They Should Have Taken Note(book)

, , , , | Working | March 26, 2020

My mum and I go to the bank to get some cash and she notices her notebook — the one connected to the bank account that you can use to take out money — only has one page left.

We walk over to the desk and she asks the girl for a new one, giving her the old notebook inside the case. The case she has was issued many years ago, and because we keep everything at our house, we are still using it. It’s quite old; in fact it has the name of a bank that no longer exists on it, but it’s made of thick plastic and it works great. It’s also a bit wider than the ones issued nowadays so it’s more comfortable when you need to carry lots of stuff.

The girl from the bank issues a new notebook and gives the old one to my mum, who is now holding the old case so she can put the new notebook in. The girl sees it, grabs the case from her hand, and holds it over the bin while saying, “Oh, that’s an old one; I’ll give you another one,” and then proceeds to drop it in the trash.

My mum and I must look so shocked to have some stranger grab it out of her hand and throw it away that she offers to get it back for us. We say no, though, because who knows what was in the trash?

I’ve dealt with her before, and I can assure this is not because she had an off day. It’s a pity to see someone with no social skills deal with people every day.

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And Now Our Night Shift Begins

, , , | Working | March 25, 2020

I used to live with my parents just outside of a small town about thirty minutes away from where I live now. When I lived with my parents, I moved to the night shift at work, because it’s a shorter shift and still gives me freedom to get stuff done during the day.

December of 2018, I move into a house with my now fianceé and her mother. It’s not the greatest part of town — a group of kids between 12 and 18 recently went around and robbed stores and carjacked two cars at gunpoint, to give an example — but it’s the only house we can get a loan for, and we are desperate.

I’m still working the night shift, and three times now I’ve had to call into work because of gunshots nearby, and police have been looking for suspects. This third time, my supervisor asks me if this is real, so I tell him the general area of where I live, and then I tell him to watch the news the next day. Sure enough, it’s on the news the next evening about someone found dead in a suspected drug-related incident, and the police are looking for suspects. My supervisor pulls me aside to ask me if I want to switch to day shifts.

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Fail To The Bus Driver, Part 2

, , , , | Working | March 25, 2020

(I am riding the bus from New York City to Toronto, Canada. The bus stops at a town in upstate New York to let off some passengers. One man who is in an aisle seat gets up, probably because his seatmate wants to get off. The man gets off the bus so he won’t block the aisle, to get back on after the passengers headed for that town get off. After the passengers finish getting off, the driver closes the door and leaves. Outside the bus, the man is chasing the bus. The remaining passengers shout to alert the driver, but the bus driver ignores the passengers. One of the passengers even gets up to the driver to tell him that they left a passenger stranded, but the driver keeps going. Eventually, the bus stops at Buffalo, a city just before the Canadian border, switching drivers as the previous driver’s shift is over. When the bus stops at the border so the passengers can clear customs, the Canadian customs officers freaks out upon seeing a bag without an owner.)

Driver: “Whose bag is it?”

Passenger: “The other driver stranded a man somewhere in upstate New York.”

Driver: “What the f***?”

(So, the bus and the passengers crossed the border, leaving a bag stranded at the Canadian border.)

Fail To The Bus Driver

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Counting In A Childlike Way

, , , | Working | March 24, 2020

(I make a reservation for seven people at a local buffet restaurant for a family dinner. At this restaurant, children pay less than adults. We come, our table is there, and we eat, drink, and have a good time. Then, a bill for seven adults appears.)

Husband: “Wait, this can’t be right. The little one is only five.”

Server: “I’m sorry. There you go!”

(Now the bill is even higher because the guy just added a child to the total.)

Husband: “No, that’s wrong. We have six adults in the party, not seven.”

Server: “But… you reserved a table for seven!”

Me: “Yes. Six adults and one child make seven.”

(That cleared up the misunderstanding, and we could pay the correct amount. I thought I’d submit it as proof that the confusion whether children count as people apparently goes both ways.)

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Tales From The Script

, , , | Working | March 24, 2020

(I have an account with an online retailer with notoriously slow shipping, and therefore, it’s been almost a year since I made a purchase. One day, I get two emails from them: first about a new login to my account in a state very far from where I live, and then, a few hours later, another email with an order confirmation. Neither of these was actually done by me, so I follow the instructions in the first email and call the company. They’re very helpful and cancel the order and close my account, and then they tell me I should call my credit card company to inform them. I do so and get transferred to the fraud department.)

Me: “I have an online account with [Company] and there was a charge that I did not make, so they closed my account but wanted me to call you, too, just in case.”

Fraud Department Rep: “Okay.”

(She asks for details about the charge, which I give, and she finds it and verifies that the other charges were legitimate. Her questions and statements are very methodical so it feels like she’s just reading off a script.)

Fraud Department Rep: “And have you ever made a purchase with [Company] before?”

Me: “Yes, but several months ago.”

Fraud Department Rep: *long pause* “I’m sorry?”

Me: “Yes, my last purchase was almost a year ago.”

Fraud Department Rep: *another pause* “Ma’am, if you provided your credit card information, it’s not fraud.”

Me: “But this wasn’t a purchase I made. My credit card info is saved in my account. Someone got into my account and made an unauthorized purchase. They canceled it but said I should call you, too.”

Fraud Department Rep: *in a confused voice* “But it’s not fraud if you gave them your credit card number.”

Me: “I didn’t make the purchase, though. They even said this was fraud when they canceled the order and said they needed to cancel my account.”

Fraud Department Rep: *yet another pause, then in very confused voice* “Let me put you on hold for a moment.”

(After just a couple of minutes.)

Fraud Department Rep: “Yes, we will cancel your card and send you a new one.” *goes through the procedure/instructions for that*

(Oh, the horrors of a problem not in the script!)

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