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[My friends and I are visiting Belgium from the UK and have stopped in a cafe. After deciding what we want, the waiter comes over.]

Friend: [in Flemish] Do you speak English?

Waiter: [in English] Yes, I do.

[We all place our orders in English and the waiter heads off. Later, he returns with our food.]

Waiter: [in English] Whereabouts in Germany are you from?

Us: Oh, no, we’re not German, we’re English.

Waiter: Oh. [laughs] Sorry. I thought you were German. Usually when we get English people in here they just shout at us loudly in English.

Friend: [smiles] We’re not like that.

Waiter: The Germans usually ask if we speak English. Odd. Enjoy your meals.

[And we did!]

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(Not to start this off as a sob story, but it’s related to this story. I had lost my father at n early age. When I was 19 I was working at my mother’s cafe which was in a medical office building. My mom had just been in a bad car accident due to my step-father drinking and driving. Both survived accident. A week after my mom was still in the hospital and I was keeping the cafe up and running. Pretty much everyone at the medical office knew about what had happened to my mom. A customer/employee of the medical office came in.

Me-hello, how are you today?

Customer – I’m fine. How is you mom doing?

Me-she is doing better (I say politely)

Customer-Well, what’s that suppose to mean!? (She says clearly annoyed)

(At this point I’m very flustered so I just don’t respond to her.)

Customer-Well, how about your dad?! (In a demanding tone.)

(I turn to face her)

Me- My dad is dead. ( I walk to the back to cool off)

(My coworker goes to deal with her. After the customer leaves my coworker tells me that the customer was angry over the way I spoke to her and that she was never coming back into the cafe again. And in the following 3 years I worked there I never had to see her again)

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(I was waitressing at a maid café when this couple came in. They were in cosplay, the male dressed as Naruto and the girl was dressed in a sailor uniform. The male orders curry rice while the girl orders omurice. As a “service”, the maids usually draw cute pictures on the omurice in ketchup. I walk over to their table to ask them what they would like me to draw on the omurice.)

Male : Hey, ummm is it okay if my girlfriend draws on the omurice? She’s always wanted to try that.

(I hand the girl the bottle of ketchup and head to the front counter to seat some customers. Suddenly, the girl starts screaming. I walk over and I see that the girl has drawn a weird cat thing on her omurice.)

Girl : Yeahhhh…I kinda messed up my drawing on my omurice. Can I get a new one?

Me : Excuse me? You want a new omurice?

Girl : Like a new blank canvas.

Me : That would mean making you a completely new omurice. We’d have to charge you twice.

Girl : LOL! You don’t understand. Just make me a new one because the one you made me is fucked up.

Me : Sorry, I can’t replace it.

Girl : What the fuck kind of service is this? Do you have no pride as a maid? You should be kneeling down on the ground apologizing for angering your master.

(She starts ranting about how our service is bad, yelling all kinds of vulgarities. Her boyfriend’s just silently staring at her. Suddenly, he grabs her by the arm and pulls her out of the café. Later the boyfriend comes back in and hands my co-worker $50 for the cost of their meal and a tip. The next day, the girl comes back in and asks if we’re hiring.)

A Significant Degree Of Stupidity

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I work in a coffee shop in a very student-heavy town. We are known globally for the standard of our students. The coffee shop is attached to a bar, so when the cafe closes, the bar opens, and we often clear the bar area in the mornings.

I get assigned a new coworker who is a student at the local university. On his first day, he has his safety talk and induction. On the second day, I have to remind him that taking a tray out of the 200-degree oven with your bare hands is not a good idea, as it will hurt. This lesson has to be repeated every day until it is decided he isn’t safe near the oven.

On the next week, he and I are on opening duties, so we have to clear the bar area. I take all the dregs and put them in a jug; as I am clearing I put the jug on the side. This brain box decides to try and drink the dregs, is promptly sick, and is sent home.

After this and similar instances of brainlessness, he is let go from the company. Can’t say I miss the walking disaster.

Nibbling On The Golden Years

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(Every morning I have a regular couple. They always order the same thing, so today I decide to try an upsell.)

Me: “Good morning, Mr. H. Is it the usual today?”

Mr. H: “Yes, please, [My Name].”

Me: “Can I tempt you to anything to nibble on this morning? We have some lovely croissants.”

Mr. H: “Oh, no, thank you. I’ll just wait for Mrs H to get back and I’ll nibble on her.”

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