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Some Say They’re Still Out There, Lost In A Sea Of Geekdom

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I am currently at a huge science fiction convention that draws around 80,000 attendees annually. It covers five hotels and a conference center with another dozen satellite hotels to house all the people who come to town. A large part of the draw is the costumes; there are lots of people in every geeky costume imaginable, ranging from cheap cardboard to movie-grade costing hundreds or thousands of dollars.

In the middle of all this, I happen to be near a businessman in a nice suit in one of the hotel lobbies. He is on his phone, apparently giving directions to someone.

Businessman: “You’ll see a bunch of those [Convention] people in weird costumes. Keep going, and I’m just past them.”

Sir, “people in weird costumes” covers a solid five blocks in every direction. Your colleague is going to be SO LOST!

I didn’t tell him.

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