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I’m working directing traffic, near the main bus terminal at the University. It’s very busy because this is the first week of classes and students are visiting the bookstore and the cashier to pay their fees.

I have a good friend who has been driving a Transit bus for several years, often on the University run.

My boss is standing beside me in the middle of the intersection, while I’m directing the flow of traffic. Suddenly, one of the big buses leaving the terminal, changes lanes and stops right beside me. The driver, my friend, opens his window, leans out and inquires in a serious manner, “Is this the way to downtown?”

Been Having Problems Of Late

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(A friend and I have signed up for an evening class together.)

Friend: “There’s no use in both of us driving there separately; why don’t I pick you up, and we’ll drive over together?”

Me: “Sounds good!”

(On the night of the first class, I’m waiting on my driveway. The class starts at 6:30. It’s 6:25, and there’s no sign of her. Finally…)

Friend: “Here I am!”

Me: “Oh, thank goodness!” *gets in* “Was traffic bad?”

Friend: “No, why?”

Me: “Um… You’re a bit late. We’ve only got three minutes to get to class, now.”

Friend: “Really?” *checks clock* “Oh, well. I’m sure it’ll be fine.”

(We arrive at the class, several minutes late. The instructor has already begun. She glares at us.)

Friend: “Sorry! I have no sense of time!”

(The same thing happens the following week, and the week after that.)

Me: “I’m going to drive myself from now on.”

Friend: “Why?”

Unhappy Annibirthentine’s Day

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Me: “Hey, [Coworker], it’s Valentine’s Day!”

Coworker: “Not only that; it’s also my wedding anniversary.”

Me: “Aww, how romantic!”

Coworker: And it’s my birthday!”

Me: Wow! Your husband must be planning something really special, eh?”

Coworker: “Nope. I’m pretty sure he forgot.”

Me: *pause* “How could he possibly forget?”

Coworker: “I wonder that every year.”

The Comedy Becomes A Tragedy

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(I work in the box office of a dinner theatre. When I was first hired, I was told that one of the perks of the job was getting two free tickets for each new show. They then took this perk away, which meant that if I wanted to see the show, I had to pay full price. Since the tickets are expensive and I am a poor student, I rarely do this.)

Customer: *on the phone* “I’d like to ask you some questions about [Show].”

(They ask me some basic questions, such as, “who’s in it,” “how long is it,” “what’s the plot,” etc. I answer all the questions based on the information I’ve been given by my boss.)

Customer: “Is it funny?”

Me: “Oh, yes. It’s a comedy.”

Customer: “Do you think it’s funny?”

Me: “I haven’t actually seen it yet, sir, so I can’t answer that.”

Customer: “Oh. Well, who can?”

Me: “I’m afraid I’m on my own tonight, so there’s no one else to ask. I could get one of my colleagues to call you tomorrow, if you like.”

Customer: “Never mind. Is there swearing?”

Me: “There is a profanity warning, yes.”

Customer: “What kind of swearing? The ‘s’ word? The ‘f’ word?”

Me: “I’m sorry; since I haven’t seen it, I don’t know for sure.”

Customer: “Fine.” *hangs up*

(I didn’t think any more about that call until a few days later. I came in for my shift and found a letter hanging from our bulletin board. It was a furious rant from that customer, saying how incompetent I was, how little help I’d been, and how he would never come to any of our shows if that was the kind of idiot they’d hire for their box office. The only upside was that he hadn’t gotten my name, and he didn’t specify the date on which he’d called. Good thing, too, because my boss went on a tirade about that letter, vowing to fire the person responsible. I quit shortly after that.)

There… Are… Four… Files!

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(My boss has access to update a documents database, and I don’t. I’ve noticed that there are some invalid documents in the database, so I’ve gone to her to remove them. This system doesn’t have an “undo” feature. Once something is deleted, it’s gone forever.)

Me: “[Boss], can you please delete these three documents?” *points*

Boss: “These four?”

Me: “No, just these three. Don’t delete that fourth one; it’s valid, and we want to keep it.”

Boss: “These four?” *goes to delete them*

Me: “No, just the three that I pointed to.”

Boss: *deletes four documents*

Me: “That was a valid one you just deleted.”

Boss: “Well, you have a backup, right?”

Me: “No.”

Boss: “Well, why not? You should always have a backup! This is your fault!”

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