Friendliness And Rudeness Come In Similar Packaging

, , , | Working | January 22, 2020

(I am extremely socially anxious, as well as autistic. I also live on benefits due to not being able to work, and money is something I’m constantly stressed about. I’m sending a package out and I’m certain it’s the day I get paid and I have money on my bank account. However, my card gets declined.)

Me: “Oh, I’m so sorry! Can you hold it for, like, five minutes? My partner is around here nearby, so I can ask for her to come to pay.”

(I’m really embarrassed, but I still try to be as polite as possible.)

Clerk #1: “Sure!”

(I step out of the line and go a little way away, calling my partner. I expect her to come there, but she transfers money to my bank account, instead, so I’m good to go in a couple of minutes. I take a number from the machine for the line and wait. [Clerk #1] is now in another area and doesn’t see me, while [Clerk #2] is in serving desk.)

Clerk #2: *to [Clerk #1]* “What is this transaction?” *looking at the computer*

Clerk #1: “Oh, the customer didn’t have enough money for the package; they’re coming back.”

Clerk #2: “Do you know if they’re paying in cash or card?”

Clerk #1: “No.”

Clerk #2: *sighing and rolling her eyes, looking visibly pissed off*

(I am only a few meters away, waiting for her to call my number, and I feel absolutely humiliated. I find myself constantly low on funds, even when I try to save and not use much of it. This feels like a dagger to my heart. I decide to step up.)

Me: “Excuse me?”

Clerk #2: *looking up* “Yes?”

Me: “That’s actually mine.”

Clerk #2: “The—”

Me: “The package. I came here to pay for it.” *smiles friendly*

(A look of absolute alarm and embarrassment crossed [Clerk #2]’s face. She realized I must’ve heard everything. She didn’t say anything, however, and she was professional the whole time. I was friendly to her, even though I still felt mortified.)

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The Year Ended With A Karmic Bang

, , , , , , | Legal | December 31, 2019

I am working at the main railway station in Helsinki during New Year’s night when I spot two teenagers lighting up firecrackers and throwing them onto the street where people are walking. I approach them and sternly tell them to stop as they could hurt someone.

While I approach, they are still lighting one up. They throw it without looking, and where else would it land but next to a police car that has just arrived on patrol?

I leave the kids to discuss their actions with the police.

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Kid Needs A Dressing Down

, , , | Learning | December 30, 2019

(I’ve been working as an intern for a kindergarten for a while, doing pretty simple tasks that don’t require a lot of responsibility, like playing with the kids and helping them with different tasks. We’re getting the kids ready for going outside, and I’m helping them get dressed. I don’t know quite yet what each kid can and can’t do. H***, I hardly know all of their names! I am helping one kid get dressed, putting on their winter clothes and such. My hair is an unusual colour, and a lot of kids have already commented on — and questioned — it.)

Me: *bend down to help a kid* “Okay, put your leg here!”

Kid: *reaches over to ruffle my hair*

(I help them get almost fully dressed, when one of the elder adults notices us.)

Adult: “Oh, [Kid] is tricking you now.” *smiling* “They’re an expert at dressing themselves.”

Me: *turns to look at the kid*

Kid: *most smug look I’ve seen on a four-year-old*

(Later, I put two and two together, and realized they probably just wanted to touch my hair! That was one sneaky kid.)

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Bill Kill

, , , , | Working | December 26, 2019

(It is around 2010 or so. I need a new battery for my phone and there’s a telecom shop of one of the Finnish carriers near where I live, so I go there.)

Me: *showing my phone* “Can I have a new battery for this?”

Salesman: “Yes, sure, but can I ask what operator you use?”

Me: “Certainly, I have a contract with [Competitor].”

Salesman: “How much do you pay in a month? I’m sure that I can go lower than that.”

Me: “Don’t remember. It’s been a while since I got a bill. But I don’t want to change operators now; I only want the battery.”

Salesman: “Certainly.”

(He fetches the battery and I pay it. About a month later, my mother’s phone needs a new battery and I finally get a phone bill. The company I use never sends bills out until the amount is over €20. My bill is something like €24. I go to the same store and wait until the same salesman is free and go to him.)

Me: “Hello. This is my mum’s phone and it needs a new battery. Do you have them?”

Salesman: “Certainly, wait and I’ll get one.” *fetches the battery*

Me: “By the way, last time I was here you told me that if I knew how much I pay for my current operator you can sell me a cheaper connection. So, here’s my last bill.”

(I hand over the bill and he looks at it.)

Salesman: “€24, of course, I can sell you cheaper than this.”

Me: “Please check the period this bill covers.”

Salesman: *gives the bill back to me* “Three months? I cannot go under that!”

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This Is How They Resolve Things In Finland

, , , , | Legal | December 18, 2019

(I’m going to the grocery store close to where I work to get some lunch. As I enter, I see a guy in his twenties about to walk out, without paying, with a whole load of beer in his arms. The cashier is coming right after him and grabs him. I decide to help out, because I’m a large guy, and I don’t really think about it; it just happens. The shoplifter is putting up quite some resistance, right until the following exchange happens.)

Cashier: “Look, I’m not really fit enough to continue for much longer.”

Shoplifter: “Yeah, me, neither.”

(And the situation was resolved like that. The shoplifter stopped his resistance and waited until the police arrived. I’m glad they could come to a mutual understanding in the end.)

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