Ah, Mothers, Part 9

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My husband and I are Canadian. When our daughter is eight months old, we drive to British Columbia to stay with my parents for a while, and then we plan to drive to Seattle and stay there for a day or two. This, for some reason, gives my mother a great deal of anxiety.

Mum: “I do wish you’d change your mind about going to Seattle.”

Me: “Why? [Husband] and I spent some time there on our honeymoon and we really liked it. We wanted to revisit some of the places we remember.”

Mum: “It’s the United States, though.”

Me: “And?”

Mum: “Someone might kidnap [Daughter].”

Me: “What? She’s no more likely to be kidnapped there than she is here.”

Mum: “Well, what if you leave her outside in her stroller while you and [Husband] are shopping? Someone could grab her!”

Me: “Are you kidding? I would never do that in a million years, no matter where I was!”

Mum: *Not listening* “Please, just promise me that you won’t leave her outside a shop alone in her stroller.”

Me: “Sure, Mum. You have my word.”

I thought that was the end of it, but no. Both Mum and Dad tackled my husband separately and begged him to get me to change my mind about going to Seattle. He politely told them that our plans were not going to change. We had a wonderful time there, by the way, and our daughter wasn’t kidnapped.

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( I was a telephone operator at the time of this story – Shortly after calling features for telephone service first came out there were people who took advantage of them to make nuisances of themselves. One day I got this call. )

Customer: I’m getting nuisance calls and all that shows on my call display box is ‘blocked number’ and I want to know who’s calling

Me: I understand that getting those kind of calls is annoying, but because the number is blocked the information you want is not available to be given out. There, however, a way to set up your phone so that is people block their number then they can’t call you.

Customer: That’s not good enough! I want those people dealt with.

Me: The only way those people can be identified is through the use of ‘call trace’ which sends the time, date, and telephone number to a printer in our security department. The only people who have access to that printer is our security and the police.

Customer: So then I can call your security department and find out who is calling me?

Me: The only way you will find out who is calling you is to use ‘call trace’ three times and then call the police and tell them you are being harassed or threatened. Your first contact will be in court.

Customer: I don’t want that! I just want to know what s***head is calling me!

Me: Ma’am, we’ll help you make it stop, we won’t help you play.

( At that point the customer began shrieking obscenities and I hung up on her. )

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So, I’ve been serving at a family sports restaurant for about 4 years now. We have always had 4 different types of chicken wings. (Friend, breaded, oven roasted, or all meat [aka boneless]). Now… I’ve had people ask for the “regular” way, which in all honesty, there is none because it depends on where you normally go.

On this late evening, I was basically done with stupid customers but this person’s stupidity just took the cake. Keep in mind, ordering CHICKEN wings. So I ask them what kind they would like and list them off as per usual.

Me: And how would you like your wings cooked? Oven roasted, friend, breaded, or all meat?
Customer: what’s all meat? Is that like… Beef?
Me: ……. *Deep breath* no, they’re chicken wings.
Customer: Oh, that makes sense I guess.

Umm… What? You guess? They’re chicken wings for goodness sake!

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(I’m visiting my step-Mom at the Variety Store she works at, and I witness this with a customer…)

Step-Mom: Do you need a bag? (Mind you, it’s only a bag of chips he’s buying. Even though she (and I both) like(s) to conserve bags, it’s policy to ask.)

Customer: Ah, sure… Do you have any of those big bags?

Step-Mom: No, we don’t have those. We only have the other ones.

Customer: You don’t have any of those bigger bags?

Step-Mom: No. *Shows the bags they have* Only these ones.

Customer: Oh. OK, then. Nevermind. *Leaves*

(In my mind, I didn’t see the point in him getting a bag, just for chips. Though, in my step-Mom’s mind, unless I misheard the transaction, he was wanting a free bag to use for something else. She told me that she wasn’t about to give him a free bag…)

Thumbs Up, Sister!

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When my husband and I have our first daughter, she occasionally likes to suck on a soother.  

Mother-In-Law: “I don’t like those things.”

Me: “I’m not a huge fan myself, but they comfort [Daughter].”

Mother-In-Law: “None of my kids ever had those.”

That’s when one of her daughters pipes up.

Sister-In-Law: “That’s absolutely true, [My Name].”

My mother-in-law looks smug.

Sister-In-Law: “Of course, I did suck my thumb until I was seven.”

My mother-in-law scowled and changed the subject.

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