Don’t Listen Once, Process Twice

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My girlfriend and I are travelling to a different city for a conference. We book a hotel and find a paid parking lot nearby. Booking the hotel for the conference means that we will be paying less for the parking. We pull into the parking and my girlfriend goes to the attendant booth.

Girlfriend: “Hi, we are staying at [Hotel]—”

Attendant: *Cuts her off* “First, license plate and car model.”

My girlfriend gives them our car info.

Attendant: “Okay, you’ll pay when you leave.”

Girlfriend: *Pause* “Also, we are staying at [Hotel] for [Conference].”

Attendant: *Angrily* “Well, why didn’t you say so?! Now I have to start all over!”

Thankfully, we got the correct ticket for the hotel with no further problems and the attendant was in a much better mood when we were leaving two days later.

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Hotel With A Costco Annex

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Our hotel has a little store where you can buy a snack, a drink, or a beer, etc. The store itself no bigger than a closet. There are no limits, but the most items I’ve seen anyone buy is five.

Me: “Hello.”

Lady: “Hello, I’d like to buy these. And these. And these.”

The lady brings over twenty items and ten bottles of beer and piles all of it on top of my computer and me.

Me: “Er, okay.”

I start counting.

Lady: “Do you have some plastic bag or a cart to take these in?”

Me: “Uh, no, we don’t, sorry. The only carts we have are the luggage carts.”

Lady: “Hell-lo? The luggage carts are for d*** luggage! Well, how the f*** am I supposed to take all these?!”

Me: “With all due respect, ma’am, our little store isn’t a supermarket. Most people only buy a few things at a time.”

Lady: “Well, that’s just f****** stupid! Kids! Come help me with this stuff!”

Her five kids help her carry the stuff upstairs, each one throwing me a dirty look. The lady leaves some cash, but not enough, so I charge the rest to her room.

Next Customer: “Wow, some people think this is a grocery mart or something? Just these two items, please.”

Me: “Nooo problem.”

And yes, the lady complained about her room being charged even though she didn’t pay enough for the items!

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(I work night shift at a hotel and get this at least once a week)
Guest: I don’t like my room I demand a discount/I don’t want the room any more check me out for free/other silly reason
Me: I can’t give you a discount you’d have to speak to a manager
Guest: Then let me speak to a manger
Me: I’m sorry I’m the only one here (its usually around 2:30 in the morning when this comes up)
Guest: Well call them
Me: Its 2:30 in the morning I can’t call them
Guest: You have a number for emergencies this is an emergency call them
Me: I can’t call them in the middle of the night here’s their card
Guest: whats you’re name I’m going to call corporate
(if they ever call corporate I never hear about it later)

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(I work in the hotel department of a casino and frequently have guests who lose their key card, or it gets demagnetized. I always ask for room number, name and photo I.D to verify they are getting a key to the correct room, and that their name is on our registration information. Only when I have personally dealt with a customer or recognize them, as we have many regulars, will I allow them to not have I.D)
In this instance my supervisor is standing right next to me.
Customer: Yeah, I need a key for my room.
Me: Of course, what room is that for?
Customer: Room ###
Me: And what is your name?
(I know the 2 people currently in this room, and have chatted with them a few times this night already)
Customer: [First and Last name] of person (that I checked in.)
(Already hesitant) Me: OK. .. do you have your photo ID?
Customer: No. I left it at home.
Me: OK. . And what was YOUR name again.
(I really specify the name thing this time, just to see how he answers.)
Customer: Damn! I told you already I’m [guest’s name]
Me: Well sir, I know that isn’t true, I checked in that guest myself, and I know that you aren’t him, so unfortunately I won’t be able to give you a key. You can try calling [guest’s name] to see if they will let you in the room though.
Customer: (While storming off) Well this is just f### ing bull#### I just needed a f### ing key.

A Flood Of Complaints, Part 2

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I work in a hotel. We have a cold snap in August and a pipe bursts in our laundry room. Almost all of our clean laundry is now sopping wet, I have just taken a “shower” fully clothed to turn the water off, and the water has reached several rooms.

Of course, this happens around 2:00 am. Our manager and the restoration company are already there by 2:30 am and pumping the water out and drying the carpet in the hall. We start calling rooms by the laundry room to let them know and to let them know that we will be comping their rooms.

Most people are annoyed but understanding — thank you to those that are very sweet to me! Then, there is this guest…

Guest: “Well, this was not a very convenient time for this to happen!”

The guest is completely serious and snappy, but I am polite.

Me: “I understand, ma’am. We’ve comped your room. The manager would also like to offer you a free night at a later date. Do you need any help with any luggage? Was it damaged at all?”

Guest: “No! But still, this was very inconvenient!”

Me: *Thinking* “Sorry, next time we will schedule our floods better.”

A Flood Of Complaints

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