Should Have It Pinned Down By Now, Part 2

| Williamstown, NJ, USA | Right | May 25, 2015

Customer: “How do I do credit?”

Me: “Just hit ‘credit’ when the options pop up on the pin pad. Then when it asks for a pin number, don’t enter anything, just hit the green button.”

(The customer reaches the pin pad option and enters a series of numbers. After a moment, the card is declined.)

Me: “I’m sorry, did you want credit?”

Customer: “Yes?”

Me: “Don’t enter any numbers; just hit the green button when it asks for your pin.”

(Again the pin prompt comes up, and again she enters numbers; nine of them.)

Me: “Ma’am, what are you typing?”

Customer: “My phone number!”

Me: “Your… phone number?”

Customer: “That’s how I always do it!”

Should Have It Pinned Down By Now

More Than Just Lip Service

| CA, USA | Friendly | May 23, 2015

(I’m a little kid at this time, and I used to love pushing the shopping cart around. Since I was little, I stood on the bottom of the cart to put my chin on the handle, but sadly, this time, I slip and bite the bottom of my lip extremely hard.)

Me: “Daddy! It hurts!” *holding my profusely bleeding lip*

Dad: “Oh, my gosh! Oh, my gosh!” *proceeds to fumble around in pockets trying to find a handkerchief*

Nice Lady: “Oh, are you all right?” *comes rushing up* “Here, you can have mine.”

(She hands my dad her handkerchief, which he then pushes up against my lip, attempting to stop the bleeding.)

Dad: “Thank you so much! Would it be all right if I asked for your number, to return your handkerchief once it’s washed?”

Nice Lady: “Oh, no, that’s all right; keep it. Your daughter certainly seems to need it more than I do.”

(She was so nice! I’ve had a hunk of scar tissue in my bottom lip ever since, and developed the habit of chewing on it when I’m stressed. Whenever I do, I think of her, and just how much a stranger’s help can mean to someone in need.)

Pudding Up With Him

| PA, USA | Romantic | May 20, 2015

(My fiancé is going to have his wisdom teeth removed, so I take him grocery shopping to buy soft foods he likes. He is not happy about it.)

Me: “How about some pudding? You like pudding.”

Fiancé: “Oh, yeah! Okay, pudding. What kind of pudding don’t you like?”

Me: “DON’T I like? Well, I like most kinds. Banana is pretty awful, though.”

(He grabs three boxes of banana pudding.)

Fiancé: “Okay, then I want banana. I don’t want you eating any of my pudding!”

(A girl behind us starts laughing.)

Me: *to her* “Yes, this is the man I’m marrying. Isn’t he sweet?”

Couldn’t Care Less Than Thirty

| Tampere, Finland | Working | May 20, 2015

(I’m a 22-year old woman, picking up a packet of cigarettes. In Finland you can buy them at 18, but in order to spot underage buyers there’s a new government policy encouraging cashiers to check the IDs of anyone that looks under 30.)

Me: “Could I have a [Brand of cigarettes], please.”

Cashier: *rings it up* “That’ll be €4.50.”

Me: *pointing to the counter between us with a sign explaining the under-30 policy* “Umm, do I look like I’m 30 to you?”

Cashier: “…I don’t really care.”

Has A Hand In Bad Management

, | FL, USA | Working | May 18, 2015

(A coworker has turned the temperature dial in my hot case all the way up to 10, when it’s supposed to be at 4.5. When I reach in to grab the metal tongs to serve a customer, my hand gets burned badly and I end up with blisters on my fingers. I go to a manager to find out where the first aid kit is.)

Me: “Look at this. I got blisters all over my hand.”

Manager: “Next time, use your other hand.”

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