When Hand-Holding Is Just The Beginning Of Service

, , , , | Right | May 12, 2021

My store is in an upscale area, nothing at all like the small town thirty minutes away where I grew up. I had never encountered entitled individuals on this level until I started working here. I’m in the children’s clothing department, folding pants on a table, and a woman comes up to me.

Customer: “Can you help me find a pair of pajamas for my grandson in a size six?”

Me: “Of course! Right this way.”

I lead her to the area with dozens of pajama sets, all sold with pants and tops together.

Me: “And the size sixes are right here. Let me know if you need anything else.”

Customer: “But I was hoping you could help me find a pair of pajamas. Can’t you help me?”

Me: *Pointing and touching* “Ma’am, these are the size six pajamas. There are a few colors and patterns to choose from. Was there anything else you needed?”

Customer: “Well, I guess you just can’t help me at all.”

And that was how I learned that some people expect you to choose what they want.

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She Can’t Turn The Plane Around But You Can Turn Your Attitude Around

, , , , , | Right | April 28, 2021

Our flight was delayed, so we end up missing our connecting flight; it’s annoying, but things happen. I go to the check-in desk to get booked on the next DC flight. There’s a man in front of me who’s in the same predicament but is far more upset than I am. He’s shouting, red-faced, at the woman at the check-in desk, demanding he get on the flight we were originally booked for.

I want to be sure I get on the next available flight, so when he pauses for breath, I interject:

Me: “Hey, do you think she can turn the plane around?”

The man stops, turns, and stares at me.

Me: “The flight’s gone. She can put you on the next one, and I want to get on it, too. Let her do her job. She can’t bring back the one that already left.”

He glared at me but stopped yelling, and all of us who missed the original connection were able to get booked on the next one.

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Going Down In Your Coworker’s Estimation

, , , , , | Working | April 22, 2021

I work in a law firm in a skyscraper. The building has six elevators located in a vestibule towards the middle of the floors. Last summer, the three elevators on the left side of the vestibule were shut down for repair work. Over the last six months, each one has been repaired; however, now none of the elevators on the left side “ding” when they arrive to each floor, and the up/down call button light in the vestibule usually turns off a good five to ten seconds before the doors actually open.

I enter the empty vestibule and mash the UP button, standing with my back to the “quiet” elevators. Since the repairs, I often end up waiting a good few minutes for any of the elevators to arrive, and this time is no different. Just as I’m considering taking the stairs instead, a lawyer enters and hits the DOWN button on the right side of the vestibule. Since I’m facing him, I notice that the UP light is no longer illuminated.

Less than two seconds later, I hear the elevator behind me open and the automated voice exclaim, “Going UP!” I spin around and take the single step over the threshold. I’ve just scanned my keycard and hit the floor I need when the lawyer abruptly leans towards me, yelling.

Lawyer: “Wait! I think you just stole my elevator!”

Startled, I started to point up, but before I could actually say anything, the doors shut. 

He complained to my superior, and I was given a warning for being “aggressive.” What the actual f***?

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There’s Always One…

, , , , , | Right | April 13, 2021

Due to social distancing and repeated network issues, the Department of Drivers Services (Georgia’s DMV) is running even slower than usual. I, along with a few others, show up a few minutes before the office has opened to beat the rush.

Security: “Good morning, folks. We can only let ten in at a time. Take a number as you enter and we’ll call you when we’re ready. It’s going to be a few minutes before we can see anyone, but we can get ten of you in seats.”

Ten of us filter in and wait about five minutes. And then…

Employee #1: “Sorry about this, everyone, but we’re having some trouble with our computers. It’s going to take us a few more minutes.”

While we’re waiting, I see a woman looking around at the floor around her and then checking her pockets. Finally, she stands up.

Employee #1: “Just a few more minutes, ma’am.”

Woman: “No, that’s not it… I’m so sorry about this, but I skipped my coffee to get here early, and now I’ve lost my ticket and can’t remember my number.”

Employee #1: “No worries, ma’am. There’s only ten of you here, so I’ll let you know if someone doesn’t stand up when we call a number.”

Employee #2: “Good news, the system’s working! All right, customer number one! Can I get number one?

Woman: “Oh, that was it! One!”

She goes to the counter.

Man: “Geez, I guess she really needs that coffee! How can you forget being lucky enough to be first in line?”

Employee #2: “Number two. Customer number two… Number two? Does anyone have two?”

There’s a long silence. And then…

Employee #2: “Okay, if there’s no number two, let’s go on to number thr—

Man: “Oh! That’s me! Number two!”

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Wrong Number, Right Attitude

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I am currently subbing for a receptionist at a healthcare office. Our phone number is one digit off from a medical bill payment company. It’s my first day, and I have had this conversation three times already before lunch.

Me: “Thank you for calling [Healthcare Office]. How may I help you?”

Caller: *In a thick southern accent* “Hi, I received this bill here, and I need to make a payment to my account.”

This office does not send out any kind of billing, nor does it handle any account payments. I already know where this is headed.

Me: “Okay, could you just read off the phone number on the bill for me?”

Caller: “The phone number? You mean the one I just called?”

Me: “Yes, sir.”

Caller: “Well, that’s just a silly question! I obviously called you guys from the number on this letter!” *Laughs* “Well, that just don’t make any sense!”

He continues on for a moment before I manage to break in, trying a new tactic.

Me: “I know it’s a silly question, but I just want to confirm we’re in the right place. Just double-checking, did they give you [Med Bill Company]’s number?”

Caller: “Yeah! That’s the number I called!”

Me: “All right, sir, I think I found the problem. [My Company] is one digit off from them. We are [our number]. You are trying to reach [correct number].”

Caller: *Pauses* “Oh! I see! I am so sorry, ma’am! You sound like you’ve been through this before. I really apologize for the mistake. Thanks for your help. Have a good day!”

I could hear him muttering to himself as he hung up. Rinse and repeat for the rest of the afternoon, but nobody was quite as polite!

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