A Heartfelt Plea

| QLD, Australia | Friendly | September 3, 2015

(A year ago I had open heart surgery. Then in April ’15 I had surgery to fix a complication. I’m at the grocery store when the check out guy starts scanning denture cream belonging to an older woman behind me.  I’m 29 but look about 18.)

Me: “Oh, that’s not mine.”

Lady: “No, but you can have it. Not like a young thing like you needs to worry about health issues at your age. You’re too young to worry about those things.”

Me: “I’ve got plenty of health worries at my age.”

Lady: *laughing* “Yes, dear, I’m sure you do.”

(I pull down the collar of my shirt and show the top of my zipper scar. The lady’s eyes go wide and her mouth open and closes a moment.)

Lady: *indignant* “Oh, well… ah… Yes… I’ve got that, too!”

Don’t Sweat It

| USA | Working | August 31, 2015

(I overhear two employees talking. It’s mid-July and it has been extremely hot and humid this particular week.)

Employee #1: “So I was pushing carts outside and [Boss] saw me and told me to stop sweating so much.”

Employee #2: “Sooo… [Boss] wants you not to work so hard?”

Employee #1: “I guess?”

Makes You Freeze In Place

| Phoenix, AZ, USA | Right | August 31, 2015

(I work in a fairly large grocery store. Arizona heat can be brutal. As I am walking around the store, I see a shopping cart full of ice cream, but since it’s so hot, I don’t think much of it. As I am walking down the aisle, I look and see a man INSIDE the freezer.)

Me: “Sir! Please come out of the freezer!”

Customer: “No!”

Me: “Sir, you could suffocate in there!”

Customer: *in a whiny voice* “But it’s hot outside!”

Makes An Age Of Difference

| Canada | Right | August 30, 2015

(I’m in my early twenties but I look younger than I am. Many people comment on it, asking if I’m old enough to be a cashier. This happens near the end of my shift one night, close to my twenty-second birthday.)

Me: “So, your total comes to [total].”

Customer: *as he’s paying with his card* “You look young, but you have the mannerisms and grace of someone in their twenties and sound older than you look.”

Me: “Thank you?”

Customer: “You look young, but you’re probably mid-twenties, maybe 24?”

(After two years of people saying I look like I’m 12, or that I look too young to work, this is the best thing to hear. I must be grinning like crazy at this.)

Customer: “Based on your expression, you don’t hear that too often.”

Me: “You have no idea. I’m close to 22, but your guess is the closest I’ve heard in the two years I’ve been working here.”

Customer: “Seriously? You have the manner and grace of someone in their early-to-mid twenties!”

Me: *handing him his receipt* “Thank you for that. Not many people are happy to be asked if they’re older than they are. Have a good night!”

The Cake Coupon Is A Lie

| North Bay, ON, Canada | Working | August 25, 2015

(There is a page for a manager to the checkout, which I take.)

Me: “What’s the issue here?”

Customer: “Your cashier is refusing to use my coupon.”

Me: *examining the coupon* “So this is a dollar off for pound cake… It isn’t expired… and the product is correct. [Cashier], why aren’t you accepting this?”

Cashier: *puts the cake-mix down on the scale with an exaggerated, exasperated sigh* “Look, this ISN’T a pound of cake!”

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