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(I was visiting a friend while he was at work when a group of young men came into the shop. This location sells pizza by the slice, but only during certain hours, and it was now well past those hours)

Guy: *reads sign saying the hours the store sells pizza by the slice OUT LOUD* So…can I get pizza by the slice?

Me: >.<

They’ve Come North But The Conversation Is Going South

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(We’re right on the US border and we have a lot of American tourists in the summer.)

Customer: “Excuse me? What kind of money do you have here?”

Me: “I’m sorry?”

Customer: “Well, I’m from America and we have dollars. What do you have here?”

Me: “We call our currency dollars, too.”

Customer: “Oh, cool.” *yells across the store* “Mom, they have dollars here, too!”

(A few minutes later she asks if I can calculate an exchange rate for her and I do. Then, she asks me to follow her around the store and tell her how much various items are. I explain that I am the only one on and that we are a little busy so I can’t, but I show her how to do it and give her my calculator. She isn’t happy but she finds a lot of things.)

Customer: “Wow, Mom. You can’t get jeans like this in America!” *as she’s holding jeans with a huge “Made in the USA” tag on them*

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Put Her Own Head On The Block

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(I’m at the grocery store and need to get some produce. A couple and an elderly lady have stopped to chat and are nearly blocking the main path into the produce area. I’m in a foul mood, and I silently push my cart between the two parties to get where I need to be, keeping careful not to hit anyone. The elderly lady then turns to me.)

Elderly Lady: “What do you say?”

Me: “Quit blocking a high-traffic area!”

(I think she was expecting an “excuse me”!)

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She’s As Dead Inside As The Phone Is On The Outside  

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This happened when I first opened my phone repair store. A woman and her son walk into my store. She looks like an average soccer mom and her son is the typical emo-hipster 17-year-old in skinny jeans.

The woman shows me her son’s broken iPhone 5 and I tell her that it’ll be $300 to repair the screen — at the time the screens are selling for $270.

As soon as I say $300, her son throws a huge temper tantrum in the middle of my store, rips open the door, and angrily walks out. I just look at the woman; she didn’t even flinch.

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Broken Screens Also Screen Customers  

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(I get this phone call about three to four times a day. It doesn’t matter if the repair cost is $40 or $400; it’s always the same thing.)

Customer: “I heard you fix phones cheap.”

Me: “Yes, what kind of phone do you have?”

Customer: “Samsung Galaxy S2. The screen is broken.”

Me: “Which Galaxy S2 is it?”

Customer: “Galaxy S2…”

Me: “Yes, you’ve said that. Do you know which Galaxy S2?”

Customer: “Do they make more than one?”

Me: “Yes, they sell four different models in Canada.”

Customer: “Er… let me check…”

Me: “Does it have a big home button at the bottom?”

Customer: “Yes.”

Me: “It’ll be $199 to fix the screen.”

Customer: “HOLY F***! THAT’S NOT CHEAP!”

Me: “The screen for the Samsung Galaxy S2 costs $150 just for the part.”


Me: “I’m sorry, but Samsung Galaxy screens are very expensive to buy.”


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