Mismanaging That Situation

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(I work in a convenience store. A guy comes in and starts putting on a spare uniform.)

Me: “Sir, that’s for employees only.”

Guy: “I’m the manager here; who the h*** are you?”

Me: “Sir, I’m the manager here.”


Me: “Sir, calm down. Where do you work?”

Guy: *goes outside to check*

Me: *sighs* “Idiot…”

Must Work At The Fanciest “Whole Foods” Ever

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(I work at a grocery store, and at least three times a day when I’m on the floor in my uniform attire and apron, clearly stocking or using store equipment, someone approaches me and asks, “Do you work here?” On one of my days off, I’m visiting out of town and shopping at a different grocery chain when a customer approaches me while I’m shopping.)

Customer: “Excuse me. How much is this?”

Me: “Um… I don’t know, but I’m sure they can do a price check for you at the register.”

Customer: “Well, can’t you find out for me?”

Me: “I… I’m sure someone at the register can tell you.”

Customer: *angrily* “Oh, what. Are you too busy or something?”

Me: “I’m just shopping.”

Customer: “Wow, so, I can’t even ask you a question?!”

Me: *still awkwardly following my politeness programming* “I don’t even live in this city.”

Customer: “Wait… So… you don’t work here?”

Me: “No.”

Customer: “Oh… you just seemed like you work here.”

Me: *looks down at my full-length lacy dress and high heels*

Banking On Them Getting To That Part Of The Fine Print

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(I work at the admissions desk of a museum, selling entry tickets. It is an extremely busy day as it is a public holiday and the weather is nice. Even with every till open and as many staff as possible trying to get people through the doors, the waiting time for the visitors is still around an hour and a half. A small family approaches my desk to pay for their tickets.)

Me: “Hello, I’m sorry about the wait today.”

Customer: “I want to use this two-for-one voucher.”

Me: “Oh, I’m so sorry, but unfortunately we can’t accept two-for-one vouchers on bank holidays.”

Customer: “What?”

Me: “We’re unable to accept that voucher today, I’m afraid.”

Customer: “You mean to tell me that we’ve stood in this queue for two hours, and now you’re going to tell me that I can’t even use my voucher?!”

Me: “I’m very sorry about the wait; we’re extremely busy today. But it does state clearly at the bottom of the voucher that it cannot be used on bank holidays.”

Customer: “Are you stupid?! Do you honestly think that I would have stood in this queue for hours and hours and not even bothered to read this? It doesn’t say anywhere on this voucher that it can’t be used today, nowhere!”

Me: “It does say at the bottom—“

Customer: “No, it does not! I think your attitude is appalling. You’re just trying to con me out of a deal! I think you’re just trying to scam people and pocket the difference! To prove it to you, I am going to stand here and read the contents of this voucher out loud, so you’ll hear it doesn’t state that anywhere, and then I want to speak to your manager about your attitude!”

(I resisted the urge to point out that I do not work on commission and am certainly not a thief, and patiently stood there as she loudly read the entire contents of the voucher to me. At this point, she’d raised her voice enough to attract the attention of other customers in the queue. She read the spiel about how the voucher couldn’t be used with any other offer and so on, all neatly laid out in bullet points, in a large enough font… until she reached the BOLDED bullet point about the voucher not being accepted on bank holidays and abruptly stopped talking. She refused to even look at me as she handed her purse to her husband and walked away, leaving him and their very embarrassed-looking children to purchase their tickets.)

Their Mistake Covers Multiple Locations

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(I am at work when a coworker with a customer right behind her comes up to me.)

Coworker: “[My Name], this customer said that you put [item we don’t have] away for her yesterday. Where is it?”

Me: “No, it wasn’t me; I wasn’t here yesterday.”


Me: “It wasn’t me. I wasn’t here and we sold out on that product last week.”


Me: “No, honestly, I wasn’t here yesterday and I’ve never seen you before.”


Me: “You rang up? Oh, I think I know what happened. I’ll just check for you.” *picks up the phone and makes a call* “Hello. May I speak to [My Name], please?”  

(After I finish speaking with a coworker from a different location I turn to the customer.)

Me: “It appears that you called [Other Location] store and spoke to [My Name] there; she has your item over there.”

Customer: “I didn’t call [Other Location]! I called here! I got the number from the catalogue; I’ll show you.” *grabs catalogue and points to the number*

Me: “Sorry, but that’s [Other Location], we are [Our Location], the next store down. I can get the item sent here but it will take a few days.”

Customer: “A few days? I have to have it today. How in the h*** am I going to get it now?”

Me: “The only way is to go there yourself. It’s about half an hour away.”

Customer: “What? I have to go there myself just because I got the wrong store?” *storms out*

Wait Until You Hear This

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(I work in a popular grocery store chain that is well known for “Going the Extra Mile.” I also happen to have a voice that can carry quite well. The following happens after my manager has to step out to go to a physio appointment. I’m helping a customer order a cake when the phone rings.)

Me: “Sorry, one moment.” *answers phone* “[Grocery Store] bakery. [My Name] speaking.”

Old Gentleman: *on the phone* “Is [Manager] there?”

Me: “She’s actually just stepped out and will be back later. Can I take a message?”

Old Gentleman: “What?”

Me: *slightly louder* “She’s not here right now.”

Old Gentleman: “What?”

Me: *slightly more loudly* “She’s not here right now.”

Old Gentleman: “What?”

Me: *now yelling into the receiver as loud as I can* “She’s not here right now!”

Old Gentleman: “What? Is [Manager] there?”

Me: *inwardly groaning and very tempted to bang my head on the wall* “No.”

Old Gentleman: “Will she be there later?”

Me: “Yes.”

Old Gentleman: “When?”

Me: “I’m not sure.”

Old Gentleman: “What?”

Me: “Later.”

Old Gentleman: “Is [Manager] going to be there later?”

Me: *banging head on wall* “No.”

Old Gentleman: “Will she be in tomorrow?”

Me: “Yes.”

Old Gentleman: “So, she’s not there right now?”

Me: “Yes.”

Old Gentleman: “She is there?”

Me: “No.”

Old Gentleman: “But she’s in tomorrow?”

Me: “Yes.”

Old Gentleman: “But she’s not there right now?”

Me: “No.”

Old Gentleman: “All right, I’ll call back tomorrow.” *click*

Me: *walks back over to customer I was originally helping, who is giving me a funny look* “If you’re hearing is that bad, you should be wearing hearing aids.”

Customer: “Ah.”

(The customer did call back the next day to speak to my manager, and it took three calls with him calling from three different phones and a fresh battery in his hearing aid to get him to understand that the product he was looking for was discontinued last year.)

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