Has A Hand In Bad Management

, | FL, USA | Working | May 18, 2015

(A coworker has turned the temperature dial in my hot case all the way up to 10, when it’s supposed to be at 4.5. When I reach in to grab the metal tongs to serve a customer, my hand gets burned badly and I end up with blisters on my fingers. I go to a manager to find out where the first aid kit is.)

Me: “Look at this. I got blisters all over my hand.”

Manager: “Next time, use your other hand.”

Engaging In A Paper Chase

| NY, USA | Working | May 8, 2015

(I am checking out with three items at the grocery store, and have forgotten my reusable bag at home. The cashier opens up a plastic bag and looks like she’s about to put my first item in it. For clarity’s sake, the paper bags and the plastic bags essentially hold the same amounts.)

Me: “Do you have any paper bags?”

Cashier: *confused* “You want paper bags?”

Me: “Yes, please, if you have any.”

Cashier: *more confused* “You want paper? For these?”

Me: “Yep!”

Cashier: “It’s like THIS BIG.” *holds hands apart much further than the bag is large*

Me: “It’s not that big.”

Cashier: *pulls one out and holds it up* “It’s THIS BIG!”

Me: “Yeah, I know. I just don’t want to use a plastic bag. I prefer paper.”

Cashier: “But you only have three things.”

Me: “I know, but I don’t want plastic. I would rather use paper, please.”

Cashier: *sigh* “Okay…”

Milking The Return Policy

| Ottawa, ON, Canada | Right | May 8, 2015

(I work at a small local grocery store and our return policy is quite generous, but some people take it too far.)

Me: “Hi, there! How are you today?”

Customer: “Hi, paper bags.”

Me: “Okay. Did you find what you were looking for?”

Customer: “Yes.” *pulls out a carton of almond milk* “If my son doesn’t like this can I return it?”

Me: “Well, unless it is unopened or there is something physically wrong with it we can’t accept a return simply because your son doesn’t like it.”

Customer: “Why not? If I buy this and he doesn’t like the taste it’s not my fault, so I should be able to get my money back.”

Me: “Let me get a manager for you, ma’am…”

Her Request Is A Bit Of A Squeeze

| USA | Right | May 5, 2015

(I worked for a grocery store in a town with two major universities. The encounters with the student customers are always entertaining.)

Customer: “I’m looking for fresh squeezed orange juice.”

Me: “Yes, of course. We have a few options between the [Popular Brand] brand and our store brand…”

Customer: “No, you don’t understand. I need orange juice that was freshly squeezed today.”

Me: “I’m sorry, but we don’t carry anything like that here. We are just a grocery store.”

Customer: “Well, do you think you could go in the back and squeeze some for me?”

Me: “I apologize, but that just isn’t how it works. The best I can do is recommend the [Popular Brand]. It really is the best, freshest orange juice we carry.”

Customer: “Well, I’m not a Nazi or anything, but I refuse to drink anything that has been pasteurized.”

(I notice at this point that she has a gallon of milk in her basket…)

Me: “I’m sorry I can’t help you with this, but I can at least let you know that we do carry fresh oranges in our produce department.”

Customer: “Wait, you mean you expect me to squeeze my OWN orange juice?!”

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The Free Grapes Of Wrath

| Antwerpen, Belgium | Friendly | April 30, 2015

(I just bought some food items but the checkout it is a bit cramped in space, so I take my groceries, amongst others a bunch of grapes, outside to put them away. A mother passes by with her two young kids.)

Mother: “Can I have some grapes?”

Me: “Ehm, no.”

Mother: “Please, for my poor babies? They really want some and I can’t buy them.”

Me: “Sorry, no.”

Mother: *to her kids* “Come on, the mean lady doesn’t want you to have grapes. She doesn’t care you are hungry. She is going to eat them all by herself and that is why she is a fat cow!”

(The clincher? She exited the same shop a few moments after me and both her kids were snacking on a pack of crisps.)

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