A Combo Of Inattention

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(I’m in line to order behind three people: [Customer #1], [Customer #2], and [Customer #2]’s wife, [Customer #3]. [Customer #1] and [Customer #2] each step up, make their orders, and step back. They also both order the same combo. [Customer #1] ends up stepping away from the counter, causing [Customer #2] to pull ahead. The employee finishes the order and puts it on the line.)

Employee: “[Combo]!”

(As [Customer #1] steps up, [Customer #2] grabs the order.)

Employee: “No, sir. That’s his order.”

([Customer #2] ignores the employee and tries again to take the combo.)

Customer #1: “No, that one’s mine.”

Employee: “Please, sir, your order is coming.”

([Customer #3] steps in.)

Customer #3: “Honey, that’s the young man’s order. Ours is next.”

Customer #2: “He said [Combo]!”

(The wife grabs [Customer #2] by the arm and drags him back away from the counter.)

Customer #3: *to [Customer #1]* “Sorry about him. At times he’s not very bright. Enjoy your food.”

(When I get my order I still hear the couple arguing:)

Customer #3: “Our order is to go. That young man’s food was on a tray. How the hell were you going to carry it?”

The Insurance Is The Assurance

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(My spouse is on an organ transplant list. One of the many requirements is that you must always show up to your appointments unless you call with a really good reason. Failure to do so can get you thrown off the list. The transplant coordinator calls me and tells my that my spouse never showed up for an appointment with one of the doctors. I inform her that he most certainly did. He even had to leave a very important meeting at his office in order to do so. But the doctor’s receptionist and nurse told the coordinator that he didn’t show up for the appointment. This goes back and forth between the coordinator, the nurse, the receptionist, and me for over a week. The coordinator knows my husband and doesn’t believe for a second that he just blew the appointment off, but both the nurse and receptionist are adamant.)

Me: “Hey, [Coordinator], the next time you talk to [Receptionist] or [Nurse], tell them I am notifying my insurance company, because I have paperwork that says my insurance company paid out for an appointment, so in that case, the doctor’s office is committing insurance fraud.”

(The coordinator called me back the next day laughing because “all of a sudden” they found the paperwork showing my husband HAD shown up for the appointment. We are, however, changing doctors with the help of the coordinator.)

I Am So (Well)Done With This

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Me: “Hi, welcome to [Hot Dog Stand].”

Customer: “Hi, can I have a well-done hot dog?”

Me: *very nicely* “I’m sorry, but we don’t do that here.”

Customer: “I’m sorry, but I really need a well-done hot dog.”

Me: “All our hot dogs are done the same way. They are boiled in water.”

Customer: “My husband will not stand for a regular hot dog; he needs it well-done.”

(She calls her husband over.)

Customer: “They can’t do a well-done hot dog here.”

Customer’s Husband: “It’s fine, honey.”

Customer: “I’m sorry for all the trouble. I’ll just have a regular hot dog, please.”

Me: “Coming right up.”

Customer: “But can it be well-done?”

A Holding Pattern Emerging Here

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(I am heading to work and haven’t eaten anything, so I decide to grab a burger to eat when I get to my job. I sit behind a car for several minutes; it is a bit longer than normal, but I’m not in a big hurry, and as a retail worker I try to be patient. I finally pull up to the drive-thru slot.)

Worker: “Hi, can I take your order?”

Me: “Yes, I’d like a number one meal with no pickles.”

Worker: *silence*

Me: “Hello?”

Worker: “I’m sorry; could you please hold?”

Me: “Okay.”

(I wait a couple of minutes.)

Worker: “Okay, what would you like?”

Me: “I’d like the number one meal, no pickles, please.”

Worker: *silence for a minute* “I’m sorry; could you please hold?”

(I am starting to get frustrated at this point, but I don’t say anything. I just wait.)

Worker: “So, you’d like the number one with no pickles.”

Me: “Yes.”

Worker: “Would you like a large drink?”

Me: “No, I’m fine with the size that just comes with the meal.”

Worker: “Okay, you got the number one burger, no pickles. That will be [total].”

(I realize she has not put my order through as a meal; even though I said, “meal,” three times, she had just put it in as a burger.)

Me: “No, I want the meal, not just the burger.”

Worker: *silence for a minute* “Please hold for a minute.”

Me: *bangs head against the steering wheel*

(She finally comes back and gets my order right, or so I think. I pull to the first window and pay; getting my money is, of course, the one thing they get right. I get to the second window, where the worker who took my order hands me the sack of food.)

Worker: “Okay, one number one meal, no lettuce.”

Me: “What? I said no pickles!”

Worker: “Oh… Please hold on for a minute.”

Me: *bangs head against steering wheel again*

(A different worker comes back with my food.)

Other Worker: “Here you go; there’s a survey on your receipt.”

Me: “Thanks, I’ll definitely be taking it.”

(The food was stone cold, but at least it was right. This was the first time I ever felt compelled to write a survey about my experience. I don’t know if she was new or what, but I was at that drive-thru for almost fifteen minutes, when the average is supposed to be less than four. I will not be going to that one again.)

Annoying In Increasing Orders Of Magnitude

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(I am at a fast food restaurant that calls out order numbers when they’re ready.)

Employee: “412.”

Customer: “Is this mine?”

Employee: “Are you order number 412?”

Customer: “No.”

Employee: “Then it’s not yours.”

(This conversation repeats verbatim for the next four orders and I can tell the employee is losing his patience.)

Employee: “What is your order number, ma’am?”

Customer: “I don’t know.”

(The employee is able to find her order, which is the next one up. When she takes her order and leaves, the employee sighs in relief.)

Employee: “418.” *my order*

Me: “Is this mine?”

(He got a chuckle out of that. Keep being awesome, service employees; we appreciate it more than you know.)

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