Too Hot To Handle It

, , , , , | Working | November 2, 2017

(I am shopping with my nana during summer when we decide to stop at her favourite cafe for a drink. It is warm outside, over 35° Celsius, or 95° Fahrenheit. I order a coffee for Nana and, because I don’t drink coffee, I order a hot chocolate for myself. I can almost hear the record scratch as the employee stops in his tracks at my request.)

Employee: “A hot chocolate? It’s summer! Who drinks a hot chocolate in the summer?”

Me: “What’s wrong with a hot chocolate?”

Employee: “It’s summertime. It’s just not right.”

Me: “Hold on. You’ve been making scorching hot coffees all day. Why is it okay to drink those, but not a practically identical hot chocolate?”

Employee:  “I’ll have to get someone else to make it for you; you’ve freaked me out.”

What A Pretentious Drip

, , , , | Working | November 1, 2017

(I am youngish-looking, so I often get bad service from places like banks or upper-class restaurants who think I’m just some teenage girl who can’t afford their services and is a waste of their time. It is raining really hard, so I decide to go get a coffee and shelter in a cafe. There is only one employee in there at the time, but it isn’t busy so I get to order right away.)

Employee: “You’re wet.”

Me: “Yes, it’s been raining all day.”

Employee: “Yeah, but you’re wet.”

Me: “I just escaped from the rain.”

Employee: “You’re dripping.”

Me: “Oh, sorry about that. Unfortunately, it rains so often here.”

Employee: “You’re dripping.”

Me: “Sir, can I order now?”

Employee: “But you’re dripping all over my floor.”

Me: “Sir?”

Employee: “Yes?”

Me: “When every other customer came in today, were they wet, and did they drip?”

Employee: “Yes.”

Me: “Did you tell each of them that they were wet and dripping, and expect them to apologize for it?”

Employee: “No.”

Me: “Well, then, can I order my coffee now?”

Phoning In The Attitude

, , | Working | October 30, 2017

Me: “Could I get a large—”

Worker: “Could you please put your phone away before ordering? Thank you.”

Me: “Phone?” *looking at my hand* “Oh, no, this is—”

Worker: “I won’t repeat myself again, sir. If you continue to use your phone while ordering, I will ask you to leave.”

(I open the case and show him the contents.)

Me: “I’m diabetic. This is what I hold my medication in, which I am going to take with my coffee. This doesn’t even look like a phone.”

Worker: *turning red* “Oh, I-I’m sorry. I didn’t realise.”

Me: “No, you didn’t. I actually agree with the policy you’re using, but you can’t just deny service because someone might have a phone in their hand. If they’re actually using it and not paying you any attention, then go ahead. But to do what you just did, it will turn people away.”

(I then left and used the coffee shop across the street.)

The Cocoa Con

, , , , | Right | October 16, 2017

(I work at a cafe in a bookstore. People will occasionally ask us for hot water for their tea bags that they brought from home, which we happily oblige, free of charge. One day…)

Supervisor: “We’re going to have to start charging $0.25 for water.”

Me: “Why?”

Coworker: “You’ll see.”

(A few days go by, then a man and a woman come in.)

Customer: “Can I have a large cup of hot water? Just half full?”

Coworker: “Sure, but it’ll be $0.25 for the cup.”

Customer: “What?! But it’s always free!”

Coworker: “Sorry, new policy.”

Customer: “Come on! I didn’t know. Can’t I just have the water this one time? I’ll know for next time!”

Coworker: *sighs* “Just this last time.”

(The woman then takes her hot water to the self-service bar, where we keep the cinnamon, cocoa, sugar, milk, cream, straws, stirrers, etc. She dumps in half of the cocoa and fills up the rest with cream, stirring it together to make hot cocoa, and also making a huge mess.)

Coworker: “That’s why it’s $0.25 now, because of those two.”

(We later banned the two of them because customers kept finding pamphlets that they left in all of the books,and they constantly found new loopholes to get free stuff from the cafe.)

A Crafty Way To Make Money

, , , , , , , | Friendly | October 15, 2017

(I have taken my nieces and nephews out shopping while babysitting. I go to a friend’s business where she has a cafe. It’s a very safe environment; the whole place is only three rooms, and I know most of the people there. There’s a woman that I know there on this day, and she’s got some items set up on one of the tables in the cafe. I leave the kids eating while I go to the second room to pay for our meals, and when I come back I find this woman has approached them. They are all out of their chairs, ready to follow her.)

Woman: “Oh, hi, [My Name]! I was just asking the kids if they want to do some crafts with me!”

(She talks to them, getting them excited about doing the crafts. I’m hesitant about letting them, as we have to leave very soon to get home in time for their father to pick them up, but the kids are so excited about it and I don’t want to let them down.)

Me: “Okay, just something real quick; we have to leave in ten minutes.”

(I finish my meal and then tell them we have to leave.)

Woman: “Okay, [My Name], that’s four children at $15 each.”

Me: “What? You never said anything about payment to begin with.”

(My friend who owns the business always runs free crafts for children during school vacation time, and I have donated craft things myself.)

Woman: “Oh, didn’t I? You can give a donation if you want; whatever you think is fair.”

Me: “All I’ve got is $10.”

Woman: “Okay, that will do as a donation.” *turns to kids* “Okay, pack up your stuff now.”

(The only thing they have done is draw on a piece of paper. She turns back to me.)

Woman: “You can bring the rest to me next week.”

Me: “That $10 was all I could afford; I’m sorry.”

(As we left, I saw her at another table inviting more children to do crafts with her. They were the children of staff members, including the owner’s son. I mentioned what happened to the owner, who told me I wasn’t the only one to make a complaint about her approaching children and then trying to make the parents pay.)

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