Don’t Listen Once, Process Twice

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My girlfriend and I are travelling to a different city for a conference. We book a hotel and find a paid parking lot nearby. Booking the hotel for the conference means that we will be paying less for the parking. We pull into the parking and my girlfriend goes to the attendant booth.

Girlfriend: “Hi, we are staying at [Hotel]—”

Attendant: *Cuts her off* “First, license plate and car model.”

My girlfriend gives them our car info.

Attendant: “Okay, you’ll pay when you leave.”

Girlfriend: *Pause* “Also, we are staying at [Hotel] for [Conference].”

Attendant: *Angrily* “Well, why didn’t you say so?! Now I have to start all over!”

Thankfully, we got the correct ticket for the hotel with no further problems and the attendant was in a much better mood when we were leaving two days later.

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The Luke-Warm Meal Was The Tip Of The Iceberg

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I am out eating with my boyfriend and his family to celebrate his grandmother’s birthday.

In Austria, tipping is not mandatory but commonly done if service was excellent. Our server did an okay job — nothing to complain about, but nothing special, either. The only thing we weren’t too happy about was that some of our food was only luke-warm, but since it didn’t ruin the whole taste, we decided it wasn’t worth complaining.

After we all finish eating, my father-in-law walks up to the front to pay the bill, as this is how it is done at this restaurant. None of us hear exactly what is said, but when he comes back he says that the server was kind of mad he only got one Euro as a tip. I don’t ask my father-in-law why he didn’t give more, but since the tip is only a bonus and not mandatory, I don’t blame him for anything.

Suddenly, our server walks up to our table with a very pissed-off look and puts down the printed out bill plus a one-Euro coin. “You can keep that,” he says, “as a sign of love.”

We all think this is really disrespectful, and my father-in-law gets visibly mad. The server has already walked away, so he follows him to the front, still mad, but not aggressive in any way.

While we all put on our jackets to prepare to leave, we hear my father-in-law ask, irritated but in a normal volume, what that whole scene was supposed to mean. The server gets even more pissed and says that since our bill covered almost 100 Euro, one Euro wasn’t enough of a tip.

Now my father-in-law has had enough and says, “Well, since a tip is given for excellent service, which usually includes properly heated food, I wouldn’t be so surprised.” And with that, he walks out of the restaurant, now really angry, but somehow he managed to keep his temper under control as he doesn’t like making a scene.

I get that maybe a small tip can be a bit disappointing, but being disrespectful to your customers like that isn’t gonna help you get a bigger tip in the near future.

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One Nugget Short Of A Combo

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I go to pick up some food on my way to work. I have a coupon for a free order of nuggets and I show the cashier. She puts in two orders of nuggets.

Me: “Excuse me, I only ordered one.”

Cashier: “Yeah, but you have to get two to use the coupon.”

Me: “No, it’s a free nugget with any purchase. I’m also getting [item].”

Cashier: “The system won’t let it work, otherwise. Your total is [amount].”

I don’t want to cause a scene, so I pay. When I get to work, I write a complaint online. I include screenshots of the coupon, where it states nothing about having to buy two orders of nuggets. I get a call later on.

Caller: “Hi, this is [Manager] at [Fast Food Restaurant]. I read that you had an issue with a visit earlier?”

Me: “Yeah, your cashier said I had to buy two orders of nuggets to get one free when the coupon is for one free with any purchase. I checked after I left, and there is no mention of the purchase having to have another order of nuggets. I paid for the second, only because she didn’t seem like she’d want to back down.”

Manager: “Let me look… Okay, is it the coupon on the [Company] app?”

Me: “Yes.”

Manager: “Okay, it does clearly say, ‘Any purchase.’ I don’t know why she’d think it had to be another order of nuggets. If you still have your receipt, I can refund you for your order. I could also offer a couple of coupons for free meals.”

Me: “I’ll take the coupons. I can pick them up after work today.”

I’ve only seen that cashier making food now, not at the register.

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Pushy Employee Seeking Pushy Woman

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I’m a petite woman in my twenties shopping in a major hardware store. Although I might not look like it, I have quite a bit of knowledge regarding construction and carpentry, and I actually worked in repair and maintenance in my last job.

Today, I’m looking for a new electronic lock for my front door, and I know exactly the kind I want, but there’s a large ladder in front of the lock kits I’m interested in. It has a huge sign on it saying, “Employees only. Do not touch!” I’m hesitating in front of the ladder, not wanting to be “that customer” and break the rules by moving it. Just then, an older male employee walks up.

Employee: “Can I help you find something?”

Me: “Yes, thanks. I’m interested in the locks behind this ladder, but I can’t reach—”

While I am speaking, the employee easily pushes the ladder one foot to the side so I can get to the locks.

Me: *Laughs* “Thanks! I feel silly for asking for help now since I could have just done that.”

Employee: “You should have done it. I like a pushy woman.”

I give an uncomfortable fake laugh while I try to think of how to respond.

Me: “Umm… I’ll tell my husband you said that.”

Somehow, he is not deterred and launches into a spiel about which lock types are best, while I groan internally. Unfortunately, he is standing between me and the exit, so I can’t just walk off. After listening to several minutes of information I already knew…

Employee: “So, you should really come with me and check out this other lock model that we have on sale, just down the aisle here…”

I really just want to get away, but he spreads his arms out wide and walks toward me as he gestures for me to walk farther down the aisle with him, so I can’t easily sneak past him. I end up following him to the other locks that are on sale. Finally, I see a chance to leave.

I grab the first lock I see off the display.

Me: “Okay, great, this is everything I need. I’m just going to go to the checkout now. Thanks, bye!”

I scurried off towards the checkouts. Before paying for the random lock I’d grabbed, I checked it out and discovered it was a store brand of the same exact thing I had intended to buy, so it actually would work for my door and save me some money. Still not sure if it was worth dealing with Mr. Creepy, though.

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It Takes A Minute To Register The Pain

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The wiring at the gas station I work for is notoriously bad. Any time the weather turns, or even on a day with a particularly stiff breeze, the power flickers. It rarely goes out, but the flickering is enough to force our registers to reset, which takes three or four minutes to finish. However, this can be avoided; if register A is allowed to cycle through its reset before B, C, D, or E are used after a flicker, those others will NOT reset. The problem is, register A is on the other side of the building.

One night, the power flickers off for about three seconds while I have a room full of people wanting cigarettes and a line through our drive-thru window. I am completely on my own as we are short-staffed today, and the other worker is on their lunch.

Me: “Well, this is less than ideal. Excuse me, folks, but I need to run next door really quickly!”

I sprint into the back room to the other side of the store and throw the door open to call over to my supervisor.

Me: “Hey! I’ve got a building and drive-thru filled to the brim! Call me as soon as register A is back up!”

I then sprint back to where I’d been, but as I slow down to turn a corner, I manage to slam my elbow into a metal filing cabinet. However, with the adrenaline, I don’t feel it at first.

Me: “Okay, everyone, good news! They’re gonna tell me when I can run the register again! Give it like, three or four minutes! I’m gonna start grabbing orders, so one at a time, tell me what you’re after! I also need to warn you that I managed to slam my elbow into a corner on the way back up here because I’m just that good. I can’t feel it yet — I’m a little hopped up on adrenaline — so in a minute or two, after I’ve calmed down, I may suddenly screech in pain. Nothing to worry about, though, so please don’t freak out!”

Luckily, from as long as I’d worked there, they all knew me well enough to not mind. I got my call and could calm down and get everyone out of the store. And, yes, about a minute after everything settled down, I screeched in pain because I could finally feel where I’d hit my elbow.

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