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I work as an attendant at a gym. We have several policies concerning proper attire when working out in the gym. Our rules are simple, just have shorts and shoes. They don’t even need to be workout shoes, just we require shoes. This particular member was strange in every way possible

Member- Hi I was just wondering if you could show me how to use a certain piece of equipment. “Obviously new to the gym and probably never used workout equipment either”

Me- Sure! ” Proceeds to walk over with him to the gym floor. The member is wearing Khakis and sandals which is an violation of our gym policy of proper workout attire.”

Me- Before I show you how to use this equipment, I just wanted to let you know that our policy requires that you have proper workout attire. Khakis and sandals can hinder your mobility and you may drop weights on your feet which is a safety concern. I’m going to have to ask you to change your attire before you workout.

Member- “Has a blank stare for a good minute” Proceeds to ask me “Do you have anything else to say?”

‘Me- Confused I ask him “What do you mean?” You cannot work out in Khakis and sandals because its our policy. The rules are even posted behind me on a big poster.

Member- *Literally does the same thing with the blank stares and asks me “Do I have anything else to say”

Me- “Getting a little annoyed at this point but I keep my cool and keep repeating our policy.”

Member- “Well I left my shoes and my shorts at my apartment.”

Me- It doesn’t matter, rules are rules and you need to abide by them, I don’t know what else to tell you, even if you talk to my supervisor they will say the same thing. If you keep this up your membership will get revoked.”

Member- *Frustrated, he picks up his bag and says okay.

Me- “Well enjoy the rest of your day”

Their Brain Shut Down Along With The Power

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I’m working at the service desk when a customer walks up and sets down an Uninterruptible Power Supply, a type of surge protector that holds a small charge so your electronics don’t instantly shut off during a blackout.

Me: “What can I do for you, ma’am?”

Customer: “Hi. I bought this thing two weeks ago, and it barely worked at all, so I’d like to get a refund.”

She presents a receipt.

Me: “Of course. May I ask exactly what went wrong?”

Customer: “The power went out last night while I was playing a game on my computer. I figured the thing would last a few hours at least, so ignored it and kept playing. Then, my computer died like twenty minutes later! I think I got a faulty system.”

I take a second to carefully consider my words so I won’t come off as condescending.

Me: “Ah, I get it. Sorry, ma’am, but the UPS isn’t designed to hold such a big charge for a very long time; something as powerful as a computer will drain it rather quickly.”

Customer: *Frustrated* “Why not? What’s the point of having a UPS that’s only good for a few minutes?”

Me: “It’s to give you enough time to safely shut down your system, preventing data corruption.”

She gawked at me for a moment, facepalmed, and then grumbled an apology before walking away with her UPS, red with embarrassment. At least I was able to teach her something new!


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(I am a relatively shy Asian girl, just tipping the scales at 101, and being roughly 5’1. The store closes at 11:00. It is now 10:45. All is calm and quiet. Any customers left are paying for their items, apologizing to us for making us stay late. Suddenly, a woman BARGES in through the front doors, and starts shopping as if the world was about to end. I don’t notice her until the woman runs into me, crushing one of my feet under 4 bags of dog food.)

Me: Ow!

Woman: You watch where you are going! Get my can of dog food off of that shelf.

Me: Ouch! Sorry ma’am, I will need to grab one of my coworkers. I can’t reach that.

Woman: *rams me again with her cart* Did I ask you to talk? NO! So get that can and stop being lazy before I report you to your superiors!

Me: Ow! Stop ramming me! I ca’t reach that! It is physically impossible for me to reach that!


(At that point, that woman rams me again with her cart, this time so forcefully, that I fall backwards into the shelf. She quickly jams the cart into me, effectively knocking the wind out of me, making it very difficult to breathe, and pinning me between her, and the shelf.)


Me: *gasping for breath* Please! Let me go!


(At that point, other employees and customers are looking at the woman jamming a heavy cart full of dog food into a short Asian girl, who is gasping for breath, against a shelf that is difficult to push over. Almost immediately, a friend of mine, a football player in high school tackles the woman to the ground while the customers and employees help me down from the shelf, and move the cart away. All the while, the woman is screaming about dog food.)

Manager: [My name]! Are you alright?

Me: *gasping for breath* Yeah. Just catching my breath.

Woman: [Manager’s Name] FIE THIS LITTLE B****! SHE WON’T GET ME MY DOG FOOD!


(The manager and his mom then proceeded to get into a shouting match, which the manager won, and she sulked out to her car, leaving behind her can of dog food.)

Manager: [My name] You have the week off. Mother of bloody god! My mother is a w****!

(It turns out that his family was incredibly hateful towards Asians, except for him, and his family hated him for it. I asked him out and we have been married since.)

A Cent-less Waste Of Time

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A customer asks me to make a total of thirteen copies for her. After sales tax, her total comes out to $1.41. I tell her the total, and the woman starts digging change out of her purse.

Customer: “Hold on, I know I have it in here. Ha! My purse is going to be so much lighter now!”

As this is common, I smile and patiently wait for the customer to count her change.

Customer: “Well, here’s what I have on me. I still owe you 40 cents.”

The customer yells across the store at her daughter.

Customer: “Hey, [Daughter]! You got any change?”

Daughter: “I’ll run out to the car and look!”

By now, there’s a line forming behind this woman. I inform them that we won’t be much longer and apologize for the wait. The customer is still digging through her purse.

Customer: “I guess this wasn’t the purse with all my change in it!”

After a few minutes, the daughter returns.

Daughter: “There wasn’t anything in the car.”

The customer produces several pennies.

Customer: “Oh, look! Seventeen more cents! Now I just owe you 23 cents!”

She rummages around in her purse some more, while her daughter complains about how expensive our copies are. I’m trying not to look irritated, and I call for another associate to assist the folks in line behind these two.

Customer: “Man! I didn’t bring enough cash! I’m going to have to give you two of these copies back.”

She hands me two pages, I deduct the appropriate amount at the register, and I notice she’s still one cent short. But rather than go through this ordeal again, I run the transaction through and get a penny later. The customer and her daughter leave, and I overhear them talking on their way out.

Customer: “Well, I can just come back tomorrow and print more stuff! I didn’t want to have to use my debit card for $1.41!”

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An Oral History On Old Jokes

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A customer wants to make a payment over the phone.

Me: “Are you using a card or a bank account?”

Customer: “I have a card I’d like to use.”

Me: “And do you have an email that I can send the confirmation to when we’re finished?”

Customer: “Can you give it to me orally?”

I had to mute the speaker because I burst out laughing and instantly thought, “That’s what she said!”

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