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I work at an ice cream parlor and sell ice cream to many elderly couples. One such couple walks into the door.

Me: Hi, welcome to (ice cream store), what can I get for you?

Couple: Can we have (order)?

Me: Sure! *gets them the ice cream*

Me: The total comes to… $6.66.

Couple: Oh! That’s ummm…

They quickly pay and rush out of the store!

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((I do not remember if I submitted this story or not. Please ignore if I already have)). I call this story “As Forteold By Prophetic Pizza”

I work closing shifts at a pizza place. Its’ not bad, I prefer it. You get the odd customer or traveller through though with interesting stories.

This nice older lady comes in – she was small, thin with sleepy eyes and long greying hair. Delicate looking. Very pleasant.

“You have great positive energy!” She compliments, after I’ve put her pie in the oven and started up cleaning again to earn my pay.

“Thanks! I try to keep busy!” I respond with a smile.

A few minutes later, after she keeps watching me, she asks “Do you trip a lot?”

This catches me off guard, and I think “Well, sometimes. I move too fast and I’ll trip over a line on the floor!” I joke.

A nod, and she falls silent again.

A few minutes later, her pie is ready. I box and cut it with an expert slide, and bring it to her to present at the counter (We do this to ensure it is correct and looks good).

“It looks great! you know, you are destined for great things, you have a great energy!”

“Thanks? ” I reply, a little startled.

She begins to head for the door “The world needs more people like you to KNOW this. Never forget it!” and she dissapeared into the night.

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(Me and a friend are in the drive-thru at a popular coffee chain, waiting for our coffees. The employee opens the window and is preparing to put our 2 drinks into a drink tray and hand it to my friend who’s driving.)

Friend: I don’t need a tray! Geez, don’t you know you’re supposed to ask before giving out a drink tray.

Employee: Ok ma’am, here you go.

Friend: You are supposed to ask for anything less then 3 drinks, you are supposed to ask! Never just hand out drinks in a tray!

drives off.

Bringing Some Rock’N’Roll Into The Music Store

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Back in 1988, I sold my small music store to a larger music store and was offered a job there. I decided to take it.

On my first day, an older lady — a piano teacher — with zero personality came up to me and handed me a note. It was a list of piano books she wanted. As there was no one in the music book section to assist — they were either away or helping other customers — I took the note and started looking for the books, even though it wasn’t part of my job or specialty.

I guess I was taking longer than expected and she came up to me and started b****ing that I was taking too long. I explained politely that it was my first day and I wasn’t familiar with the layout of the books. She huffed and said something like, “You’re just being stupid. The books are in the same places they always are.” Again, I said it was my first day and had no experience in the books, as musical instruments like guitars, drums, etc., were my specialty. That didn’t satisfy her and she continued to b**** at me while I tried to fill her order. 

She was so incredibly annoyed with me that she let out a big groan and almost yelled, “Someone get this stupid boy out of here and get me someone to get my order!” I was totally embarrassed, not knowing any of my coworkers and not knowing the store. Eventually, one of the girls came and helped her (and me). 

After a couple of weeks, I got my bearings and my confidence. I was standing at the front counter and the same old cranky sourpuss proceeded to walk up and hand me a note. I looked at it and said, “What’s this?”

“My book order.” 

I replied, “Yeah? And…?”

She looked at me sternly and said, “AND?! THESE ARE THE BOOKS I WANT!”

I handed it back and said, “When you go shopping, do you go up to the cashier in [Grocery Store] and hand her your grocery list? Go get ’em yourself.”

The girls in the music department turned and stared at me. My boss gave me a “What the h*** are you doing?” look. 

I told him, “You don’t need rude customers like this in here.” He actually laughed and from that point forward, the girls in the music book department would help people find books, but no one ever took another list from anyone else. Sometimes you have to bring that rock‘n’roll attitude to the classical music section.

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(My then-boyfriend, now-husband was the silly customer in this case. He had just moved into a new apartment. This was before cell phones were a thing, so all he had was a landline, which wasn’t hooked up yet.)

Friend (who’d helped him move in): Didn’t you say you’d ordered pizza?
Boyfriend: Yeah! I stopped by the restaurant this afternoon and placed an order. They should be here soon.
Friend: What time did you tell them to deliver?
Boyfriend: 5:00.
Friend: It’s 5:15 now. I’m starving.
Boyfriend: Aw, man, I bet they lost my order. Typical. Tell you what – I’ll go find a payphone in my apartment building’s front lobby and give them a call.

(He went downstairs to the lobby, whereupon he saw a frustrated-looking guy holding pizza, standing outside the building.)

Boyfriend: Hey, is that for me? My name is (Name).
Delivery Guy: Yep. I’ve been trying to get hold of you to buzz me in for 15 minutes, but you’re not answering your phone.
Boyfriend: That’s because it’s not hooked up yet – ohhhhh, geez. Sorry!

(He gave the guy a very generous tip to make up for the goof-up.)