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(In our magic section, we have some fortune-telling items. They’re obviously meant for little kids and none of us take them seriously. One day, I see a customer looking very disapprovingly at that section.)  

Me: “Hi, is there anything I can help you with?” 

Customer: “No, but you can tell me why you’re selling pendulums and tarot cards for kids.” 

Me: “For fun. They’re just little toys.” 

Customer: “No, they’re not for fun. I’m a psychic medium, and you’re actually generating spiritual energy with those. Pendulums and tarot cards are dangerous, as well as ouija boards. They are not for kids, and they are not to be played with.” 

(At this point, I have to excuse myself; I can’t keep a straight face anymore. A couple of minutes later, I’m at the cash desk, and the same customer comes up, still looking very disapproving. At our store, all transactions begin by asking for the customer’s phone number.) 

Me: “Can I get your phone number, please?” 

Customer: “No, but you can get me the head office’s phone number.” 

(I gesture my manager over, who gives the customer the head office’s number while the customer complains to her.)

Customer: “I don’t agree with you selling pendulums and tarot cards to kids. I’m a psychic medium, and low-level spirits can actually be summoned with those, and they can attach themselves to kids, and it’s not pretty when they do.” 

Manager: “Well, we appreciate your feedback, ma’am. Here’s the phone number for our head office, and if you call them and give them your feedback I’m sure they’ll take that into account.” 

(The customer leaves, still not very happy with us. My manager and I managed to keep straight faces the whole time, but I’m starting to smile a bit about it now.) 

Next Customer In Line: “Man, that lady was a nutcase.”

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Always Overstocked With Nuisance Customers

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(I have recently started working at a toy store close to where I live. I haven’t been fully trained on how to do everything yet, but I have had to deal with a few stock requests, so I feel confident enough with the system to address customer queries. A man in his late forties comes up to the service desk.)

Customer: “I’m looking for [Dollhouse]. Could you tell me if you have any in stock?”

Me: “Certainly. Is it [Full Name of Dollhouse Brand]?”

(He nods.)

Me: *after double-checking I have read the number correctly* “Six hundred.”

Customer: “Six hundred?!”

Me: “That does seem quite excessive, but that is what it’s telling me.”

Customer: “Erm, well, I need six hundred… and one.”

Me: “You need exactly six hundred and one dollhouses?”

Customer: *laughing awkwardly* “Yeah, that sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it?” *runs out of the store before I can say anything else*

(A manager who was processing a return bursts out laughing.)

Manager: “Never mind him. He’s a nuisance regular we put up with. He usually comes in and asks for one or two above what we have in stock and complains when we don’t give him a discount.”

Me: “Oh…”

Manager: “For future reference…” *points to my screen* “If you tap the ‘Store’ tile, it will show you the stock we currently have here, instead of the regional stock.”

(I guess I should wait until my training is finished before taking any more queries.)

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(I work at a Toy Store that also does birthday parties and other events. We have a garage theme and use windowed garage doors to divide rooms)
Girl at Birthday Party: WOAH YOU GUYS HAVE DOORS HERE????
Me: Yes we do?

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(I answer the phone at work to find a message from our store’s phone company saying someone was calling us collect. Curious, I accept the call only to hear a man on the other hand who sounds completely stoned.)

Man: “…But I needed more time.”

Me: “…Hello?’

Man: “Hello? Who is this?”

Me: “This is [Name] from [Store]. How can I help you?”

Man: “You’re [Store]?”

Me: “Yes sir, is there anything I can help you with?”

Man: “I guess there’s a lot you can help me with. I’m in jail.”

Me: *completely confused* “…Oh. Uh…”

Man: “How did I get through to you guys?”

Me: “Uh, I think it was probably a misdial.”

Man: “A misdial? What’s your store’s number?”

Me: “It’s [number].”

Man: “Oh man, that’s one hell of a misdial.”

(There’s a few seconds of silence, during which I start to feel awkward, but I don’t want to hang up on the guy.)

Me: “So…is there anything I can help you with?”

Man: “Who did you say you were?”

Me: “[Store name].”

Man: “Could I send a toy to a little girl?”

Me: “Well, I suppose, sir, but you’d have to come in in person to do that.”

Man: “Really? But I’ve got a credit card.”

Me: “I’m sorry, sir, but I’m afraid we can’t accept transactions over the phone. You’ll have to come in yourself.”

Man: “Can I make an appointment for tomorrow for my mom to come in?”

Me: “She can come in whenever she likes, sir, no appointment necessary.”

Man: “…Can I do that now, then?”

Me: “…She can come in whenever she likes, sir, she doesn’t need an appointment.”

(The man hung up after that, by which point I was trying really hard not to laugh. I have no idea what was going on in that man’s head, but at least I’ve got a story to tell now.)

Check ID, And Sexual Orientation

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Manager: “Hey, I got a complaint about you from a young lesbian couple. They said you were very rude and discriminatory.”

Me: “I remember a lesbian couple coming in, but I don’t remember anything remarkable about them. They asked me some questions about the toys, and they seemed happy enough. They paid separately and then they left.”

Manager: “They said that you checked out the first woman normally, and that’s when they said something that made you realize they were lesbians. After that, you gave them a hard time by demanding to see the other woman’s ID and you made them feel uncomfortable.”

Me: “What?! No! I did check her ID, but that’s because her credit card said, ‘Check ID,’ on the back instead of a signature!”

Manager: *laughing* “I knew something seemed off! I’ve never had a complaint about you before, and you seemed fine on camera.”

Me: “Why didn’t she just ask me why I wanted to see the ID?”

Manager: “I don’t know. I guess some people just like the drama, plus the possibility of a discount.”

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