Check ID, And Sexual Orientation

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Manager: “Hey, I got a complaint about you from a young lesbian couple. They said you were very rude and discriminatory.”

Me: “I remember a lesbian couple coming in, but I don’t remember anything remarkable about them. They asked me some questions about the toys, and they seemed happy enough. They paid separately and then they left.”

Manager: “They said that you checked out the first woman normally, and that’s when they said something that made you realize they were lesbians. After that, you gave them a hard time by demanding to see the other woman’s ID and you made them feel uncomfortable.”

Me: “What?! No! I did check her ID, but that’s because her credit card said, ‘Check ID,’ on the back instead of a signature!”

Manager: *laughing* “I knew something seemed off! I’ve never had a complaint about you before, and you seemed fine on camera.”

Me: “Why didn’t she just ask me why I wanted to see the ID?”

Manager: “I don’t know. I guess some people just like the drama, plus the possibility of a discount.”

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Customer: Can I ask you something about these games?
Coworker: Sure. What’s your question?
Customer: I don’t know.

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(I work at a very popular toy store chain in the electronics department. One day I had a customer come in)

Customer: “Is anyone working over in the toy department?”
Me: *confused* “I’m sorry, which department?”
Customer: “The toy department. I need help in the toy department.”
Me: “Ma’am, the entire store is a toy department. It’s all we sell here.”
Customer: *getting angry* “Well I need help in the toy department!”
Me: “Which toys? We have boys’ toys, girls’ toys, babies’ toys, sports toys, learning toys, electronics…”
Customer: *frustrated* “I dunno! I need help in the toy department!”
Me: “What exactly are you needing help with?”
Customer: “I want a basket ball!”
Me: “That would be sports. I’ll direct you.”
(I took her to sports and she found a basket ball. Luckily I never saw her again.)

Your Very Own Toy Story  

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(Our two kids each have a certain toy. We had bought one and Grandma subsequently bought another when we realized they both loved it. The second one broke soon afterward. We have the gift receipt, and before we left the house I checked the receipt multiple times to be sure it was the right one. We have just arrived at the mall to exchange the toy.)

Me: *checks receipt* “Okay, let’s go to [Toy Store] first and get this exchanged so we can go eat dinner.”

(We walk through the mall to the store. While I go to the customer service desk, my husband keeps the kids entertained off to the side.)

Me: *to cashier* “Hi, we’d like to exchange this toy. We have a gift receipt.”

Cashier: *looks at the receipt* “Okay, I’ll have to call the manager over to process this.”

Me: “Sure.” *looks at the receipt again while waiting*

Manager: “Hi. How can I help you?”

Me: “We’d like to exchange this toy; the touch screen doesn’t respond to touch.”

Manager: “Sure thing. Let me see that receipt.”

(I hand over the toy and receipt.)

Manager: “Uh, ma’am? This toy has a receipt from [bookstore].”

Me: “What, really?” *turns to husband* “Hey, we brought in the wrong receipt!”

Husband: “What? How is that possible?”

(At this point, I still haven’t connected the dots and am somehow convinced that I can exchange this toy at this store.)

Me: *to manager* “So, do I need to find the receipt for the protection plan to exchange this?”

Manager: “No, the receipt is from [Bookstore]. You’ll have to take it there, instead.”

Me: *lightbulb, starts laughing uncontrollably*

Me: “Oh, my God! I can’t believe it; I just tried to return a toy to a store it wasn’t bought at. I’m that kind of customer! Ha!*to manager* “Thanks! And sorry!!”

Manager: *grins* “It’s okay. At least [Bookstore] is also in the mall; you won’t have to go too much farther to exchange the toy!”

(The manager hands back the toy and receipt, and we exit the store. I’m still laughing and muttering to myself and the racket is attracting the attention of other mall patrons.) 

Husband: “Oh, my God, how embarrassing! People are staring at you! How on Earth did you mess that up, anyway? You looked at that receipt like a hundred times!”

Me: “I guess I just really wanted to believe that the toy came from that store! Now let’s go eat dinner, before we all get cranky!”

(We had bought the first toy at that toy store, and Grandma had bought the second one elsewhere. Despite having been told this at the time the gift was given, my brain refused to accept that the same toy could be bought at two different stores.)

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(I’m the only employee on duty and a lady comes in with two large trash bags full of outdated toys with clearance stickers from multiple competitor’s stores.)

Customer: I need to return all of these.

Me: Okay, do you have your receipt?

Customer: No. Just give me my money.

Me: I’m sorry, but without a receipt, we can’t give a refund. I can let you exchange or give you store credit for the lowest prices these toys have sold for in the last 30 days.

Customer: Fine, whatever.

(I start scanning the toys. Most of them were not even from our store, and the few that were in the system were so old, they had either been zeroed out or on clearance for $0.33 to $2.50. Of the two large bags, I could take back 6 toys.)

Me: Ma’am, of these toys that were sold here, the total I can give you in store credit is $12.66.

Customer: I have more than $300 worth here! You’re cheating me!

Me: If you have your receipts, I’ll be happy to refund what you paid, but without them, I can only give you what they’re worth at sale prices.

Customer: *Grabs toys off counter and throws them back in the bag angrily.* I’ll just take them to [competitor stores]. They’ll give me a better deal!

(She called customer service on me, and they told her the same thing. It turned out, she’s a repeat offender and is banned in several local stores.)