One Greasy Mistake After Another

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I work at a popular international burger restaurant. I am working nights, and there are only two of us for the shift: me on the till and another guy on the grill. One of the guys I work with is great, always on the ball. The other guy… not so much.

One of our duties as night shift is to filter and refill the fryer oil. This involves flipping a few switches to make the oil drain into the filter area, waiting for it to go through the filter area, flipping more switches for it to be sent back into the fryer, and topping it up with fresh oil. There are five different fryers that have to be done separately.

I have done it many times and know the process quite well, but tonight it is my coworker’s responsibility. I am walking around cleaning while he works on the fryers. He drains one, and a while later I see him flip the switch to drain the next one… but the first one is still empty.

Me: “WAIT! NO!”

I flip the switch back up.

Coworker: “It’s fine, it’s fine. I know what I’m doing!”

He flipped the switch back down. Seconds later, the filter area overflowed and flooded half the kitchen with oil, which we spent the entire rest of the shift cleaning up.

A few weeks later, we had run out of the wrapper for [Burger #1] — two patties and one piece of cheese — so we were using the wrapper for [Burger #2] — two patties and two pieces of cheese. I looked over, and since he was using the wrapper for [Burger #2], I think he went autopilot and put two pieces of cheese on it.

I thought about correcting him but realized that I would most likely have to correct him for every single one he made. I decided this was one battle I did not want to pick, and everyone who ordered [Burger #1] that night got a free bonus piece of cheese.

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We Are Open, But Your Brain is Closed

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I work in a retail store that has been in the same location for the last thirty years.

Me: “Hello, [Company], [My Name] speaking. How can I help you?

Caller: “Hi. I was just wondering if [My Store’s Location] still exists?”

Me: “You know you are calling [My Store’s Location].”

Caller: “So, you are open?”

Me: “Yes, unfortunately, we are.”

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All Aboard The RageQuit Bus To ScrewThisVille

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I work as a prep cook and dishwasher at a somewhat popular Ottawa-based restaurant and pub chain. We are very understaffed and are very often left alone with no manager in the kitchen. Because of this, we regularly don’t have enough time or manpower to finish all the prep for the day by the time our shift is over, which means that people almost always have to stay hours past their end time. 

On a side note, we order these large boxes of bacon stripes, and we have to lay it out on large sheets of parchment paper and roll it up so we can easily place it on baking trays when needed. It’s a huge pain in the a** to do because one box takes at least half an hour, and we can get orders of up to five boxes twice a week. If I’m not there, the bacon doesn’t get rolled because no one else wants to do it.

This encounter happens with the head chef before Father’s Day:

Head Chef: “[My Name], before you leave tonight, you need to roll all the bacon in the fridge. No exceptions. If it’s not done, I’m going to be livid.”

Me: “But there are at least eight boxes in there, and my shift is over in an hour and a half. I’ve already been here for ten hours. Plus, the last bus is leaving in two hours, so I definitely wouldn’t make it. Do we really need all the bacon? It takes two days to go through a box.”

Head Chef: “Well, you’ve had all day to roll the bacon; it’s not my fault you didn’t get to it before. You’re not leaving until it’s all done.”

I’ve spent the entire day doing other prep items that he assigned to me, and he did maybe two items and took MANY smoke breaks throughout the day. He also has a car, so he is much more capable of staying late than I am.

Me: “Okay, so what happens when it’s three in the morning and I’m still here with no bus to take home?”

Head Chef: “Take a taxi. Maybe we can see about paying a percentage of the fare or take it out of your tips.”

Me: “I can’t afford to do that. I make barely $1,400 a month, my rent is $1,000, and I have to pay $115 for a monthly bus pass. I don’t have enough money to spare to spend even a little on a taxi. Is it really fair to make me stay so long after my shift?”

Head Chef: “Your end time isn’t really your end time; if there is stuff to do, you have to stay and finish it or you’ll get written up.”

He proceeded to leave two hours before his “end time” while there were still several items left to be prepped. This is a very common occurrence. 

I was kept back another four hours to finish everything. After my fourteen-hour shift, I had to walk almost an hour and a half to the next bus stop with a route that ran that late. By the time I got home, I only had five hours before I had to go in for my next shift.

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She Is Sooo Not Ready For “How Are You?”

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Our grocery store has a script for cashiers to follow, including such questions as asking whether the customer found everything, if they have a points card, and so on. It has been in place for years, and most regular customers have their answers prepared beforehand. A woman with grey hair approaches my cash register and unloads her groceries without a word.

Me: “Hello!”

The customer begins looking through her purse. I don’t mind, as sometimes my voice isn’t loud enough to be heard over the machines. I try again, louder.

Me: “How are you today?”

The customer continues to rummage, ignoring me, so I continue bagging her groceries. When I look up again, I find her holding a cue card a few inches from my face.

Customer’s Card: “Please do not ask me if I found everything I was looking for. I find it insulting to my intelligence.”

Me: *Pause* “Okay.”

Customer: “Thank you. I understand you’re supposed to ask, but it’s just so insulting!”

I finished the transaction in silence and the customer left. When I asked my manager about it later, I learned that she is well-known for this. According to her, being asked if she “found everything she was looking for” means that we think she is incapable of locating things on her own. I stopped seeing her a few months later; presumably, she began taking her business to a less insulting store!

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Every Sentence That Starts “Pimp My” Is A Bad One

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Our family operates a bakery, but my husband also repairs iPhones, etc., on the side.

A big SUV pulls up in front of the shop and out gets this not-so-petite girl with all kinds of rhinestones, shocking pink and leopard print, skin-tight leggings instead of pants, the whole nine yards. She trots into the store.

Customer: “Someone tol’ me that some man here does cell phones.”

Me: “Yes, my husband repairs broken glass and stuff like that, depending on the type of phone.”

Customer: “Do you have any pictures of his work?”

Me: “Not really, since it’s just a matter of changing the glass or the case.”

Customer: “No, no, I want him to fix my phone but I want to see his work.”

Me: “There are no photos to show. He just changes the glass or the case and it’s done; nothing worth taking pictures of.”

Customer: “No, I want him to pimp my phone. You know… with rhinestones and bling and s*** like that.”

Me: “Sorry, he doesn’t pimp phones with diamonds like that; he just fixes broken glass.”

Customer: “D***, I want to pimp my phone.”

Me: “Sorry, no pimping here!”

You don’t want a fifty-year-old white man pimping your phone!

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