No Soup For You! Part 3

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I’ve just put in my order at the tills for a soup and sandwich to go, and they directed me to the other end of the counter where orders are picked up. I’m waiting fairly close to the counter but not standing right in front of it. The customer behind me looks at me, walks past me, and stands directly in front of the counter. The customer is an older man and all of the employees have East Asian accents.

Employee: *In accented English* “The soup was to go?”

I raise my hand and step closer.

Me: “Ye—”

The other customer butts in impatiently in French.

Customer: “Yes, cinnamon raisin!”

The employee, probably just hearing the “yes,” goes back to fill up the order. I come over and peer over the counter and see that she is filling up a bowl with my soup, but I actually wanted it to go. I try to call to her across the counter, but she is all the way on the other end and I don’t want to disturb everyone in the area.

Me: *To the other customer, in French* “Didn’t she ask if the soup was to go?”

Customer: *Indignantly, in French* “I don’t know! Mine is a cinnamon raisin bagel!”

The customer huffed and puffed impatiently and didn’t apologize, and when the poor employee came to the counter with my order on a plate I told her that it was my order and it was actually to go. She gave a side glance at the other customer, who was red and huffing, and kindly went to correct my order.

I don’t know if this guy couldn’t understand the language, the accent, or the question, but would it kill you to wait your turn in line and pay attention to what people are asking you?

No Soup For You!, Part 2
No Soup For You!

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When You’re Into A Different Kind Of Fantasy Movie

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Me: “[Company] mail order, [My Name] speaking; how can I help you?”

Caller: *Hesitant voice* “Hi, um, I, um… what do you guys do there, please?”

The speaker seems pretty confused but very pleasant so I’m not worried.

Me: “We make toy soldiers for table top games, ma’am. Is there something specific you were looking for?”

Caller: “You see, my name is [My Name] and I work at Hot Chicks Videos in California.”

Me: “Um…”

Caller: “See, we keep getting calls from kids who want orcs, and confused grannies, and…”

I chatted with the caller for a bit, and it turned out that their phone number and ours were essentially the same, except that theirs was an 0-800 number and ours was a 1-800.

This adult call centre was getting so many calls from people wanting to buy toy soldiers that they’d had to lose the “Hot Chicks” part and start answering the phone with just, “Videos.”

It was genuinely one of my best calls working for that company.

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In Her Defense, Some People Do Put That In Their Coffee

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I have to attend morning lectures for a class that isn’t part of my program but is needed to fill out the degree. These lectures are usually brutal not only for the early start time, but for the hour and a half of bussing required to get me there.

This particular morning I am in luck, as the usual line at the ubiquitous-to-my-country coffee shop on campus is empty. I walk up to the barista, exchange the usual pleasantries — automatic at such unethically early hours — and then confidently place my order.

Me: “I’d like a large double-double, toasted with butter, please.”

The barista started punching it in before she stopped, stared at her screen for a second, and asked why I wanted butter in my coffee. I’d messed up my usual order and forgotten the bagel!

At least we both started the day off with a laugh. Don’t do morning lectures, kids!

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Y’all Ever Hear Of Vacation Days?

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I work for a woman who is very successful and driven but can also be quite mean. 

One day, we are out for a company team-building activity at a rather executive community in the city that has a private lake — accessible to homeowners and residents of the community. We are out on the balcony of the clubhouse, which has a nice view of the lake and the beach. My boss looks out at the people enjoying the sunshine and points to one woman — probably in her twenties and thirties — laying on a beach towel.

Boss: “Look at her! What is she doing out in the middle of the day on a beach? Does she not have a job?”

Me: “Maybe she’s a nurse and this is her day off?”

That shut her up. Apparently, she never even considered shift work, which is funny, considering we worked for a company that manufactured PPE to — that’s right — hospitals!

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They’ve Been Through So Much More Than Tough Customers

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I’ve recently moved back to my hometown after losing my job. A few months later, my best friend, also from my hometown, passes away unexpectedly of a heart condition that we thought was under control after his last surgery. 

A couple of months after that, I find a retail job. One day, my late friend’s dad comes through my till. It’s the first time I’ve seen him since the funeral, so we have a bit of a heart-to-heart, exchanging memories and stories of his son, which results in some laughter and also some tears. 

Once he goes on his way, I do not call the next customer because another cashier is available and I want to collect myself before helping the next one. She comes to my till anyway. 

Customer: “What are you crying for?”

Me: “I’m sorry, I just had a tough conversation. But I’m happy to help!”

Customer: “What are you, sixteen? You’ve got plenty of tough conversations ahead; you’d better get used to difficult customers instead of crying!”

I am twenty-one but I do look younger.

Me: “Actually, ma’am, my best friend died a few months back. The customer I helped before you was his father. We just shared a few stories and checked in on each other. How will you be paying today?”

She turned bright red and didn’t say another word through the transaction, snatching her bag and hurrying out after.

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