stay open if shoes aren’t being put on the floor?! I need [Expensive New Style of Jordans that we won’t carry for another year]! ARE YOU THE MANAGER?!”

Me: “I do apologize for the inconvenience, ma’am, but I can’t do anything for you and no, I am not the manager on duty. And no, we do not have any Jordans back here. Our merchandise should be out any later than Monday. Have a great day!” 

(I close the door and go back to my duties. The customer pushes open the door and starts browsing the selection of shoes in the cart.)


Customer: “You said you couldn’t bring them to the floor, so I thought I could just come to look at them.” 

(I got written up for the incident because I couldn’t provide proper customer service, even though I asked her if she was looking for a particular brand.)

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We Have A Feeling We Know What The Rest Of The Password Was

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(I work at a university. We’ve been hit by weeks of scammers who have managed to fake the outgoing call so it looks like it’s coming from the school’s IT office. Meanwhile, my boss is waiting on a call back about a computer issue. The office phone rings.)

Boss: “Hey, [My Name] and [Other Employee], get over here and listen up! I’m going to teach you how to test for real IT.”

(She answers the phone.)

Boss: “Hello?”

Caller: “Hi, this is [University] IT. I’m calling in response to a ticket you filed earlier today. Can you give me your user ID?”

Boss: “My user ID is [user ID]…”

Caller: “Okay, thanks.”

Boss: “…and my password is G, O, F, U–“

Caller: “No! Never do that! Why would you do that?”

Boss: *covering phone* “Fake password, but real IT!”

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(I work in an outlet mall in one of the more popular stores as a sales associate. Besides my main job of talking to customers, I also work with cleaning up throughout my section. At this point in time, I’m folding and organizing a display around a few customers.)

Me: *accidentally drops article of clothing that I’m currently folding*
Customer: Is that item discounted?
Me: *thinks I misheard them* I’m sorry, what ma’am?
Customer: Is that item discounted? Is it on sale?
Me: Oh, no ma’am. It’s not discounted.
Customer: But you dropped it! You don’t think people are going to pay money for something you’ve dropped onto this disgusting floor do you?
Me: *speeechless*