Entitlement Isn’t Just For Young People

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I am on the bus today heading home. Some seats are marked for disabled, elderly people, but everyone can sit there, especially if some are free. A mum and her daughter are sitting on these seats but there is one free just in front of me. An elderly lady enters and stands in front of the child.

I’m usually very polite with people, especially elders.

Elderly Lady: “I want this seat! Give it to me.”

Me: “You have a seat there, madam.

I point to the empty seat in front of me.

Elderly Lady: “No, I want this one!”

The kid stands up silently and the old lady literally pushes her to sit.

Mum: “Please, could you at least let my child move out of the way?”

Elderly Lady: “She should move faster!”

That makes me really mad.

Me: “You should be ashamed, madam. You know what you are? An old hag!

Elderly Lady: “…”

And you know what? She was getting off at the next stop one minute later!

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Fail To The Bus Driver, Part 3

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(I mostly travel by bus if I need to go somewhere downtown. The bus arrives late, and several others form a neat queue to get on. Having arrived late to the stop, and having had to yield to a passing cyclist, I’m right next to the bus, maybe three metres behind the last person in the queue. They get on, and I arrive at the door just as it starts closing, snagging my jacket, nearly trapping my arm in the door. I notice he’s not paying any attention to the passenger side of the bus, being busy checking for overtaking cars and traffic. I barely manage to untangle my jacket as the bus sets off, making me angrily knock the glass in the door. The driver slams the brakes, only then noticing me. He opens the door:)

Driver: “If you wanna get on the f****** bus, be at the f****** stop on time, you fat c***! I’m already late.”

Me: *now very angry* “The f*** did you just call me?!”

(While it’s true that I am fat, I don’t particularly appreciate a complete stranger being this rude to me.)

Me: “I was right next to the f****** bus!”

Driver: “The h*** you were! I didn’t see you!”

Me: “Since I’m such a fat c***, you couldn’t possible have failed to notice me, in full daylight, in my bright red T-shirt and green jacket, if you’d bothered to f****** check your g**d***ed mirror, but you were too f****** busy looking the other way! You almost trapped my f****** arm in the door!”

Driver: “Oh, boo-f******-hoo! Now sit the f*** down before I throw you off!”

(I was so pissed off, I forgot to swipe my bus pass, only remembering after the driver reminded me. A complaint was lodged!)

Fail To The Bus Driver
Fail To The Bus Driver, Part 2

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Their Empathy Has Been Disabled

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(I was in an accident months ago, and I recently just graduated from a wheelchair to a walker. I’m getting on the bus, obviously disabled. A mother, her friend, and her two kids are sitting in the designated disabled seats. I swipe my pass and slowly go towards the seats.)

Me: “Excuse me, I need to sit here.”

Mother: “No, you don’t.”

(I stop. I’m very clearly needing the walker.)

Me: “I really do. Please, I need to get home.”

Mother: “F*** off, you faker. You’re just doing this for attention.”

(Her friend glares at me. I look back at the bus driver and then at the woman.)

Me: “I’m barely able to walk with this thing. I didn’t fake a horrific car accident and months of therapy to sit five feet forward on the bus.”

Mother: “Shut the f*** up, you f****** liar!”

(The bus driver gets up and comes over. He’s tall and intimidating and has a voice to match.)

Driver: “Ma’am, whether this young lady is faking is between her and God. As she is very obviously disabled to me, I’m going to ask you one more time to move you and your children. The law says you have to.”

Mother: “SHE’S A F****** LIAR!”

(She moved two rows behind me, glaring at me the entire time she was on the bus with me. The driver apologized for her behavior, and while helping me off at my stop, he wished me luck in my recovery.)

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Unfiltered Story #189015

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(I am taking the bus. It reaches a stop and a young man comes in with sagging pants half way down his ass.)

Driver: Hello sir.

Man: Hello. Thanks for waiting, I almost missed the bus.

Driver: Your welcome.

(The bus is crowded so the man ends up standing. By the end of this short conversation, the man’s pants are now around his thighs.)

Computer: [first stop]

(The man’s pants are around his knees. Everyone is stairing but he doesn’t notice.)

Computer: [fourth stop]

(The man’s pants are below his knees and I can hear people whispering.)

Computer: [man’s stop].

(The man’s pants are now around his ankles.)

Driver: Have a good day.

Man: Thanks, you too.

(The man gets off the bus, walks about a meter and FINALLY realizes his pants fell down and pulls them up. When the man walks out of sight and the bus leaves the stop, everyone bursts into laughter.)

Signing Yourself Up For Friendship

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(My two preschool-aged children and I are taking the bus home. Both have speech issues, so we use some sign language as well as their gradually-improving English to communicate. The speech therapist says that signing is a great way to help them out; rather than not communicating at all, they just have trouble talking, which is resolved a few years after this story happens. I’m signing to them when two young men catch my eye and start signing to me. The following conversation takes place in American Sign Language. In ASL, it’s common to have name signs to avoid spelling out a person’s name every time you need to reference it.)

Young Man #1: “You three sign? Is one of you deaf?”

Me: “No, we’re hearing, but the kids are still learning to speak, so we sign in the meantime. I learned to sign in school, so at least this way they can tell me what they need!”

Young Man #2: “Oh, I see. Good thing you sign. It’s nice to meet you; we almost never see people signing!”

(Both young men spell their names and show their name signs.)

Me: “Nice to meet you, too!”

(I introduce both of my children by spelling their names and giving their name signs, and I introduce myself by spelling my name.)

Young Man #2: “Do you have a name sign?”

Me: “Huh. No, they just call me ‘Mom.’ I haven’t needed a name sign!”

(We didn’t come up with one for me and I still don’t have a name sign, but the young men and I got a good laugh out of my neglecting to think of one.)

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