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(I am a reporter for a small newspaper, and we often cover local events, and pictures from these events, frequently with kids doing cute things, are put in the paper. One summer day, I was in a rural neighbourhood, taking pictures of a games event put on by the neighbourhood. I spot a cute moment with a little girl, so I take a few pictures and talk to the male adult with the girl to get his permission to use her name for the caption. In the next issue, we have the picture of the girl on the front page. A week later, I get a call from a woman.)

Caller, speaking in a somewhat self-righteous way: “Hi, this is (Name) and you took a picture of my daughter, (Name) during the event we had on. It was recently on the front page of your paper. We made sure to get copies and distribute them to everyone we know, but you really need to know what you just did. You just took a picture of a little girl, with her name, age and neighbourhood.”
Me: “Yes, I did …”
Caller: “You put a child on the front page of the paper with her name, age and where she lives. You need to be careful with these things!”
Me: “Well, whenever we take a picture, we need to say who is in the picture, and where the picture was taken. I’m sorry you weren’t OK with me taking her picture. I talked to the other adult she was with, and he said it was OK.”
Caller: “Yes, that was her uncle. But you really need to understand what you just did! We were fine with it, but you need to be careful!”
Me: “Okay … I’m sorry about that.”

(I have taken dozens of pictures of kids and they have appeared in the paper, and I have not received one complaint from anyone about it! Usually, parents are so thrilled that their kids are in the paper that they save copies and sometimes even come into the office to get a copy of the paper. It was so strange that the lady was mad that I included all the necessary information, but was still so excited that her daughter was in the paper that she gave copies to many people.)

Has Medium-Level Knowledge About His Wifi

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(An older man beside me at the superstore is looking at packages of boot tractions — those things that attach to the bottom of boots so you don’t slip on snow and ice — scowling at them, and then shoving them back. I decide to try and be helpful.)

Me: “What size are you looking for?”

Customer: “Medium.”

Me: “Oh, they come in small/medium and large/extra-large.”

Customer: “My wife said to get a medium.”

Me: *reading the package info* “Well, it says here that the small/medium fits women’s size five to nine. What size does your wife wear?”

Customer: “It’s for her boots. She said to get medium.”

Me: “It doesn’t look like it comes in a medium.”

Customer: “She said to get medium.”

Me: “Okay, good luck, then.”

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Working guest services and a gentleman comes in first to ask where our washroom is. I direct him and he states it is locked.
me: “It is only locked when someone is using it”
(He tries again)
Guy: “yeah its still locked”
(you can clearly see that washroom from the lobby and no one has come out during this time)
Guy: “Do any of your rooms have kitchenettes and do you have a restaurant?”
me: “well we dont have a restaurant, but we do have hot breakfast and we give you 10% off (nearby restaurant). Also we don’t have kitchenettes but we do have fridges and microwaves in each room”
Guy: “ok well do you have deals if i stay 30 days?”
me: “You would want to talk to our general manager, I can get hold of him if you like. however you might have a company discount, what company do you work for?” Guy: ” (oil company) at least to START for discounts”
me: “ok your company gets a good discount, but we cannot add another discount to an already discounted rate”
Guy: “even though I’m here for 30 days?”
me: “no, but your company gets a great rate”
Guy: “ookay, cuuuuz im gunna be here for 30 days, but thats ok. What do you know about hotels nearby?”
Me: “I know (hotel 1) has a restaurant, but i dont know about their suites, or kitchenettes. I can look up their number and let you use our guest phone to call them.”
Guy: “ok and whats (hotel 1) rate?”
Me: “Im not sure, i dont have information on their rates. But once again you get a great rate through your company here. And we have…….”
Guys: “What about (hotel 2) I saw them on my way in, do they have a restaurant and kitchenettes?”
Me: “I know none of the hotels around us except (hotel 1) have a restaurant. and I dont know about their rooms”
Guy: “Well I just got hired for (oil company) and im going to be here for at least 30 days, I dont want to be eating out all the time. what about (names 2 more nearby hotels)?”
Me: “I’m not sure what other hotels have”
Guy: “ok well…. (stares blankly) what about (hotel 2)?”
me : (Giving up) “Im not sure”
Guy: “ok well I’ll look around” (Tries the bathroom again, no one has come out this entire conversation)

How Dare You Use Technology?!

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(I’m fairly new and still figuring things out, so I have a coworker standing next to me to make sure I’m entering into the till right.)

Me: “Can I get your first and last name, please?”

(The customer gives their name and asks if we have the discount program. Our store sends discounts by email; we don’t give out a card anymore.)

Me: “Yes, we do! We don’t hand out cards anymore; we just take your email and send you the discounts that way, and if you have a smartphone, you can just show us from your phone or print off the coupons! Could I get your email?”

Customer: “I think that’s ridiculous that everything is on the computer or you have to have one of these stupid smartphones to do anything anymore. Don’t sign me up; we’re old school and we don’t have a computer or smartphone.”

(The customer continues to grumble, and then the husband pipes in with more ranting about technology these days.)

Me: “Well, I’m sorry, guys, but considering the fact that most people have a smartphone or computer these days… it just seems logical, don’t you think?”

Customer: “I still don’t think that’s fair to those who don’t!”

Me: “I understand, but I’m just an employee and I can’t change the policies. Sorry.”

(The customer continues being cranky with her husband on their way out the door.)

Coworker: “Did she really just get upset that we use email instead of a card? Normally, people are happy they don’t have to carry another random card in their wallet.”

Me: “Uh… yup… I felt like I was a five-year-old being scolded. I’m gonna go take fifteen, I think.”

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Their Brains Are In The Dead Of Winter

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(It’s late December. The weather is cold and snowy, and most days have been overcast and dull.)

Husband: *for the millionth time* “The sun doesn’t come up until after breakfast, and it sets before we have supper.”

Me: “Yeah, the cold and the dark can get pretty depressing. We should have some kind of a winter festival, with fancy decorations and parties and special foods and drinks.”

Daughter: “Great idea; you can organize it!”


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