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I am volunteering for a convention and doing line management. I was looking after the express entrance which is only for our guests, VIPs and other staff members. At this convention all attendees must have a wristband on – guests/VIPs/Staff also have special lanyards on as well to separate them.

A very high-maintenance woman tries to come past me and enter the convention. Not seeing her wristband, but wearing a Guest lanyard, I stop and ask her for her wristband.

“I was told by my actor friend that I’d be able to get in with this pass!”

She thrust it into my face and got very angry that I wasn’t rolling over for her.

“I’m sorry, but do you have a wristband waiting for you perhaps? Has he reserved one under your name?”

“No, I was told I could come straight in with this! Why won’t you let me in?”

“I’m sorry, but no wristband, no entry. You will need to buy a wristband to enter this convention”

She began stamping her feet and turned away to buy a general admission pass. She returned to the express line and held her wrist up to show me her wristband.

“See??! Wristband! Now you can let me in!”

“I’m sorry but you’ll have to enter through the general admission line, this line is reserved for those with the right pass. You can enter over on your far left”

I pointed towards the line and watched her huff away. My supervisor said that this was the best angry person ever and she’d willingly tell her to ‘fuck off’ if she tried to complain about me.

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I work as a security guard. On this day I am at a convention center working a girls volleyball tourney with about 25,000 people in attendance and maybe 100 or so courts being played on as well as warm up areas, vendor areas, and conference rooms.
Man: “Where’s my daughter’s thing at?”
Me: Are you looking for her match? Are you looking for her team? Is she scheduled for a seminar? Did she lose something? Please be more specific.
Man: *pulls out cell phone and has a brief conversation* then to me, “HER VOLLEYBALL THING ! WHY IS THIS SO F***ING HARD, D*******?”
Me: That way, take a left at hall three and go through those doors.
Coworker: How did you know where he wanted to go? He gave us zero information!
Me: I didn’t. I gave him directions to the loading dock. The doors will lock behind him. He will have to walk all the way back around to the front of the facility, and pay to get in again.
About a half hour later the same man comes back fuming and raging and cursing and screaming and demanding to see my boss, so my coworker gives him the exact directions i gave him before.
He walks away cursing the entire time.
Never saw him again.

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A Noble Thing To Do

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My brother is a huge Doctor Who fan and attended a local science fiction convention where one of the former Doctors was holding a symposium. To my brother’s dismay, the symposium filled up just as he arrived.

He was sitting on a bench in the convention hall, dejected, when he heard a woman say, “Oh, you don’t want to go to that! It’s boring! Hang around with me, instead!” He looked up to see the actress who played a popular female companion standing over him. She spent part of her day with him as they went around the convention together.

Whenever I become too cynical, I think about how Catherine Tate made sure a disappointed Doctor Who fan had the best day ever. Donna Noble truly is a hero!

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There’s Acting Nice And Then There’s BEING Nice

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(At my favorite convention, I decide to camp out overnight for the chance to enter a drawing that would get me into an autograph session for one of my favorite shows. A miracle occurs and I get in! Later that day, I’m at the signing and get to talk briefly to the cast. The first actress I talk to isn’t new to show business, but is kind of new to the convention circuit.)

Actress #1: “Hi! How are you?”

Me: “I’m great! How are you?”

Actress #1: “Oh, this is great, but I’m a bit tired.”

Me: “Yeah, me, too. I waited ten hours for the drawing this morning.”

(She sort of just stares blankly at me, trying to process this information. It never occurred to me she didn’t know this was how long we had to wait.)

Actress #1: “Wait, honey, where did you sleep?”

Me: “Well, outside.”

Actress #1: “YOU SLEPT OUTSIDE?!”

Me: “Yeah, but we all did. That’s the only way to get into this.”

Actress #1: “Wow…”

(She smiles at me and I move on. The next actress plays my favorite female character other than the lead, and I’m so excited to meet her.)

Me: “It was worth sleeping ten hours on concrete to meet you.”

Actress #2: *takes my hand in hers and smiles* “Love, I would do the same thing. It’s so great to meet all of you.”

(I’m on cloud nine when I meet the next actor. I’m cosplaying as the lead character.)

Actor: “Oh, hey, [Lead Character], how are you? Oh, wait, you’re not [Lead Character]! What’s your name?”

(I absolutely melted, told him my name, and thanked him. There have sadly been a lot of stories of celebrities letting people down and being terrible people, but I feel like sometimes we need a reminder there are some really great ones out there who are genuinely good people who love their fans.)

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That’s Your Signature Art

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(I go to a large convention to sell my art. Things go well and it’s eventually time to close the shop. Security ushers the visitors to the exit and while we put away things, I get visited by a last-minute shopper.)

Shopper: “Oh, this is lovely. I would like to have one of these, please.”

Me: “Certainly.”

Shopper: “I want a perfect one, without any blemishes or spots.”

Me: “Of course!”

(I create and print all my art myself and am a perfectionist, so I don’t sell anything I’m not satisfied with myself.)

Me: “Here you go, ma’am.”

Shopper: “No, not this one. This one has that stain on it.”

Me: *looking at it* “I don’t see any stains, I’m sorry. Where?”

Shopper: “Here! I want one that is perfect!”

Me: “All right, here is another one.”

Shopper: “This one is stained, as well!”

Me: “Where, ma’am? I can’t see the stain myself.”

Shopper: “Here!” *points at it*

Me: “That is my signature, ma’am.”

(She looked at the art, but then said this version was… adequate enough. Oh, well, a sale is a sale!)

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