Enough To Make You See Red

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(I’m a customer in this. I hear two people yelling across the store as I shop.)

Customer #1: “Hey! [Customer #2]!”

Customer #2: “Can’t you see I’m busy?!”

Customer #1: “Oh, sorry! So, what color did you want: blue, yellow, green, or black?!”

Customer #2: “Hmm… Give me red!”


Must Grow On Pandora

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(My brother and I are in the living room. My mother sometimes gets random gifts from her workplace, and my brother finds an air plant terrarium in a box. He’s reading the instructions on the care for an air plant.)

Brother: “Hey, [My Name], what’s an air plant?”

Me: “It’s a small plant that’s fairly easy to take care of, that even you have seen people have in their homes. Why?”

Brother: “Oh! Right, right.”

Me: “What did you think they were?”

Brother: “A plant that would be floating on air in the container.”

Me: “…”

(He’s 15 years old.)

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(I am around eight months pregnant, well into my last trimester and am dealing with a bad cold. Needless to say, I am miserable. I go to my doctor and she prescribes me pseudo-ephedrine. I go downstairs with my husband to the pharmacy. I give my prescription to the pharmacist.)
Pharmacist: “I can’t give this to you.”

Me: “Why?”

Pharmacist: “Because you are pregnant.”

Me: “But the doctor prescribed it to me. I am sick and can’t get any relief from [popular brand].”

Pharmacist: “I am sorry but I can’t give you something that might cause you to miscarry.”

(My husband at this point is getting fed up and goes upstairs to talk with the doctor. I continue to argue with the pharmacist who keeps on insisting the doctor didn’t give me the right prescription. He pulls down this War and Peace book of pharmaceuticals. He flips to the section showing the medication we have been arguing about.)

Pharmacist: “See, read right here.”

(He helps another customer while I read the section. When he gets finished, I flag him over.)

Me: “It says right here that it is dangerous for woman who are in the first trimester, not their third which I am in. Please, can I have my medication?”

(He reads the book and agrees with me.)

Pharmacist: “Sorry about that, I didn’t read this section. I’ll call you up when it is ready.”

Me: “Thank you.”
(I go and sit down to wait for it and my husband who has yet to come back from talking with the doctor. He finally hands me my prescription and I sit down to wait for my husband. My son is seven now but I still remember that pharmacist who had good intentions but didn’t take into account that his timing was way off and that the doctor approved prescription.

You’re Chalk And They’re Cheese(d Off)

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(I work as a parking enforcement officer for a police department while I’m attending college. One of my duties is to enforce the three-hour time requirement in a parking lot. As my partner and I are marking tires with chalk, a lady pulls in and parks her car, but instead of going to shop, she stands there and watches us. When my partner marks her tire, she leaps in her car and drives to a different spot, causing the mark to be erased. She sits in her car and flips us off and waits until we leave. Before we go though, we snap a cellphone picture of her car parked in the marked spot, making sure to catch the spot number and the license plate. Three and a half hours later, we return and ticket her car as well as several others. As we’re leaving, the lady comes rushing out, furious.)

Lady: “Excuse me! Why was I given a ticket?”

Partner: “This is a three-hour lot, ma’am, and you’ve been parked here for nearly four.”

Lady: “No, no, no! I moved my car when I was on my lunch. I work at [Store nearby].”

Me: “Do you have a local work permit exempting you from the three-hour rule?”

(The city gives these out for free as long as the worker can prove employment.)

Lady: “No! Why would I get one of those? You guys should just know that I work here and not ticket me!”

Partner: “I’m sorry, but we have no way of knowing that without the permit.”

Lady: “You need to take the ticket back; there’s no chalk mark.”

Partner: “Oh, no, we didn’t chalk your tire. We took a picture of your car parked in that exact spot at [time she parked].”

Lady: “Oh, really? What spot was I in and what’s my plate, then?”

Partner: “[Spot number] and [plate number].”

Lady: “F*** you both! You guys aren’t supposed to catch on to me. I specifically waited for you guys to chalk my tire so I could park here all day!” *storms off, mad*

(My partner and I shrugged at each other and moved on.)

They Know Their ABK’s

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I called in an order to a pizza parlor from whom I had previously ordered. My previous receipt had my name spelled as “Kathy.”

The employee asked for my phone number and I gave it to him. He looked up my record and confirmed the name on file as “Kathy” and I said, “Yes, but I spell ‘Cathy’ with a C, so can you please change it?” The employee said he would.

When I picked up my order, my name on the receipt had been changed – to “Cathy with a C.”

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