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I worked at the largest theme park in Canada in 2016 in a shop at the Water Park.

Coworker: [My name] can you help me. Our machine won’t accept this guest’s card.

Me: They’ve probably hit their limit. Let me see.

As I follow my coworker to the register I see a very tall man looking very agitated. I pray he isn’t the guest but, of course, he is.

Customer: *with accent* I don’t know what’s going on?

Coworker: Do you think it’s because his card is in French?

Me: What? Can I see your credit card please, sir?

He passes me the card and it is in a language that is definitely not French.

Me: Are you visiting from somewhere?

Customer: Sweden.

Me: Ohh..did you tell your bank you were coming here by any chance?

Customer: No…can’t they track me?

Me: Well they can track the card but they don’t know whose using it.

Customer: Ohhhh…can I use your store phone to call them?

Me: Sure. As long as they have a branch in Canada you should be fine.

Customer: Sure, yes, yes.

I pass him the phone and he comes back much too fast to have called his bank.

Customer: The phone isn’t working.

Me: Let me try. *goes to phone* what’s the number?

Customer gives me an area code I am not familiar with.

Me: Does the bank have a location in Canada?

Customer: No, don’t be stupid. I’m Swedish!

Me: Okay well I’m sorry but our phone will not call Sweden. We can put your items on hold for you until you have other means of payment. Do you have a traveller’s cheque?

Customer: (mumbles words in Swedish and then very loudly says STUPID AMERICANS! and storms out)

Coworker: Okay I know we look and sound like Americans but he is literally in [Theme Park with Canada in its name]. Like how much more obvious do we have to be?

Best To Just Soldier On

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I’m in the Canadian military, and I’m doing some grocery shopping after the workday at a local grocery store. A customer approaches me with their grocery list in hand.

Customer: “Excuse me. Could you help me find a few things?”

Me: “I’m sorry, I can’t really help you. I’m not sure where most of the stuff in here is; I just go up and down each aisle until I find what I’m looking for.”

Customer: “Oh, but aren’t soldiers supposed to help anyone in need?”

Me: *Laughing* “I guess you’re right. All right, let me see your list.”

We ended up shopping together for the remainder of our time in the store and are now pretty good friends.

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Like Busses In The Night

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I am coming home from work on what might be one of the worst days since the start of the health crisis. We were understaffed, ran out of stock, and had a line for the entirety of my five-hour shift. While I am walking home, a bus stops beside me and the driver pops the door.

Bus Driver: “You heading to West Edmonton Mall?”

Me: “Just a bit further.”

I’m preparing to explain how I forgot my wallet and don’t have the fare. 

Bus Driver: “Get on.”

Me: “But—”

Bus Driver: “No, nope. I just had to call 9-1-1 on someone who overdosed. I could use the company.”

So, I got on the bus and we talked. She was running late cause she had stayed with the man until the ambulance showed up, and she was understandably a little shaken up. I talked about how I had been at work all day and nothing seemed to have gone right. 

She was really kind and understanding, and she was just what I needed to feel a little better. 

I don’t actually believe in fate, but I do think she was one of those passing ships that you meet in life. Thank you, random bus lady, and I hope I was able to make your day a little better, too.

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You’ll Be Sorry You Asked For Sorry

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I am working customer service when a customer comes up to complain about a policy issue, something I have no control over and can do nothing about.

Me: *Smiling politely* “I’m so sorry, but that is the store policy—”

Customer: *Interrupting me* “You don’t look very sorry with that smile!”

I instantly lose the smile, put a devastated expression on my face, and start speaking with a shaky, trembling voice, as if I’m about to burst out crying.

Me: “I… I am so terribly, terribly, sorry, sir. I wish there was something I could do. I feel utterly dreadful that I am forced to treat you this way… but I have no power in this situation.”

The customer stares at me in complete shock, jaw-dropping open.

I can’t keep a straight face and start laughing. Fortunately for me, the customer joins in.

Customer: “Wow, you should be an actress!”

Me: “Did I look sorry enough for you?” *Smiles brightly* “It’s true, though; I really don’t have any control of the situation. If you want to complain to the head office, I’ll give you the number.”

Customer: “No, but thanks for the laugh!” *Leaves with a smile*

If you can make them laugh, they can’t stay mad at you.

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Being A Real Boob

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I have a friend who’s a little bit… off. She means well, but she sometimes goes in strange directions.

Friend: “It’s weird that they call it coconut milk. I mean, at least with almond milk or oat milk, they were deliberately trying to make something like milk, but coconuts just have the stuff inside them already.”

Me: “Right, but it is similar to milk.”

Friend: “Yes, but people from some cultures wouldn’t know that, not before they made contact with Europeans.”

Me: “Wouldn’t know what?”

Friend: “What milk is.”

Me: *Confused pause* “Why wouldn’t they know that?”

Friend: “Well, they didn’t have cows.”

Me: “Okay, but even if they had no domestic animals at all, they’d still know what milk is.”

Friend: “How could they possibly know that?”

Me: “[Friend]. Humans make milk.”

Friend: “Not without animals! Where would they get it from?”

Me: “From their boobs?”

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