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Me: *noticing a customer reaching for a particular spoon* Oh, I’m sorry. I don’t know how that got in their. I’ll just take that and put it where it belongs.

The customer nods but picks up the spoon anyway and puts it in their cereal. Normally I would let it slide, but those particular spoons are expensive, and we’re charged the potential risk of damage if they aren’t in the right store when inventory is checked.

Me: Sorry, but would you mind using another spoon? That one was put here by mistake.

Customer: Are you assuming my gender?

Me: I – what?

Customer: So a MAN can’t use this?

Me: No, I’m saying-


Me: *totally confused* They’re meant for weddings and christenings; not for construction workers to eat their Rice Krispies. That spoon on it’s own is probably worth more than the rest combined, and can lose a day’s worth of pay if it isn’t booked and returned, ASAP.

The customer glares at the spoon before setting it down gently. They sheepishly mumble “sorry” before getting another and hurrying away.

This is the first time I have had anyone use that “assuming gender” line, which I honestly thought at that point was just a meme meant for highlighting transphobia. I’ve spent most of the morning wondering if the customer accidentally came out as transgender, or was just trying to come up with a reason to use the spoon.

Needs To Disable The Bigotry

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I’m visiting a friend on campus, and we decide to go down to a cafeteria nearby for dinner. I expect to pay for myself, as I’m a visitor. I’m in a wheelchair, though I’m still very capable of taking care of myself. When we go through the entry line, instead of asking for payment, the cashier at the door just waves us in. My friend and I go in, giving each other confused looks.

Friend: “Huh. That’s a first.”

Me: “Maybe he thought I had a student ID out?”

Friend: “Maybe. Oh, well, free food!”

We get our food and start eating. My friend gets up to get more food, and the cashier comes over, apparently having swapped to the floor.

Cashier: “I can take your plate for you!”

He says this a little slowly, but I don’t think anything of it.

Me: “Oh, thank you!”

Cashier: “Where is your worker? She shouldn’t leave you alone here!”

Me: “My… worker?”

Cashier: “Yeah, your assistance worker!”

Me: “I don’t have one. That’s my friend.”

Cashier: “Okay, where did your friend go?”

He obviously exaggerates the word “friend,” as if mocking me.

Me: “She’s doing something somewhere else, as she’s allowed to do, as she is not in any way a caretaker for me or anybody else.”

My friend comes over and sets her plate down.

Friend: “Can I help you?”

Cashier: “Oh, good, you’re back. Your client is starting to get upset.”

Friend: *Pause* “She’s a friend. Who’s very capable of taking care of herself.”

Cashier: “They like to think that, huh?”

Friend: “I’d like to think you can grab your supervisor. Now.”

The cashier laughs and walks off. My friend then goes up to someone else wiping down a table, who does get a manager. The manager comes over.

Manager: “Can I help you?”

Me: “Yeah, one of your employees has been implying that because I’m disabled, I need a carer.”

Manager: “Well, I’m sure there’s an explanation—”

Me: “He refused to listen to me as a functional adult which, even if I did need a carer, is not appropriate. I do not need to be talked down to or told I can’t take care of myself.”

Manager: “I… I see. I’ll have a talk with him.”

I went back to visit my friend a couple of weeks later, and she had found out that the cashier had been fired. He apparently assumed that anyone with any visible disability needed or had a carer.

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*I’m the idiot in this story. Note, I’m sometimes very out of it, and this was one of those days.*

I’m looking at the selection of wraps in a heated display case, pouring over what to choose. The cabinet’s flat back is opposite me, while curved front display is facing me. There is no one behind the counter. A sign in the cabinet next to it containing baked goods says “Please ask for assistance to take these items”. So I flag down a lady in uniform and ask for help.

Me: Can I have one of these? *Pointing to a wrap in the display case*
Lady: Yes, go ahead.

*We blankly stare at each other for a moment*

Me: Should I, uh, go behind the counter and grab one?
Lady: Sorry?
*She looks at me like I’m crazy, which, thinking back I probably sounded*

Me: Shall you get one for me then?
Lady: I really don’t know what you’re saying.

She then proceeds to toss more wraps from her basket into the cabinet, which, lo and behold, actually had no glass covering the curved front end. All this time, I simply assumed there was one and that I had to get items from behind the glass. I quickly took my wrap, awkwardly laughed and sped off towards the cashier as fast as possible.

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(I am the customer in this situation and being a vegan I have to ask on occasion what is in food in unfamiliar locations, my first day back in Education as a mature student this exchange happens in the canteen/refectory)

Me: Hey man, do you have any vegan options?

Cook: Humm, not sure, I cooked this curry this morning its basically tomatoes, onions and chickpeas.

Me: Cool, ill have that.

Cook: Are you sure? Can vegans eat chick peas?

(A bit confused but not one to judge as I’ve had stranger questions “Vegan? So You don’t eat animals?” … yup… “So you cant eat fish”?)

Me: (I laugh slightly to my self ) In all honesty that’s all we can eat.

The Cook utterly baffled by my response served me and walks off.

(I’m not sure what he thought chickpeas were, but I’m awfully worried about the college I attend as the chef’s are students too)

The Dining Hall Didn’t Ace Apple Pie Baking

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I’m going to a moderately famous school, miles away from my hometown. My first couple of weeks are rough, as I don’t know anyone, but my roommate ends up inviting me to have lunch with a couple of her friends in one of the eating halls.

[Friend #1] is eating a fairly bland apple pie that was being offered pretty cheap. She makes an extremely exaggerated moan as she does so.

Friend #1: “Oh! It’s better than sex!”

Friend #2: “You’re ace. Scratching your armpit is better than sex for you.”

[Friend #1] just took an exaggeratedly big bite of the pie in response. They are now some of my best friends, and this is a prime example of the kind of relationship we all have.

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