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(Customer is in Phoenix)

ME: Our tow driver is scheduled to go out to your vehicle before noon today.

Customer: Will the tow driver be coming from Sacramento?

Me: He will be coming from our local office in Phoenix.

Customer: Oh, the last agent who I spoke with said you were out of Northern California.

Me:I’m taking the call from there but our tower wouldn’t go out that far.

Customer: That’s odd you’d probably make more money if you guys took it there and fixed it.

Me: I assure you our local office will be able to handle it.

Customer: Oh ok have a great day!

(Car was from the early 80’s, it’s hard enough to make it back on a vehicle like that as it is.)

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(I’m hearing impaired, and because of this I have both hearing aids and a service dog, who I bring with me everywhere in case my hearing aids fail. He’s very friendly, though. One day as I’m buying treats for my dog at a grocery store, a woman comes over.)
Women: Hello. I thought you weren’t allowed to have dogs in here.
Me: Oh, no. He’s a service dog.
Me: Oh no ma’am, I have a hearing impediment; I bring him with me in case my hearing aids fail-
(At this point the woman tries to yank my dogs leash from my hand, but the end of the leash loops around my shoulder, so it doesn’t really work to well.)
(At this point she’s drawn the attention of several employees, who are looking on in horror. Most employees are told not to touch other shoppers without consent, in case of lawsuits, so they just urge the women to let go of my dog, which she ignores. She then grabs my dog by the tail, and he starts crying out in pain, and I do the first thing I can think of to protect my poor dog. I punch her twice: once in the stomach and again in the face. She lets go right when the police arrive; she insists I be arrested, but she herself is arrested for assault. I decide to press charges, and I win the case, mainly because I have witnesses and store footage to back me up. She went to jail, and had to pay me a large sum of money. Needless to say, my dog ate well after that!

Liquid Electricity

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(I am at my credit union depositing checks. They are displaying one of those small three-door smart cars inside the branch and another customer is talking to a teller about it.)

Customer: “D***, look at that little car! It’s supposed to save you money, right?”

Teller: “That’s right, sir. It’s a hybrid and get’s 107 miles per gallon.”

Customer: “So, it’s all electric, then?”

Me: “Yep, it gets 107 miles per gallon of electricity!”

Sadly Can’t Run From The Comments

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(I’ve always had a weight problem. I have a history of diabetes type 1 and 2 in the family and I often flirt between normal and pre-diabetic. As a result, I try to keep my weight down, but it isn’t easy, particularly belly weight which is the worst for diabetics. I take up running, and at first, I lose a lot of weight. Then, I rebound and my weight is higher than ever. I’m still running and mixing in different exercises to try to regain control. I often run through a local park. The neighborhood is rather diverse, but there is a large population of people of a particular nationality that wear traditional garb. The men congregate at the benches, and one day they flag me down.)

Man #1: “We noticed that you are out here a lot.”

Me: “Yeah, I’m trying to lose some weight.”

Man #1: “You are overweight.”

Me: *laughs nervously*

(I jog away, chalking it up to cultural differences. But yeah, that’s why I’m out here! I’m out there again on a different day, and I run into a different guy at the same park. He is on a bike and he stops me.)

Man #2: “You are always out here!”

Me: “Yeah.”

Man #2: “How far?”

Me: “Oh, three or four miles today.”

Man #2: *nods like that’s good* “How old are you?”

(Odd question, but okay.)

Me: “Thirty-three.”

Man #2: “You have babies?”

Me: “Nope, just a cat.”

Man #2: “No husband?”

Me: *starting to wonder* “No?”

Man #2: *nods again and pedals away*

(I think this is weird, and now I’m wondering if I’m being set up. This last encounter happens at the same park but on a different day with a different guy.)

Man #3: “You losing weight?”

Me: “A little bit, but not as much as I’d like to.”

Man #3: “You need to lose more.”

(Maybe I should stop running through the park.)

Might Not Be A Veteran But Is Always Starting A War

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(I’m at a home improvement store to return some paint after deciding the color didn’t look right. I get in line behind an older man with a cart full of paint. He has four one-gallon cans and one quart can. I have no idea why he is in the return line, as colored paint is non-returnable. The clerk calls for the next person and it is his turn. He tells the clerk that one of the one-gallon cans is empty and only there as a color match — odd because you really only need the lid. She begins to ring up his items for sale when he tells her he’s a veteran.)

Clerk: “Okay, I’ll need your service photo ID.”

Customer: *starts fumbling through his wallet* “I don’t have it with me. But I have…”

(He empties his wallet of all kinds of cards onto the return desk, none of which are the requested ID.)

Clerk: “I’m sorry, sir, but I have to have the photo ID. It is our policy so I can apply the discount.”

Customer: “I have this card, this card, this card…”

Clerk: “Sir, it has to be their photo ID.”

Customer: *still pushing other cards at her*

Clerk: “Sir, if you want me to apply the 5% discount, I have to see your service card with a photo ID.”

Customer: *now getting agitated, begins to make exaggerated gestures to the regular checkouts on the other end of the store* “Well, they applied it last time and I didn’t have it.”

Clerk: “Whoever it was shouldn’t have.”

Customer: “Ma’am, I’m a veteran. I served my country. I did my time. Why would I lie about my service? I served my country.”

(This sounds like a scam. I want to say, “Why would you lie about being a veteran? Oh, I don’t know… maybe for a 5% discount?”)

Clerk: “I can’t apply the discount without the ID.”

Customer: *goes into a full, loud rant and throws his credit card at her, accepting that he’ll have to pay the full price* “This is disgraceful! Disgraceful. I’m going to call in a complaint. I will.”

Clerk: “Certainly, sir. Please sign here.”

Customer: “Disgraceful. I’m going to complain about you!”

Clerk: “Okay, sir.” *directs her attention to the line that has grown behind me* “Next.”

(I state my transaction while he is leaving. Once he’s gone:)

Me: “Did you want me to put a call in to counter his complaint?”

Clerk: *laughs* “No, it’s all right.”

(I did, anyway. It was probably an empty threat, but I didn’t want her to get in trouble for upholding policy.)

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