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(When my mum had just moved to our city, she needed to find a dentist for me. I was three years old, so finding one that was good with children was a priority. A co-worker recommended someone, and she made an appointment. She knew it was a mistake right from the get-go. The dentist seemed to be in a very bad mood and obviously had no patience whatsoever with children.)

Dentist: SIT STILL!
Me: *whimpers*
Dentist: Open your mouth. Wider. Oh, for Pete’s sake, what’s wrong with you? I said WIDER!
Me: *not used to strangers yelling at me, I start to cry*
Mum: Um, excuse me –
Dentist: Quiet. I don’t need to hear from you.
Mum: I BEG your pardon?
Dentist: I said be quiet.
Me: *starts to cry louder*
Dentist: Now, see what you’ve done? You’ve upset your child.
Mum: I’VE upset her?
Dentist: *tries to put fluoride on my teeth, accidentally squirts it down my throat instead*
Me: *throws up all over him*
Dentist: THAT’S IT! OUT! OUT!
Mum: You don’t have to tell me twice. Come on, sweetheart, we’re leaving.

(She found another dentist shortly afterwards who loved children and was patient and kind. She gave the co-worker royal heck later for recommending that sadist!)

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Not Someone You Hire At The Eleventh Hour

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(I work at a clothing store. My supervisor and I are looking over possible new hires. All new hires have to fill out a form online and answer a few basic questions.)

Me: “I like this guy.”

Supervisor: “Look at what he put for his starting salary.” *we normally expect minimum wage, which is $11.40*

Me: “$25 an hour!”

Supervisor: “Let’s call him, anyway. Maybe he’s joking.”

(We called him. He wasn’t. He didn’t get the job.)

A Miraculous Comeback

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(When my parents married, they waited five years until they had me. They always wanted another child but decided to wait until I was five. My sister had other plans, apparently, and was born only two years later. My sister and I jokingly fight:)

Me: “Oh, yeah? Well, at least I wasn’t an accident!”

Sister: “I. Was. A. Miracle!

Wish They Would Stop Trucking Swearing

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(The mall where I work has construction going on near our store, and the nearest mall door is closed off to customers. There are security guards posted to let construction and mall workers in and out. One of my employees has used the emergency exit in our backroom that opens up into the designated smoking area and the construction area. He returns from his smoke break and opens the door to the backroom to come back to work, followed by someone who shouldn’t be in my backroom. The stranger walks right past me and out of my store.)

Me: “What the…?”

Employee: “He’s a foreman or something for the construction, and the security guards aren’t there to let him in. I just did him a favour.”

Me: “How noble of you, but you know better than to let a random dude from outside into the backroom! If the managers or head office had come in, you’d be in a ton of trouble! No more randoms through the backroom door, understood?”

Employee: “Yeah, I get it. My bad.”

(Ten minutes later, the same random dude walks back into the store.)

Construction Guy: “Can you let me out through there?”

Me: “No, sir. I can’t have non-employees going into the backroom. [Employee] let you in to do you a favour, but I can’t let you exit through there.”

Construction Guy: “Seriously? I’ve already been back there; stop being a d*** and just let me leave. The exit doors won’t open.”

Me: “Yeah, and that was a one-time deal, and a mistake that [Employee] made. But I can’t let you back there again. The security personnel just walked past the store; if you catch up to them, they’ll be more than happy to let you out.”

Construction Guy: “What the f***?! My truck is sitting out there!”

Me: “If you keep being so ridiculously crass in a store full of kids, I’m going to have security remove you. [Employee], call the security office.”

Construction Guy: “F*** YOU, A**HOLE! IF SOMEBODY STEALS MY TRUCK I’LL F****** SUE YOU!”

Me: “You can try, and now I’m going to escort you to the door.” *starts to walk around the counter*

Construction Guy: “Whatever! Hope you have a great day, b****!”

Me: “Thank you; I will. You take care, now.”

(He started to walk out, head turned to continue screaming profanities at me, and promptly walked right into the massive glass window at the front of the store. All the customers started laughing at him as he picked himself up and stormed out, as I chuckled and waved goodbye.)

The “T” In LBTQA Stands For “Texan”

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(Our class is doing presentations on news articles and how they impact us as global citizens. A girl in our class does a presentation about the Texas Transgender Bathroom Bill. When talking about how it impacts her as a global citizen, she says:)

Student #1: “This impacts me as a global citizen because it affects the LGBT community and their rights. It is important that others know about this bill and how it could impact others. It’s also important to me because I am a part of the community in this article, and I want to prevent my rights from being taken away.”

(It’s an incredibly powerful moment and it is very well-received by the class. As she goes to sit down, a student behind her taps her on the shoulder.)

Student #2: “Wow, [Student #1], I didn’t know you were from Texas.”

(Apparently, [Student #2] got confused about which community she said she was a part of.)

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