Dragoncon Goers Beware

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My boyfriend and I were going with a friend to a very big convention in a large city. This convention happens to coincide with the city’s Pride Parade, so you have to book in pretty far in advance or there is no possible way you will find accommodation anywhere near the Con.

We made our booking on a popular home-rental site about three months out. We found a nice spot in convenient walking distance for a decent price, paid in full up front, and were all set for Con time. Awesome.

Then, two months later, our booking was cancelled and our deposit returned. We got a message from the owners stating that the price we booked at was incorrect, because their booking calendar “hadn’t updated to consider the increased demand.” However, we were welcome to rebook the same location for four times the original price.

My boyfriend called the helpline and, while the rep was extremely helpful and did place a penalty against the owner — though what form that penalty took we don’t know — he informed us that he wasn’t authorized to give us more than a $50 credit towards another booking, and the only things still open by then were much more than $50 over the price of our previous booking. He stated that he would pass our issue on to upper management and we should get a call soon.

That call never came, and now we were stuck without a place to stay, only a few weeks out from the Con, and everything in the area was either out of our price range or booked up. This was probably exactly what the owners of our original booking were counting on, hoping to trap us into rebooking at their inflated price.

Thankfully, our friend knew someone in the area who happened to have been given a free room at one of the host hotels due to being an invited guest at the Con, and offered for us to stay at his house while he was in the hotel. So, by a stroke of luck it all worked out, but no thanks at all to the house-rental site.

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Not A Good Argument Against Video Games Rotting Your Brains

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(I’m a producer for a video game publishing company, attending a well-known gaming convention on behalf of my company. We have a few upcoming games on display, and we like to chat with and answer questions for players. A lot of the time, you get questions that might seem sort of silly or naive because people don’t understand the nuts and bolts of what’s actually involved in making a game, but I never mind answering. I’m talking to a guy who is a fan of one of our older games.)

Guy: “I just don’t get why you guys haven’t made a sequel.”

Me: “Well, it would be nice to consider one day if we had a good plan for it! Right now all our resources are tied up in these games, plus a few other projects we haven’t announced yet, but maybe one day!”

Guy: *scoffs* “So, just make it free.”

Me: “The… game you’re talking about?”

Guy: “No, make a free sequel. Free to play.”

Me: “Well, I mean… like I said, we’re committed to other projects right now, so it’ll be some time before we could even consider additional work.”

Guy: *staring at me as if I’m an idiot* “But it would be free.”

Bystander: “Games that are free-to-play still cost money and take time and people and other resources to make, dude.”

Guy: *still looking at me* “But it would be a free game.”

(We went back and forth like this a bit, and being that I was there representing our brand and trying to be professional I couldn’t say what I wanted to which was, “Is this a f****** joke? Are you deliberately messing with me?” To this day, I’m still not sure if he legitimately thought a game being free to play would somehow negate all the human and financial cost required to create it, as if it would be farted out of the ether, but he eventually just walked off looking annoyed. I still love conventions and interacting with fans, but some of them definitely really make you earn that round of drinks at the end of the day.)

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Hopefully, Their Favorite Anime Isn’t “Heidi, Girl of the Alps”

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(I’m at an anime convention out of state. While I’ve done conventions before, I’ve recently become disabled and need to use a wheelchair. I have friends with me, but because I don’t want to feel like a burden, I tell them they don’t have to stay with me, and they wander off. After a bit, I realize I don’t have the energy I thought I did, and find myself stuck in the lobby, unable to get back to my hotel. A couple passing by stops.)

Guy: “Hey, you all right?”

Me: “I’m fine–”

Girl: “You look like you’ve just been told bad news. You sure you’re okay?”

Me: “I’m just waiting for my friends to finish at [Event] so I can go back to my hotel.”

Guy: “What hotel are you at?”

Me: “It’s [Hotel], but I’m fine waiting.”

Guy: “Nah, we’re kind of headed that way, anyway. Want a push?”

(I accept. The guy hands the girl his bag and we start towards my hotel. We make small talk and they get me safely to my room, even going up the elevator with me and making sure I can get in. The next day, I run into them again.)

Me: “Hey, you’re the couple from last night! Thank you for your help!”

Girl: “It’s no problem, really! We just wanted to make sure you got back safe!”

(I’ve since been careful about having someone with me who can help, but I still appreciate their kindness for a total stranger!)

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I am volunteering for a convention and doing line management. I was looking after the express entrance which is only for our guests, VIPs and other staff members. At this convention all attendees must have a wristband on – guests/VIPs/Staff also have special lanyards on as well to separate them.

A very high-maintenance woman tries to come past me and enter the convention. Not seeing her wristband, but wearing a Guest lanyard, I stop and ask her for her wristband.

“I was told by my actor friend that I’d be able to get in with this pass!”

She thrust it into my face and got very angry that I wasn’t rolling over for her.

“I’m sorry, but do you have a wristband waiting for you perhaps? Has he reserved one under your name?”

“No, I was told I could come straight in with this! Why won’t you let me in?”

“I’m sorry, but no wristband, no entry. You will need to buy a wristband to enter this convention”

She began stamping her feet and turned away to buy a general admission pass. She returned to the express line and held her wrist up to show me her wristband.

“See??! Wristband! Now you can let me in!”

“I’m sorry but you’ll have to enter through the general admission line, this line is reserved for those with the right pass. You can enter over on your far left”

I pointed towards the line and watched her huff away. My supervisor said that this was the best angry person ever and she’d willingly tell her to ‘fuck off’ if she tried to complain about me.

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I work as a security guard. On this day I am at a convention center working a girls volleyball tourney with about 25,000 people in attendance and maybe 100 or so courts being played on as well as warm up areas, vendor areas, and conference rooms.
Man: “Where’s my daughter’s thing at?”
Me: Are you looking for her match? Are you looking for her team? Is she scheduled for a seminar? Did she lose something? Please be more specific.
Man: *pulls out cell phone and has a brief conversation* then to me, “HER VOLLEYBALL THING ! WHY IS THIS SO F***ING HARD, D*******?”
Me: That way, take a left at hall three and go through those doors.
Coworker: How did you know where he wanted to go? He gave us zero information!
Me: I didn’t. I gave him directions to the loading dock. The doors will lock behind him. He will have to walk all the way back around to the front of the facility, and pay to get in again.
About a half hour later the same man comes back fuming and raging and cursing and screaming and demanding to see my boss, so my coworker gives him the exact directions i gave him before.
He walks away cursing the entire time.
Never saw him again.

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