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(I work in a store where there is also a small cafe with popcorn, etc. for sale. I work in both the cafe and the front of the store as a cashier. Today I am working cafe.)

Little boy: Do you have to pay for the popcorn?

Me (as politely as possible): Yes, you do.

Little boy: How much is it?

Me: Um, about [price].

Little boy: Okay. *runs off*

(He came back a few minutes later with money for his popcorn. It made for an interesting few minutes of a shift!)

The Only Time Cakes Make You Blue

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My coworker and I work at a cafe that serves sandwiches, coffees, and various baked goods. The most popular of these are our blueberry scones that just smell heavenly after they come out of the oven.

Coworker: “So, I had this customer come in the other day complaining about our blueberry scones.”

Me: “What did she complain about?”

Coworker: “That they were molding.”

Me: “What? We bake our scones daily.  How in the world were they—”

Coworker: “It was the blueberry crumbles. She said that they were moldy and demanded we exchange for another one.”

Me: “Did you?”

Coworker: “Yeah, apparently, they were molding also.”

Me: *Blinks twice* “Seriously?”

Coworker: “I know, right? Usually, people complain about not getting enough blueberries. Eventually, I gave her one that barely had any blueberries on it and she went off on her merry way, perfectly fine.”

Me: “Who orders a blueberry scone and doesn’t want blueberries on it?”

Coworker: “People who don’t understand that blueberries are blue, apparently.”

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A Little Wet Behind The Ears

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(It’s a pretty slow day and I’m working with a new hire. He’s very nice and funny but also sort of slow with some things, and a little clueless. A customer walks up.)

Customer: “I’d like a dry gin.”

New Hire: *visibly confused* “But it’s a liquid.”

Me: *losing my marbles and trying to professionally hide it*

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New Band Name: Underwhelming Pancake

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(I’m the customer here, and I am taking myself out for breakfast in a new cafe in town. After an all in all rather unpleasant experience — slow, uncoordinated service, wrong drinks, long waits, drafty room, underwhelming pancake — I am paying.)

Server: “Was everything all right?”

(I don’t want to be rude, because some days are just bad.)

Me: “It was okay.”

Server: “Just okay?”

Me: “Well, the pancake was a bit dry, but now I know for next time.”

Server: “Oh, yeah, when you ordered, I thought about how that one isn’t very good.”

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Let Them Eat Whole Cake And Their Words

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(I purchase my coffee at a popular chain where the uniform used to be a gold name tag, black trousers, a maroon shirt, and a black apron, with the store’s logo sewn on both. Coincidentally, I am wearing a collared maroon shirt. I line up, and the two women in front of me notice me.)

Woman: *smiling* “I would like a whole cake.”

Me: *forgetting I am wearing the bistro’s colours* “That’s nice!”

(As the queue quickly moves on and we are one person closer to the counter, the woman turns to me already armed with a glaring face for my lack of urgency in cake retrieval and gives me an “up-down” look.)

Woman: *slightly irritated* “We want a whole cake!”

Me: “You can order a whole, unsliced cake at the counter.” *points to counter*

(She turned back angrily and when it was her turn to order, she spoke louder than usual for her cake, giving me the evil eye. Only when I FINISHED ordering did she realise that I was a customer. The women ignored me in fear that the mere sight of me would turn them into stone, and before I could head to the same counter to collect my drink, they ran off! Sorry, but I like maroon and I don’t harass employees when they’re off duty!)

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