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(My sixteen-year-old daughter is asked to interview a local business owner. She has recently become a vegan, so she decides to call the owner of a newly-opened vegan burger restaurant and ask if he’d consent to be interviewed. He is very accommodating, and seems friendly, so she finds the courage to ask him if he was hiring.)

Owner: “Well, I could use another waitress. Do you have any experience?”

Daughter: “Not with serving tables, but I worked at [well-known local ice cream place] last summer. I learned how to make everything on the menu, and I dealt with the public all the time.”

Owner: “That’s good enough for me. You’re hired!”

(She is thrilled to be working for someone she admired, and the job is pretty good. In addition to earning money, she occasionally gets free food. All is well for several months until one day…)

Daughter: *checks e-mail on her phone, gasps, and starts to cry* “I … don’t have a job anymore.”

Me: “What?”

Daughter: *sobbing* “[Owner] just sent me an e-mail saying that I’m fired. He says that I don’t have enough experience. I don’t understand; he knew when he hired me that I hadn’t been a waitress before!”

(She was broken-hearted to be out of a job, and she lost all her admiration for the owner. So did I, if you’re dissatisfied with an employee’s performance, shouldn’t you talk to that employee to try to get them to improve? And, failing that, if you’re going to fire someone, shouldn’t you have the decency to do it in person? I found out later that this was a pattern with that guy – he would hire people on a whim and then fire them on some flimsy pretext, always by e-mail. Luckily, my daughter found another job shortly afterwards.)

Oh, Mother!

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(My local gym has swimming lessons for kids, as well as an exercise area for adults. I’ve dropped off my daughter at her class and have gone to work out on the treadmill for a while. About ten minutes later…)

Gym Employee: “Excuse me; you need to come with me.”

Me: “What’s wrong?”

Gym Employee: “Your daughter is very ill. You shouldn’t have brought her here, and you need to come get her, right now!

Me: “Oh, boy. Okay, I’m coming.”

(I hop off treadmill, thinking this is odd, as she seemed fine when I left her. The employee and I arrive at the pool… where I see my daughter happily enjoying her lesson, looking as healthy as can be.)

Me: “Um… She doesn’t look ill to me.”

Gym Employee: “She’s very ill, and you need to take her home!” *grabs the hand of a little girl that I’ve never seen before and drags her up to me*

Me: “Um… That’s not my kid.”

Supervisor: “[Employee], I told you that the mother’s name was [Name]. Did you bother to ask this lady what her name is?”

Gym Employee: “Well, no, but you said that she was in the gym.”

Supervisor: “And how many women were in the gym?”

Gym Employee: “…”

Supervisor: “Go back and find the right one. This time, ask her what her name is!”

Found Out Accidentally

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(My daughter is friends with a guy that I can’t stand. I feel that he treats her badly, often ditching her at the last minute, and I strongly suspect that he is a liar. I know better than to forbid her from being friends with him, though; all I can hope is that she’ll eventually come to realize that he is a terrible person. One day, she comes home with this story.)

Daughter: “I was out having coffee with [Friend] and [Friend’s Brother]. I got onto Facebook on my phone, and there’s a whole bunch of messages on [Friend]’s wall, saying how awful it is that his brother got into a terrible accident.”

Me: “Doesn’t he only have one brother? The one that was having coffee with you?”

Daughter: “Yup.”

Me: “So… What’s all this about a terrible accident?”

Daughter: “I asked the same thing. [Brother] just sighed and said, ‘Yeah, [Friend] didn’t want to go to a party he’d been invited to, so he told everyone that I’d been in an accident and was in the hospital.’Then [Friend] started laughing his a** off and said, ‘Pretty smart, eh? That way, I don’t have to go to the party, and everyone is sorry for me! Someone even brought food to the house to make us feel better in our time of trouble!’”

Me: *horrified* “That’s unbelievable!”

Daughter: “Yeah. I think I was supposed to think it was funny, but all I could think of was all those friends who were feeling sorry for him, not knowing that he was laughing at them.”

(Then, she starts looking thoughtful.)

Daughter: “You know… there have been plenty of times when [Friend] and I had plans, and he’s called me at the last minute to say that he’s sick, or he slept in, or he forgot that he had plans with someone else. I’m starting to think that at least some of those excuses were lies, too.”

Me: “That’s possible, yeah.”

(Not long after that, she decided to stop being friends with the guy. Hallelujah.)

Eating For Two, Feeding For None

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(I work with a woman who is a bit odd. One day, the entire department receives an e-mail from her:)

Email #1: “[Husband] and I have decided that it’s time to throw a party! Everyone is invited for [date]. As you might know, my brother is a gourmet chef, and he’s promised to cook a feast like you’ve never had before, so make sure you show up hungry!”

(I don’t like showing up at a party empty-handed, so I go to see her to ask if I can bring anything. Most of the other invitees do the same.)

Coworker: “No need; like I said, my brother will provide everything.”

(I notice that she looks slightly shifty when she says this, but I don’t think anything of it. Shortly after that, the entire department — except for the secretary — gets a second email from her.)

Email #2: “Psst… That first email was a ruse! This party is actually a bridal shower for [Secretary]. All the ladies are invited. See you then!”

(I have a very light lunch on the day of the shower and skip off to [Coworker]’s house, happily anticipating some gourmet goodies. There aren’t any. In fact, there is no food at all. It seems that the “my brother is going to cook a feast” bit was part of the ruse. [Coworker] doesn’t seem to realize that all of her guests, including the guest of honour, are hungry and grumpy. We all make excuses to leave early. I raid the fridge when I get home, much to my husband’s surprise.)

Husband: “What happened to your feast?”

Me: “Good question.”

(The following day, [Coworker] talked about how successful the party had been. She never noticed that all of us ladies were conspicuously silent.)

Getting Farther And Father From Their Plan

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(Father’s Day is approaching.)

Husband’s Sister: “Okay, this is what I’ve planned for Dad for Father’s Day. I need you to get to my house early so that we can set stuff up for the barbeque that we’ll have later in the day.”

Husband: “Um, wait a sec. I’m glad to help set stuff up, but I can’t be there until after 1:00 or so.”

Sister: “Why not?”

Husband: “I have plans.”

Sister: “What? What plans? What plans could you possibly have on Father’s Day?”

Husband: “[Wife] and [Daughters] are taking me out for brunch.”

Sister: “Oh. I guess you’re a father, too, huh?”

Husband: “Yup. Have been for the last several years, actually.”

(The kicker is that she’s married with kids – and yet, she seemed to have completely forgotten about doing anything for her husband that day, too.)

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