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(We are hosting a bris (a Jewish ceremony when baby boys are circumcised on their eighth day). Our newest coworker is (thoroughly unbeknownst) standing directly in front of the ‘soon-to-be-snipped’ for a moment during the reception. Our rabbi walks into the courtyard and exclaims:)

Rabbi: “Where’s this baby?! Oh, I see him right here.” *points at my coworker*

Coworker: “What was that?! Shouldn’t he be with the baby?”

Me: “He’s just joking that you’re the youngest of all of us.”

Coworker: “Maybe he WAS actually talking about the baby. It was right behind me…”

Me: “Well, you are basically the baby of this particular group.”

Coworker: “Newest, but not youngest.”

Me: *shuts the h*** up and takes the unintentional complement*

Best Attempt To Be Suite-Natured

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(We have one of those important business types get upset with us because he wants a suite when his reservation says that he reserved a regular room. He screams his lungs out at us, causing both customers and staff to flee in horror. Unfortunately, we don’t have anymore suites, and the manager calms him down enough to send him to his room. Much later, he comes back, and we all tense, expecting to be yelled at again.)

Customer: “Um, yeah. So, I spoke with my secretary, who made the reservation, and she admitted that the suites weren’t available, so she made a reservation for a regular room. So, it wasn’t your fault. This time.

(He wandered off. The only good thing about it all was that he didn’t make a peep for the rest of his stay! Take some anger management classes!)

A Unique Closet Case

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(There is a big wedding that takes the majority of our 56-room base facility. As check-in for wedding party is a success, I receive a phone call.)

Me: “Thank you for calling [Hotel]! This is [My Name].”

Guest: “Hey, this room 318. I just checked in, and your closet is way too small. What do you plan on doing about this?”

Me: “May I put you on hold for a second?”

(I put him on hold because I literally do not know what to say. I pick up the phone again.)

Me: “Well, sir, you can use one of our rollaway carts or our employee closet.”

Guest: “Well, how is that going to help me when I am up here?”

Me: “I do not know, sir. Sorry for the inconvenience.”

Guest: *hangs up*

(I tell manager about the event that just occurred.)

Manager: “Well, what did he want us to do? Build a closet real quick?”

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One year, me and my friends decide to go to an anime convention for the new year in Austin. We ended up booking tickets with a cheap bus company, and would soon grow to regret it. Though there was a bus station from our home city, arriving in Austin would present us with the company’s ‘station’ there; Namely a completely empty lot, several miles away from our hotel. It wasn’t so bad, except the walk convinced us to call a taxi for when we decided to return.

The day that the convention ended, and that we were supposed to take the bus home, we checked out of our hotel and began to enjoy the last day. A few hours before our bus was supposed to leave, I call a taxi to arrive at our hotel at a specific time. Nothing seems out of the ordinary…until the taxi arrives well over an hour before it was supposed to.

Not wanting to be standing in an empty lot, in the middle of Austin, I asked the taxi to come back in an hour. An hour passes… and the taxi never returned. It becomes a mad dash to find another way there, especially now that it was too late to call another taxi. We managed to find one of our friends from our hometown, who had driven and, therefore, had a car available. They drove us to the lot where the bus was supposed to be, with a good 5-10 minutes to spare, only to find that the bus HAD ALREADY LEFT.

Me and my friends were now stranded in Austin, with no hotel room, and the soonest bus from another company leaving early the next morning. (At this point it was only ten at night.) Two of the four of us decided to camp out at the bus station (an actual station), in order to catch the earliest possible bus. The friend who had given us a ride offered to let us stay in their room for the night, since they weren’t going to check out until the next day, and would drive us to the station in the morning.

Thankfully we were able to get home safely, without any other incidents. But that cheap bus company has most certainly made it where I’m never going to use it again!

Valentine’s Day Is Not As Confusing As Valentine’s Night

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(My manager and I are talking about projected business levels while a coworker putters around. Note that this coworker is a great guy, but can be a little adorably clueless sometimes.)

Manager: “Hmm… Valentine’s isn’t too busy yet, but we get a lot of walk-ins usually, don’t we?”

Me: “Yeah, lots of people come in looking for last-minute bookings.”

Coworker: *incredulously* “Really? Why?”

Me: “Seriously?”

Coworker: “Yeah, I mean, why get a hotel room on Valentine’s? There’s nothing here to do!”

Me: “Yeah, there definitely is.”

Coworker: “Like what?”

Me: “We’ll tell you when you’re older, [Coworker].”

(My manager cracked up laughing. It should be noted that my coworker is a man in his twenties.)

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