The Gift Card That Keeps On Giving: The Movie

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(A line is building up at the box office, so I go in and open up a second drawer which, due to a broken credit card reader, has to be cash only. I put up a sign and make sure to let customers know.)

Me: “What can I do for you, ma’am?”

Customer: “One senior for [Movie], please.”

Me: “Okay, that’ll be [price].”

(She proceeds to pull out a gift card, which is treated like a credit card.)

Me: “I’m sorry, ma’am, but I can’t take cards in this line.”

Customer: “But why not?”

Me: “The reader is broken, so this line is cash only.”

Customer: “But I have cash on it.”

Me: *facepalm*

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(I work the phones at an office and insurance companies always call to check up on record requests that they have sent. Our office pays a copy company to come in and copy the record and send it out for us.)

Me: Thank you for calling ***, how may I direct your call?

Caller: Hi, this is *** from *** Insurance, I’m calling to check on a request we faxed over fro records last week.

Me: Ok, what’s the patients name and date of birth?

*Gives both and I realize I talked to this exact same person a few days ago about this request*

Me: Ok ma’am I believe I spoke to you about this a couple days ago but like I said then we did receive the request and it has been forwarded to our copy service to handle so you’ll have to call them to check on status. They come in to fill requests every Monday and Wednesday.

Caller: Ok but before I call them I need to verify that it has been copied,

Me: Ma’am we don’t do the copying the copy service does, I can give you their number.

Caller: I have their number but I can’t call until I have verified the record has been copied.

Me: Ma’am I have no way of knowing if the record has been copied yet, you have to call —

*She hung up, but hopefully she called the copy service?*

Failed The Umbrella Academy

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(I’m at the concession stand when a customer comes up.)

Customer: “Excuse me, sir, but I think I left an umbrella here the other day. It was black with white specks on it.”

Me: “Okay, ma’am. Come with me.”

(I take her over to the lost and found and pull out an umbrella with that description.)

Me: “Is this it?”

Customer: “Yes! Thank you so much! Also, I’m here to see a movie. Here’s my ticket.”

Me: *looking at the ticket* “Okay, you’re in theater #2 on the left. Enjoy your movie.”

Customer: “Thank you.”

(She goes into her movie and I go back behind concessions. A couple of hours later, another customer comes up.)

Customer #2: “Excuse me, but somebody left this behind in the theater.”

(She handed me the same umbrella from earlier that day. I’m still trying to wrap my head around how that first lady could forget it a second time, especially since it had been raining all day.)

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A Regular Complaint

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(I work weekends in a small but busy family restaurant. I have just turned 18, so I am now able to handle beer and wine, and I have now taken over a few shifts as a waitress. We have a regular that comes in around twice a week and orders at the bar. He is very friendly amongst the staff and has been watching me shadow and train with other servers. This particular night, he has come in with his two kids and his wife, who is known to be a bit of a handful. As I am getting their table drinks, a large party comes in and sits in my section — a first for me. I try not to panic, and fortunately, one of the senior servers agrees to help me take care of my section.)

Regular: “Well, this place is just about packed to the brim, huh?”

Me: *serving their drinks* “Yeah, I’m still trying to keep up. My section suddenly got really full, so [Coworker] is going to help me out and make sure everyone gets taken care of. We’ll be by to check on you; just let one of us know when you’re ready to order!”

(The table nods and they seem sympathetic, so I turn around to help the party. A few minutes later, I look up and happen to notice the regular’s wife up at the register talking to the owner. I don’t think too much of it, as the owner and regular are on a first-name basis, and many of the regulars like to socialize. As I’m heading back to the table, I realize that their drinks have been abandoned, half-empty. They show no sign of returning, so I clear off the table, then ask the owner what’s up.)

Manager: “Well, [Regular]’s wife said that their server told them that she couldn’t serve them because there was another table that was more important. She kind of threw a fit and said she just wanted to leave. I told her that I’d comp their drinks, and that I’d investigate. So, what’d you actually say to set her off this time?”

(I explained what had happened and my boss wasn’t mad. The following week, when the regular came in by himself, I apologized to him for any misunderstanding, and asked if he’d extend the apology to his wife. He waved me off and told me not to worry about it; he thought she was just looking for attention, anyway.)

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Deliver Me From This Delivery

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(Our local fast-casual burrito place offers delivery through a third party. In this story, I’m honestly not sure which company gets the bigger share of the blame. My biggest annoyance here is the lack of F’s given by the restaurant staff. One night around 6:00 pm, I use [Restaurant]’s app to order delivery for myself and two kids. Note: I do not order from the delivery company’s app. It is directly from the restaurant. After my payment goes through, my delivery window is quoted between 6:30 and 6:45. But about five seconds after the confirmation window pops up, the restaurant app goes to an error page. After that point, I cannot get my order confirmation and delivery status to load. I check my email and there is nothing. Around 6:10, I call the closest store to see if the order even went through.)

Me: “Hi. I’m calling because I ordered through your app, but now I’m getting an error message. Did you receive the delivery order for [My Name]?”

Employee: “Yep. It’s made.”

Me: “Okay, great. Did it come through as a delivery order?”

Employee: “Yep.”

Me: “Okay, well, I can’t see the status. Do you have any way to tell if a driver is coming to get it? Is that possible from your end?”

Employee: “Uh… I don’t know.”

Me: “Okaaay, does anyone there know?”

Employee: “Uh… I’m not sure.”

Me: “Can you please get a manager?”

Manager: “So, I’m not sure what’s up with your order.”

Me: “Okay. So, what do I do from here?”

Manager: “I don’t know. You could call [Delivery Company], I guess.”

(I’m thinking, “Okay, maybe restaurants don’t get any communication from the delivery companies they contract.” Seems like a flaw in the system, but not this manager’s fault.)

Me: “Okay… is there a local number you have for them? Because their app doesn’t have one and I don’t really think they are set up to take customer calls.”

Manager: “Um, I don’t know. Maybe you could, like, check the Internet or something.”

Me: “I mean, I’m on the [Delivery Company] app right now and there is nothing.”

Manager: “Oh, well, then I don’t know what to tell you.”

Me: “All right, then please just cancel my order and refund me.”

Manager: “But we already made your food. I can offer you a free bowl for next time, though.”

Me: “No. I ordered and paid extra for delivery. I cannot leave my house right now. I need a refund.”

Manager: “Okay, fine. We’ll refund it. Have a good night.”

(Fast forward a few hours. Dinner was an hour late because of the debacle with [Restaurant], and my grumpy kids, therefore, went to bed an hour late. Then, at 9:30, the doorbell rang, because of course, it did. It was [Delivery Company] with my soggy burritos that had been made at 6:00. For some reason, [Restaurant] didn’t toss the order when I cancelled it, and then sent it off 3+ hours after making it. Gross. The poor driver seemed very confused when I declined delivery, and I tried to explain the situation. I hope he gets compensated. Anyway, the noise from the doorbell woke my kids up, and then they were up for, like, another hour. What should have been a simple order turned into a huge, multi-hour clusterf***.)

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