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Pikachu Deserves Extra Credit

, , , , , , , , | Learning | November 27, 2021

One day in March or April, one of my classmates comes to class wearing a full-body Pikachu costume. The professor is just as perplexed as all of us.

Professor: “Why on Earth are you wearing that?”

Student: “But [Professor], it’s in the syllabus!”

Professor: “Where is it in the syllabus that you should wear a Pikachu costume today?”

Student: “It says, right here, for today’s lesson, ‘Come in costume.’”

They show the professor a copy of the syllabus.

Professor: “So it does.” *Eyes go wide in realization* “Okay, ladies and gentlemen, this is why you don’t just copy the lesson plan from the last semester and change the dates without bothering to read it. When I taught this course in the fall semester, this lesson was on Halloween. I didn’t realize that was still in there!”

I Wanna Be The Very Best, Like [Employee #1] Never Was

, , , , , , | Right | CREDIT: DugFinn | September 27, 2021

My brother and I have been crazy into Pokémon since it came out. We basically grew up with it. When I was fifteen and he was thirteen, [Toy Store Chain] used to host official sponsored Pokémon League events each Saturday morning from 9:00 am to noon, and we always went. My brother and I even started showing up early to help the organizer — a designated [Toy Store] employee — in setting up. It was easy: go into the back employee-only room, grab tables, chairs, pens, promo cards to pass out, badges to award, and new badge books for the newcomers.

[Employee #1] didn’t know s*** about Pokémon, but my brother and I were super used to the League from when we attended at card shops, so we let him know what was what when he didn’t know what to do. He quickly just pushed more and more of the tasks onto me, and I was happy to take on the duties. Pretty soon, my brother and I were kind of running the event, and [Employee #1] would disappear for most of the three hours. No one seemed to notice or care though, since I was doing a great job and all the kids were having a great time. Also, I was d*** near unbeatable, and in the world of card games, that makes you the boss. That’s just how it works.

At one point, my brother and I noticed that [Employee #1] hadn’t shown up in about three weeks —not that we really cared. We just went into the back room by ourselves, carried the tables and chairs out, passed out the promo cards to each attendee, stamped their badge books, presided over matches, gave awards, etc. Then, at noon, we cleaned up, took the tables and chairs back, neatly stacked everything, and hung around until our mom came to pick us up.

So, on the third week after noticing that [Employee #1] hadn’t shown up, another employee found my brother and me as we were putting stuff away.

Employee #2: “Are you the ones that have been running the Pokémon thing for the last few weeks?”

Brother & Me: “Yes.”

The employee got an, “Oh, s***,” look on his face, like he wasn’t sure what to do now. He stood there thinking for a bit.

Employee #2: “How old are you?”

Me: “Fifteen.”

Employee #2: “Okay, don’t go anywhere.”

He left and came back and got basic information from me, like my name, address, etc. Bless my naive little heart, I answered everything. Then, we left.

The next Saturday was business as usual. The following Saturday, [Employee #2] showed up after we got done putting away all the stuff and handed me an envelope. Inside was a paycheck for like $130. It was back-pay for all the hours I had “worked.” It turned out that [Employee #2] was the manager and he’d been getting so many compliments from the parents about their “employee that ran the Pokémon League” that he’d been trying to find that employee for weeks, but all his employees kept saying, “It’s not me.”

Apparently, it was a complete mystery to everyone how the tables and chairs were being put out and being put back and who was actually running the event. Remember, my brother and I were just another pair of kids in a crowd of over twenty-five people aged six to thirty. As far as the [Toy Store] staff was concerned, it was a ghost running the events.

And that’s how I accidentally got my first job. I never found out what happened to [Employee #1], but I never saw him again. To this day — I’m thirty-eight now — I still have it in my resume that my first job was as a Pokémon Master. The strange thing is that not a SINGLE employer has ever questioned it.

Here We Pokémon Go Again, Part 44

, , , , | Right | CREDIT: eminap1994 | June 20, 2021

I just started working in this shop, and it’s my first retail job, so I followed the instructions to the Z. They said that pictures aren’t allowed, and anytime I saw someone taking pictures, I politely asked them to stop.

I saw a lady around fifty years old with her mobile up. She was walking toward me, and with my best retail employee smile, I asked her if she could stop taking pictures as it’s company policy. Out of nowhere, this lady started to yell at me how I was annoying and rude and how I was so nervous that she instantly started to get nervous. She said she’d come back some other time when someone else was working — someone not as rude as me. And many more lovely things.

But the sentence that sealed the deal and the conversation was: “Who are you to tell me that I can’t do something? And for your information, I wasn’t taking pictures; I was playing Pokémon Go!

She turned around and I never saw her again. I guess she was just taking her daily steps.

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The Very Best Costume

, , , , | Right | October 31, 2019

(I work in a bookstore in a mall. On Halloween, almost every store has an employee hand out candy to kids as they walk around. It is a fun concept, and this is my second year passing out the candy. I even have my own system. Little kids, or anyone in an awesome, homemade costume gets the good treats — the PB cups and chocolate bars and such. People trick-or-treating with infants or smarta** teenagers who didn’t even make an effort — yeah, yeah, you’re a serial killer and they look like normal people; I get it — get the gum and cheaper candy. The night has just started, and a mother approaches with her two kids: a boy around nine years old and a girl around six. The girl is something cute, a princess I believe. I recognize the boy’s costume because I am a nerd, but I also see that the boy looks pretty bummed out when they come toward me.)

Me: “Cool costumes! But why so sad?”

Boy: *sadly* “No one knows who I am. They think I’m a baseball player.”

Me: “Baseball player?! Little dude, you are wearing a red vest, you have six Pokéballs on your belt, and a stuffed Pikachu holding onto the back of your car. You are the one and only Ash Ketchum, who is the very best, like no one ever was!”

(The boy just broke out with the widest smile. The mother looked grateful, and I made sure that Pokémon trainer and his princess sister both got a handful of my best candy.)

Here We Pokémon Go Again, Part 42

, , , , , , | Working | September 5, 2019

(While managers usually schedule our breaks, there’s some flexibility. My coworker comes on the radio to ask about it.)

Coworker: “Hey, [Manager], when’s my break?”

Manager: “It’s at [time].”

Coworker: “Can I take it earlier?”

Manager: “Uh, I guess so. What’s up?”

Coworker: “There’s an event going on in Pokémon Go…”

Manager: *sighs* “All right, go take your break…”

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