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Off The Clock And About To Go Off Their Rocker

, , , , , , | Right | CREDIT: Ramrodron | November 16, 2022

I’m a flight attendant for a major airline. Several years ago, I lived in Miami Beach in an oceanfront apartment building. Several floors of the building were operated as a hotel, but it was mostly residences. The parking garage was underneath the building.

I had just worked a long international trip and was exhausted. I got home, parked my car, and got in the elevator. It stopped on the lobby level, and a couple who had just checked in to the hotel entered. The husband saw my uniform and started loudly griping about their flight to Miami.

Man: “We were stuck in Houston for five hours and they didn’t give us a hotel room!”

I take a lot of abuse from people who need to vent, and it mostly just rolls off my back, but that is when I’m on the clock at work. I couldn’t believe I was getting b****ed out IN MY OWN HOME about some airline thing. I was tired and over it after a ten-hour flight and I let him have it.

Me: “You had a stopover in Houston, so I’m guessing you must have flown on [Airline], right?” 

Man: “Yes.”

Me: “Well, I don’t work for [Airline], and even if I did, I still wouldn’t give a s***. This is where I live. How dare you get in my face — in my own home — to gripe about your minor inconvenience?”

I don’t remember everything I said, but by the time we reached my floor, the man was backed up against the wall. I do remember shouting, “Buh-bye!” as I stomped out of the elevator. I used to be a people person, but people ruined it.

Thanks For Forcing Me To Dodge That Bullet

, , , , , , | Working | CREDIT: geddes_thesea | October 24, 2022

I worked for a terrible airline company. They started a smaller company that could hire and train people to run the planes but pay them way less at certain airports. Whereas my colleagues at other airports were making over $20 an hour, I was getting paid $10.25 for the same — and sometimes more — work.

It honestly would scare you to know how little they pay the people who are the ones that make sure your plane takes off safely. All of us had two to three jobs to be able to pay rent, and we were all in the job for the benefits — free flights to anywhere in the country on standby.

I could tell many stories about how terrible my boss was. Here’s just one.

I had to go to the hospital from the airport because of intense pain in my stomach. It turns out that because of the stress caused by that job, my intestines decided to stop functioning. I spent the day in the hospital, and then they gave me a note saying that I didn’t have to work for the next two days. I told [Boss]’s boss about it — since I hated talking to [Boss] — when I went back to work three days later.

I came in around 4:00 am. We had five people total to load all luggage, load the water, and push out five planes in a little over an hour — already an incredible amount of work for so few people. We had our morning work meeting to discuss how f***ed we were, and then [Boss] asked me into his office.

Boss: “Your attendance is unacceptable.”

Me: *Dumbfounded* “What do you mean?”

Boss: “You’ve been late a couple of times, and now missing the past three days…”

Me: “[Boss], I have the note from the hospital. According to work policy, that shouldn’t affect my attendance.”

Boss: “I don’t care what work policy says. I’m going to fire you.”

Again, I cited work policy since we were “protected” by a union.

Me: “[Boss], you have to give me an attendance warning before you’re allowed to fire me for attendance. This is the first time I’m hearing about attendance, so you can’t fire me right now.”

Boss: “It doesn’t matter. I’m going to give you a warning right now, and when I get back from vacation next week, you’re going to be fired. Now go back to work. My decision is final.”

I told my coworkers what had happened. Then, I decided, “All right, well, if next week he’s firing me, I’ll just leave now.” Even though their day was about to be f***ed since now four people were working five planes, my coworkers all said, “F*** this place. Get out of here!” So, I left and went to get breakfast.

As I was enjoying my meal, [Boss] called me. I happily ignored him. He called three more times and then texted me, asking where I was.

Me: “You fired me. Why would I keep working for you?”

No response. I tried to soak in the sight of [Boss] running between planes like a chicken with his head cut off. I don’t imagine that any plane took off on time that morning.

I got a call from Human Resources, the union representative, and the general manager, who was [Boss]’s boss. They all said [Boss] was wrong and asked me if I could come back to work it out, but quitting felt so good, and I felt such a weight lifted off my shoulders thinking about not working there anymore, I never went back.

This part isn’t so satisfying; it’s more a testament to this airline’s complete lack of ethics. [Boss] got in really big trouble later. One coworker had a shoulder injury and had a note, and he told [Boss] several times that he couldn’t do super heavy labor. [Boss] sent him to the bag room by himself anyway. Imagine having to lift 300 to 700 fifty- to seventy-pound bags over your head per hour, all while running between the bag carts and the belt. Needless to say, the guy tore his shoulder and had to get surgery on it.

They still didn’t fire [Boss]. Instead, they “promoted” him to manage the workers who did ticketing and no manual labor. As far as I know, [Boss] still works for the airline. My coworker still cannot move the way he used to two years later.

An Altitude Attitude

, , , , , | Right | October 17, 2022

Tens of thousands of passengers fly through my airport every day without saying a word, but when one chimes in, it’s always a nightmare. A lady steps off of a cross-country flight.

Passenger: *Demanding* “Get me your supervisor!”

She doesn’t even bother speaking to me about it but immediately assumes this is egregious enough to take to the higher-ups. My supervisor comes over and offers to help.

Passenger: “The pilot for my flight needs to get fired for flying too high!”

Supervisor: “What are you referring to, ma’am?”

Passenger: “The captain said we’d be flying at 36,000 feet when he made his announcements, but when I checked the navigation channel on the TV, the altitude was 38,000 feet! That was life-threatening! Any normal pilot would have stayed at 34,000 feet just to be safe!”

Supervisor: “I see. I promise I will talk to the pilot and take care of it when he gets off the plane.”

Passenger: “You’d better, or I’ll be talking to my lawyers!”

With that, she seemed satisfied and stormed off. I told the pilot-in-command as he offloaded the aircraft and he nearly choked with laughter.

Scorn On The Fourth Of July

, , , , , | Right | July 4, 2022

I’m helping a caller make a flight booking.

Caller: “Why does the price drop so much on the Sunday?”

Me: “Oh! That’s because it’s July 4th. Most people travel before or after the holiday, but not on the day itself, which is why it’s cheaper.”

Caller: “Is that because it’s so dangerous to fly? With all the fireworks?”

Me: *Waiting to see if this is a joke.* “Uh, no, sir. It’s just because there’s less demand.”

Caller: “But the fireworks, right? It’ll be dangerous to land if they hit the plane.”

Me: “There won’t be any fireworks at the airport, sir.”

Caller: “Why not?”

Me: “That would be very unsafe.”

Caller: “Hmph! Well, that’s not very patriotic!”

Let’s Hope She’s A Better Passenger Than Listener

, , , , , , | Right | December 31, 2020

I work at a call center for an airline. A passenger calls, already upset, because a third-party booking site charged her infant for an adult ticket. I agree that this is wrong and she should call the ones who issued the ticket to refund that ticket and rebook. 

Caller: “Well, you’re the airline. Why can’t you do it?”

Me: “The third-party has your money and they are the ones in control of your reservation. The only information we have in our system are the flight details, but we can’t even see how much you paid for the ticket. It is them that made the error, but they are perfectly equipped to handle this situation so they can help you with no problem!”

Caller: “I waited on hold with you guys for half an hour and you won’t even help me!”

Me: “If I could, I would refund it for you, especially since you are calling within the same day as booking your ticket. Unfortunately, though, you bought the ticket through a third-party and, as I said, they have your money, not us.”

Caller: *Outraged* “You guys make this mistake and then won’t even help me! I’m never flying with you again!”