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(This happened back in January but I still think back on it from time to time. I was house sitting for my uncle while he was recovering from brain surgery, making my commute to work in downtown about 45 minutes through morning traffic. My job as a morning receptionist requires me to open the office doors at so that people can come in and get themselves settled in the space. This particular week we are hosting a group of people who expect the doors to be open promptly at 7, and for the most part I have been on time if not a few minutes early. On this day however I was less than 5 minutes late to open the doors.)
Me: “Good morning everyone! Sorry about that, thank you for being patient.”
Coordinator: (to someone else) “Wow, she’s really pushing her arrival time…”
(I hear this and am a little annoyed, but I ignore her and go about opening the office and getting the morning started. About an hour later my manager comes in and greets me and everyone else, and heads to his office to get started on his work. At some point the coordinator must have spoken to him about me being late, because then this happens:)
Manager: “Hey, can I talk to you about something?”
Me: “Yeah, what’s up?”
Manager: “Look, I know you’re watching your uncle’s house and everything while he’s still in the hospital, but I really need you to be here on time. These guys want the doors open at 7 so you need to be here at 7. Again I know you’re helping your uncle out after his surgery, but please be on time.”
Me: “Okay, I will be.”
(This entire conversation took place at my desk, at the front of the office, with this entire group in hearing distance, and my manager does not have a quiet voice. I am embarrassed, angry, and confused as to why this conversation wasn’t more private, but I decide to bring it up to him after I’ve cooled off a bit.)
Me: (later) “Hey [Manager], can I-”
Manager: (he stops me) “Hang on, let me explain. I’m sorry I had to do that right then, but I have a good reason I swear! That coordinator came over to complain to me that you were late this morning, but it was obvious that it was only by a few minutes and she was acting like it was the end of the freakin’ world. It really got to me and I know what you’ve been going through recently and I just wanted to get them off your back. She was close to your desk getting coffee and I wanted her to hear, but I’m still sorry.”
Me: (stunned) “…”
Manager: “Yeah, it really bothered me.”
Me: “Yeah I guess so. Okay, well I was upset by that but now that I know what you were doing I’m not mad anymore! Thanks for doing that.”
Manager: “Great! Let me know if she keeps giving you a hard time.”
(The coordinator was more pleasant with me after that, and it was great knowing that my manager is looking out for me. Also, my uncle has recovered amazingly well.)

Your Attempts At A Refund Are Not Silky Smooth

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Customer: “Do you clean coats?”

Me: “Yes, we do.”

Customer: “How much is it?”

Me: “It depends, miss. Some coats are longer, and the fabric is thicker; those will need more dry-cleaning chemical to soak in and more time to dry, and will therefore cost more.”

Customer: “Okay, so, how much for a long coat?”

Me: “You’ll have to show me the item, because I can’t estimate the cost until I’ve seen it. I’m sorry.”

Customer: “Here’s my stuff.”

Me: “These coats are wool and are as long as a person. They will be $18.95 each. That blouse is white silk, but the problem is that there are yellow stains on it and we cannot guarantee it will be cleaned fully or even at all, due to the apparent age of the stain. Would you like to clean it still?”

Customer: “Yeah, just try it.”

Me: “Okay.” *processes the ticket order for the customer*

Customer: “I also want to pay for it now.”

Me: “Okay. The total for two coats and that blouse is $39.85.”

(The customer pays and leaves. One week later:)

Customer: “Okay, I’m here to pick up my stuff.”

Me: “I remember your name. Here it is.”

(The customer picks up and leaves. Two hours later:)

Customer: *brings in blouse* “Uh, this isn’t cleaned.”

Me: “I did mention to you that we would try, but we couldn’t promise or guarantee you that it would be cleaned fully. It spread out, but it’s not noticeable to the naked eye unless people look at it carefully. You said you still want to dry-clean it despite my protests.”

Customer: “I understand, but I believe that it is in good business practice to give me back a portion of the money I paid, since it wasn’t cleaned properly.”

Me: “We could not complete the cleaning; our chemicals would’ve been too harsh if we kept trying to get the stains out and would have disintegrated the silk fabric, and then it would have been ruined for good. We will not refund you all of your money for that item, but some, okay?”

Customer: “Okay.”

Me: “Here is your money.”

(I refund $3.50 out of $6.95 for cleaning said blouse.)

Customer: *looks down in shock* “When I said, ‘portion,’ I meant this amount.” *points at $18.95*

Me: “That was for the coat, not the blouse. Since that was cleaned properly and stains from that coat were gone, we will not refund you for that.”

Customer: “I still believe it is good business practice that you refund me a portion of the payment.”

Me: “You mean half of the bill, right?”

Customer: “Well…”

Me: “We will not, and it’s up to you to choose whether accept the $3.50 or not.”

Customer: “Fine. I’ll just never come back here again, then.”

(I said nothing more, and the customer left when they realized they weren’t getting anything else.)

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(I am the dumb customer in the story. My friends and I went to well known general store. I picked a gift for my brotherand went to the register. I gave the cashier a gift card and here is where the story begins )

Employee: that would be (I forgot the price) $xx.xx

Me: Here you go. *hands him a gift card*

Cashier: Uuuuuh sir? This a gift card to [another famous general store].

Me: whaaat? Oh crap. Just cancel the sale then.

Cashier: alright, have a nice day.

Me:*embarrassed* Thanks.

(My friends started to laugh and pretty much made fun for the trip back home. Lesson learned: always double the check the gift card before using it)

“Good Morning” – There’s An App For That

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(I’m at the pharmacy in my doctor’s office with my mom. I’m 26, and my mom is in her late 50s. We are waiting for my name to be called, chatting and doing work on our phones, when a man who seems to be in his late 50s to mid 60s approaches us.)

Man: “Excuse me, ladies.” *sounding affronted* “You put those down now!”

Mom: “What?”

Man: “If you’re on those, then you won’t be able to say, ‘Good morning.’”

Me: “Good morning.”

(He nodded and walked off, looking smug. My mom and I shared a look. It irked us that he thought he could make insinuating comments to strangers like that, as if we were being totally frivolous and inattentive to people around us just because we were using our phones. For sure, people use them more than they should, but why does that give you the right to police others’ phone use? It was patronizing and totally weird.)

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My husband an ex-marine with PTSD has 1 slipped & 1 bulged cervical disc and has been waiting out the 1yr the specialists instructed him to be off work as a fire fighter on disability before they consider surgery. So he has to see a pain management doctor & take pain killers. His not working has caused him a lot of depression, anxiety and feeling useless/worthless, pain killers probably aren’t helping his self worth. We went to pickup his monthly pain pills with our toddler but I stayed in the car trying to get a nap before work. This is what he got from the pharmacist after he handed her his drivers license & insurance card.
Hubby: Hi I’m here to pick up my medications
Pharmacist: Oh no I can’t dispense these to you, you look like a gang banger.
Hubby: Um I’m not. Please just check with my specialist.
Daughter: Gang bang? Hahahahaha GANG BANG!!
Hubby to daughter: No that’s a bad word we don’t say that.
Hubby said she continued to squeal laughing yelling BANG & GANG repeatedly the entire time they were in the store.
Pharmacist: No you’re a drug dealer. Look at you! Shaved head and tattoos. You need to leave we don’t allow your kind here.
Hubby: I’m 45yrs old and going bald. You know what fine whatever just give me my doctors prescription back so I can leave.
Pharmacist: No get out! I’ve already called the cops and you’re getting arrested.
Pharmacist: You need to leave now!
Hubby texts me to get inside
I walk up in my nursing scrubs: WTF is going on?
Hubby: Please just give me my cards and prescription back so I can leave then.
Cops march up hands on their guns in the holsters: What’s going on here? What do you think you’re doing?
Daughter immediately yells: BANG! GANG BANG!!!
Hubby: I was trying to fill my prescription but she’s calling me names & accusing me of stuff but won’t give me my stuff back.
Pharmacist: this hoodrat is trying to get drugs out of me!
Police: You called in a possible robbery?
Hubby: I’m not trying to rob anyone! She refused to fill my prescription and now she refuses to give me it back!
Police: Sir we need to see your ID
Hubby: She has it and won’t give it back!
Police: Mam are you being robbed? Has he threatened to rob you?
Pharmacist: No but look at him! He’s obviously a drug dealing gang banger!
All but two officers start walking back towards the front of the store since one recognized my husband and whispered to the other.
Me: Officer? Can someone please take my husband and my child to the front of the store? I dont want her learning anymore new words.
One of the officers motions for my husband to follow him.
Me: Excuse me but what is the problem with filling my husband’s prescription?
Pharmacist: Well look at him!
Me: Yeah I do every single day and I am damn proud of him. Now what’s the problem besides his appearance?
Pharmacist: I’ve never heard of this doctor & can’t fill this since I’ve never heard of him. It’s probably fake!
Me: No he’s actually one of the top pain management doctors in Southern California. But fine whatever. Who would you fill a prescription from?
Pharmacist: Dr. Dxxx, Dr. Txxx or Dr. Kxxx to name a few.
Me: Ok well I work with Dr. T sometimes and he’s a damn podiatrist. And Dr. K is a coroner. What kind of doctor is Dr. D? Here let me google it.
Pharmacist: There’s no need you don’t have a prescription from him!
Me: Dr. D died two years ago. So you’ll accept a controlled substance prescription from doctors who can’t LEGALLY prescribe scheduled medications? I need your name.
Pharmacist: No I don’t have to give that to you!
Me: If you think that’ll keep you from going before the licensing board you are mistaken. Now give me my husband’s cards and prescription this minute.
Pharmacist: No I don’t have to!
Me to the police officers: Officers I would like to press charges please.
Officer: Gladly.
Pharmacist: You can’t do that! I have my rights! I want to press charges! She’s threatening me!
Officer: Mam there has been no threat and also you have admitted there was never any robbery or threat of robbery.

Poor hubby started going bald at 16, he made the wise choice to shave his head. Usually he gets mistaken for a skinhead but now I guess it’s a gangbanger too.

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