They Don’t Know. But I Know.

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I work in a small, locally-owned toy shop in a little college town; however, we have a lot of down-to-earth people and families.

A couple comes in with three kids and immediately the kids go crazy, wanting to show their parents every single toy in the store.

It’s a small store but it’s broken into three distinct sections, rooms connected by walkways. We have a card rack next to the cash wrap that has all sorts of cards.

As the wife is being dragged by her kids around the store, the husband comes up to me.

Husband: *Quietly* “Don’t let my wife see; we are big Star Wars fans.”

And he slides me a card with Chewbacca on it that says, “You’re my chew love,” and cash to pay for it. I quietly make small talk with him about the weather and ring him up. I finish just in time as his wife and kids walk around and then grab their dad to go beg and ask for toys.

I’m chatting with the mom and she sees a card on the card rack.

Wife: “This would be perfect for [Husband], but don’t let him see this.”

She slid me cash, finished the transaction, and winked. It was the exact same card.

They finished their shopping, purchased a few toys for their three kids, and walked out, both chuckling to themselves about how clever they were.

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Trying To Make You Abort Your Speech

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I work in a children’s toy store that specializes in stuffed animals. I am checking out a guest after having had nothing but a polite and fun interaction with them.

Me: “All right, it’s just gonna prompt for a donation on the PIN pad first!”

Guest: “What does it go to?”

I launch into my well-rehearsed speech about our current campaign.

Me: “[Foundation] donates to—”

Guest: *Interrupting* “Because if it’s going to any abortion clinics, I don’t want to donate.”

I’m temporarily caught off-guard by this. Again, I work in a children’s store. There are at least four HUGE children’s charity groups I can think of right now that I would like to assume come to mind first. I have also not had any problems with the guest leading up to this to indicate this might be a problem.

I am sputtering and trying not to agree with them, while also not making any statements on behalf of [Store].

Me: “Well, they donate through [list of well-known charity groups], as well as local charities. They also donate upwards of [amount of product] each year—”

Guest: “I just don’t want my money going to anything like that. You never know these days.”

They donated $3.

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It’s Not Always A White Christmas

, , , , , | Right | December 24, 2020

It’s Christmas Eve in a large, chain toy store. Usually, we have a price-match guarantee, but we don’t price-match on Christmas Eve or Black Friday. I am working at the customer service desk. An irate older woman customer approaches me.

Customer: “Excuse me, can you price-match [Major Retailer] on this doll?”

Me: “I’m sorry, ma’am we can’t price-match on Christmas Eve.”

Customer: “Well, it says you have a price-match guarantee.”

Me: “Yes, ma’am, but not on holidays.”

Customer: “Well, [Major Retailer] only has the black doll; I don’t want to get my granddaughter the black doll.”

She says this with such great scorn that I am flabbergasted.

Me: “Let me get my manager.”

Manager: “Is there a problem?”

Customer: “I need to price-match this doll.”

Manager: “I’m sorry I can’t price-match on Christmas Eve.”

Customer: “Well, I never!”

She storms out.

Manager: “What a b****.”

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The Quality Of These Toys Are Sith

, , , , , , | Working | December 23, 2020

It’s around the holiday season, and my regional manager and I are standing near the back of the store talking about some plans for the store. We happen to be near a display of Star Wars toys, and I notice a plastic lightsaber that’s new. They are the type that when you flick it, the coloured plastic shoots out to turn the lightsaber “on.” I grab one off the shelf to try it out, but nothing happens. It’s a blue lightsaber, meant for a Jedi.

Regional Manager: “Let me try.”

It works with one swing.

Me: “I’ve always leaned more toward the dark side anyway.”

I took one of the red lightsabers off the hook and tried it out. It worked perfectly. I tried the blue lightsaber again later. It still didn’t work for me.

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Toying With Charity

, , , | Right | October 19, 2020

A customer walks in drinking from a can of soda.

Me: “Hi! Welcome to [Toy Store]. May I help you with anything?”

Customer: “Yeah.”

She takes a sip from the can.

Customer: “I was in here a couple of days ago, and your manager said you guys would donate some items to our Christmas toy drive.”

This is not an unusual request, and the store’s owner donates to several charities throughout the year.

Me: “That’s great! I hope you get lots of donations for the kids. I just need to get your charity ID number for our tax records.”

Customer: “I already gave all that to the manager. I’m just here to pick up the toys you promised.”

Me: “Oh, okay. Let me check the book, then. If you gave your information to the manager, the paperwork will tell me what items we’ve donated.”

Customer: “I don’t have time for that; just give me the stuff.”

Me: “I’m very sorry, ma’am. I have to fill out the proper paperwork or we won’t be able to account for the donated items in the inventory.”

Customer: “I don’t care! That’s your problem, not mine. Just give me the d*** toys so I can go.”

The manager has heard the customer screaming and come up front to see what’s going on. It’s obvious from her expression that she recognizes the customer.

Manager: “Is there a problem here?”

Customer: “Yeah! This stupid little b**** won’t give me the d*** toys you guys promised!”

Manager: “Ma’am, I told you before that if we don’t have your charity ID number, we can’t authorize any donations.”

The customer turns and throws her soda can at one of the display shelves and storms out.

Manager: “I’ll get some stuff and we can clean up this soda. If she comes back, call security.”

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