What A Grape Idea

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I work at a grocery store where grapes are sold per pound. Three guys come up to my belt. One puts a bunch of stuff on the belt and says he forgot something. He walks off.

Meanwhile, his buddy is standing just past the end of register eating from a bag of grapes. I get busy with other customers for a minute, and then the guy who walked off comes back. He puts his forgotten item on the belt. As I am ringing them up, the guy with the grapes nearly finishes the bag, so there is only one little grape stem left.

When I put the grapes on the scale, I touch the edge of it with my thumb, making the grapes weigh more than what is left. So in the end, he ended up paying for at the very least all the grapes he ate, if not more.

Serves him right.

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I work in a grocery store, but we have limited time non-grocery items available all year round. Currently, we have Frozen and Star Wars themed children’s items. Just as I was walking to the back of the store to stock the meat, a customer with a slight accent comes up to me:

Customer: Hello, I’ve been looking for your Frozen pellows and tents. I can’t find them anywhere.

Me: Pellows?

Customer: Yes, the Frozen pellows and tents. They were in your ad for this week.

I start walking to the back with the customer, going toward the freezer. I don’t know why it didn’t click with me that she wasn’t talking about a food item, but when I heard “Frozen” I automatically assumed what she needed was in the frozen section of the store.

Me: Is…is it a produce item? I’m sorry I don’t really know what you’re talking about.

Customer: The pellows! The Frozen pellows and tents!

As we neared the non-grocery section of the store, I see all the Frozen themed items and it dawned on me that she was saying “pillows.”

Me: Oh! I’m so sorry, I know what you’re talking about. Let me go check in the back to see if we have any of the Frozen ones.

I checked in the back, and we had the tents, but no more pillows.

Me: So we do have the tents but it looks like we’re out of all of our pillows.

Customer: But I need pellows! What am I going to do with a tent but no pellows!?

Me: I’m sorry ma’am, but we’re out of the pillows.

She finally took two of the Frozen tents and walked away muttering “what am I supposed to do with no pillows?”

Shocking Predictability

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(While living in the dorms, this one guy shows up to my room with an electric stun gun he bought. My roommate immediately begins playing with it, zapping every inanimate object in the room. Five minutes later:)

Roommate: “Yeeeeaaargh!”

Me: “Okay, who saw that coming?”

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*I am at a large retail store and I am the customer. The cashier has just finished ringing up my purchases and I go to swipe my debit card*

Cashier: Wait, what is that?

Me: Its debit.

Cashier: May I see it please?

*Confused I hand her the card and she begins looking it over very carefully*

Cashier: May I see your ID?

*I oblige. She begins to study my ID as well*

Cashier: I’ve never seen a debit card look like this, where did you get it?

Me: The bank……

Cashier: I need to get my manager.

*She gets the manager and proceeds to hold up the entire line. The manager looked at her like she was nuts and finishes the sale with absolutely no problem. Who knows maybe I looked sketchy.*

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(I work at a water park as a lifeguard. For safety reasons, we do not allow swimmers to wear face masks or goggles that cover the nose. During this interaction I am sitting on stand watching the wave pool.)
Guest: Why did you make my kid take off her goggles?
Me: Goggles that cover the nose are not allowed.
Guest: WHAT?!?! I didn’t see that rule anywhere! It said online that goggles are allowed!
(At this point the waves turn on and we are required to stand. It is very difficult to talk to someone while watching the wave pool so I signal my supervisor to come over.)
Supervisor: What’s going on?
Me: This man is angry because his kid can’t wear a face mask that covers the nose.
Supervisor: Sir, we do not allow face masks because, if your child drowns with the mask on and the lifeguard has to give rescue breaths or preform CPR, removing the mask is an extra step that takes time and could cost your child their life. This is why we do not allow swimmers to wear them.
Guest: This is ridiculous! I bought these goggles so my child could use them at this water park! There are no signs or rules saying this anywhere in this whole park! My kid should be allowed to wear these goggles!
Supervisor: Sir, our website has the pool rules posted. We also have signs with all the rules posted at the entrance to the park and at the front of the wave pool. If you continue to use the goggles we will have to confiscate them and we will ask you to leave the park.
Guest: *storms off muttering about goggles*