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Just the other night when I was helping close our store and boxing our left over pastries for donation, this older man in a grey hoodie walks in. A family just left so he snuck in after they left. That’s how he got through the locked door. He comes up to the bakery display asking for half-priced pastries. I explained to him that we just closed and we do not have half-priced deals anyways. He said that he wanted pastries. I explained that we were closed and that I didn’t have a cash register open for me to sell him anything. He then proceed to say that I should just give him something then. I explain that my manager just did counts for the donation so they would know that I would be stealing from the company and I was not going to do that. He then proceeded to tell me that I looked sexy and foxy just standing right in front of him in my pretty glasses. I told him that we were closed and I could not help him out. He mumbled something about something he was thinking of doing (I could not understand what he was saying). I told him I could not help him out. He finally turned around and walked out the door telling everyone closing “goodnight”. My co-worker made sure the door was fully shut when he left.

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So I work in a grocery store bakery. It’s in the afternoon, after 5PM when everyone else but the closer (me) goes home for the day. The phone rings and as I pick it up, there is a woman with a heavy accent and very broken English on the other line.

ME: Bakery. This is (me). Can I help you?

WOMAN: You speak Spanish?

ME: No ma’am.

WOMAN: Why not!?

ME: I just don’t know the language ma’am. I never learned it.

WOMAN: This bad customer service. I speak to someone who speaks Spanish.

ME: Nobody here right now speaks Spanish ma’am. (and this is true. Nobody in the bakery or deli does. As for someone across the store, only a cashier and the person at money services might, and they have long lines and can’t be asked to leave their area or ignore their customers to take a possible cake order.)

WOMAN: When someone come in that speaks Spanish? One hour? two? Three.

ME: Everyone has gone home for the day ma’am. Nobody else is coming in.

WOMAN: Nobody??

ME: The next person who comes in that speaks Spanish comes in tomorrow morning.

WOMAN: Tomorrow!? This is horrible customer service!

She promptly hangs up.

It’s horrible customer service to not be bilingual?

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I recently got a new job at a phone store at night and I’m attempting to assist a half-naked drunk customer when this happened:

Me: (in a weirded out voice) Hello Sir.

Customer: F*** off.


A few minutes later…

Me: Do you still need any assistance, sir?

G****** HELP.

He continues to curse and was about to punch when this undercover cop who just walked in the store walked behind him, and in a matter of seconds, threw him to the ground and put handcuffs on him.

Cop: You are arrested for being drunk in public, attempted assault, and indecent exposure.

(My manager later gave the cop a $100 gift card for the trouble, and he politely declined)

If She Knew It Why Did She Come In The First Place?

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I work in a popular pizza place that also sells wings, breadsticks, and nuggets. A customer has just taken the last of our wings. A lady storms up to me already looking agitated. She doesn’t even let me get out my greeting before demanding eight wings.

I tell her we’re out, but before I can deliver the good news of fresh ones almost being done, she slams her fist on the counter over and over while shouting, “I KNEW IT! I KNEW IT! I KNEW IT! I KNEW IT!”

She leaves before anyone can say anything else.

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(I work in a very popular pizza chain that happens to be located in a university food court. Because we are in a food court we do not deliver but we are always more than happy to point the customer in the right direction.)
Me: Thank you for calling (Name of pizza place) in the student union, this is (my name) how may I help you?
Customer: Yeah, I need 4 medium pizzas delivered to (hospital name)
Me: I’m very sorry ma’am, but our location actually doesn’t deliver, but if you would like-
Customer: You don’t deliver to (hospital)?! You’re the nearest location.
Me: Yes ma’am. I understand that but we are in a food court so we don’t deliver at all. If you want-
Customer: (in a very angry manner) Can you at least give me the number to the location that does?
Me: (internally sighs, because I’ve been trying to give her the number since the beginning.) Of course, ma’am.
(Later I found out that she called our location again to yell at my manager about my ‘unprofessionalism’ and how I kept rushing her and reprimanding her for not listening. She then proceeded to tell my manager that I had given her a bogus number on purpose-Something I have never done. My manager knows I do my best to be polite, so she just laughed it off and told me not to worry about it)