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They Refuse To Meat In The Middle

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I benefited from an entitled customer at a cafeteria-style restaurant. I reached the entree section where two employees were working.

Me: “May I have a grilled chicken breast?”

Employee #1: “The only chicken we have left is a half chicken.”

I started viewing the other meat selections when the customer behind me ordered.

Customer: “I’d like a grilled chicken breast.”

Employee #1: “We only have half chickens available.”

Customer: “Then cut one in half.”

Employee #1: “No, we’re selling them as-is.”

Customer: “Another employee the other day allowed the chicken pieces to be cut.”

Employee #2: “Yes, I allowed them to have the white meat cut from the half chicken.”

When [Employee #1] found out, not only did the customer behind me get what he wanted, but [Employee #1] said I may as well also. The third customer in line joined in and asked for just the white meat.

When [Employee #2] saw there were now three chopped-up pieces of meat, she realized what she had done by allowing the adjustment.

So, while I did benefit and got just the part I wanted, I hope it showed [Employee #2] that this is why you don’t give in to demands.

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