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Don’t Let Your Crutches Be Your Crutch

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I’m on a bus. The driver is doing some sort of checks with paperwork. The bus is early and everyone seems to be okay waiting.

It’s a little bus, and I’m sitting right at the front, perfectly positioned to see a woman (around twenty or so) get on the bus with crutches; it looks like she has injured her ankle. She is cursing and muttering under her breath.

Woman: “One way to [Hospital].”

Driver: *Not looking up* “You need to get the next one.”

Woman: “What? Why? Kick someone off! I need to get to the hospital!”

Driver: *Flatly* “This isn’t your bus.”

Woman: “Because you’re some s***ty driver, you can bully people? I have every right to be on here!”

The driver sighs, putting down the papers.

Driver: “No, the bus to the hospital has ‘hospital’ written on it. It will be the next bus arriving. About five minutes.”

She scowls at the driver for a while, before he goes back to his work. She limps off the bus and sits at the bus stop, arms folded, face like thunder. The driver checks his watch, puts down his papers, and turns to the passengers.

Driver: “Thanks to everyone for waiting. We can leave now. Special mention to anyone hoping to get off at the hospital: leave now and wait for the next one. Although looking at the face on that one, I might suggest rescheduling the appointment.”

It got a chuckle from some of the passengers, which also caused many to turn to look out the window at her.

This only angered her more. While I couldn’t hear her, I can only imagine the language she was shouting at us all.

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