Mean Girls Versus Deadpool And Harry Potter

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I take the bus to work, since I don’t have a driver’s license yet and my bike has a flat tire. I’m 23 and female. This morning, a young girl, maybe 13 or 14 years old, sits across from where I am, wearing a Deadpool jacket, jeans with ink-marks, and Harry Potter-like glasses. She minds her business as I mind mine, until four girls around the girl’s age enter the bus.

They start giggling and laughing when they notice the other girl. I hear comments such as, “I bet her clothes get washed once a year,” and, “With hair that short she probably wants to be a boy,”  followed by, “No guy would ever want her, anyway.”

Unaware that I’m listening, they don’t stop until I get up — because I have to get off the bus at the next stop — get closer to them and say, “You know, your makeup might try to make you pretty, but you girls sure have an ugly character.”

The looks on their faces were priceless, but the smile the other girl gave me was worth it.

When The Eaves Drops

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(Earlier today, I was eating out at a restaurant, and I had a couple come up to me to berate me about stuff I’d said about my food preferences to the friends I was eating with. We basically ignored them until they went away, and later, I share the story with another friend as we are riding the bus home.)

Me: “It’s just crazy how some rude a**holes think they have the right to listen in and comment on other people’s conversations.”

Friend: “Yeah. Some people just can’t help sticking their noses in.”

(Right then, someone taps me on my shoulder, and I turn to see a lady standing over the seat, glaring at me.)

Lady: “How dare you talk about me that way?!”

Me: “What?”

Lady: “I’m not an… an… a butthole.”

(I finally cotton on to the fact that this lady had been eavesdropping on us, and is now upset that we’ve called people who eavesdrop a**holes.)

Me: “I didn’t know you existed until you hit my shoulder, and I was talking about someone else, but now I am talking about you. You’re an a**hole for thinking you have the right to butt into our conversation.”

(She sputtered for a moment before turning and trying to stomp back to her seat, two rows back and across the aisle, made difficult by the bus swaying a little due to the road.)

Unfiltered Story #148899

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I am waiting to get on the bus, which stops beside the hospital, when an elderly gentleman approaches the bus driver. He is wearing a very small pair of shorts, a shirt with the lower buttons undone, a pair of slippers and carrying a walking stick.
Customer: Are you going to Gas Hill?
Bus driver: Where is that? I drive the route, but don’t know th street names
Customer: Are you joking? How can you not know where Gas Hill is?
Bus driver: I’m not from Norwich. Where is Gas Hill? I might go close to it
Customer: Don’t worry – I’m not going anywhere with you, mate!
He shouts this last bit, and walks off in a huff. The bus driver and I stare at each other.
Bus driver (to everyone waiting to board): Does anyone know where Gas Hill is?
No one did

Well Suited For Friendship

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(I’m on the bus to work, and I have a crochet project out. As it’s rush hour, the bus is close to full. Two young men in suits get on and sit next to me. One watches me work for a bit.)

Suit Guy: “Wow, you’re making it look easy!”

Me: “After a bit, it’s more muscle memory than anything. I’ve been crocheting for four years now, so I’d hope I’ve got something down by now!”

(We talk for a bit about various art-related hobbies. I mention doing some cosplay work while living on the west coast.)

Suit Guy: “Oh! I’m from Idaho! What brings you out here?”

Me: “My grandma wanted me to live closer to her, and offered to pay for the move. What about you?”

(He suddenly looks nervous. The guy with him just kind of nods. He turns so I can see his name tag, where I can read, “Latter-Day Saints.”)

Me: “Oh! Okay! That makes sense.”

Suit Guy: “Sorry, we get a lot of people who get loud and in our faces about religion. It’s… frustrating after a while.”

(I turn my bag to show them the pride patch I’ve put on there.)

Me: “I completely understand being treated badly because of loving who you are. And you’ve given me no reason to see why I should have anything against you.”

(We ended up exchanging numbers before they got off the bus. We’ve run into each other a few more times and they’re always happy to see my current project!)

Hail To The Bus Driver, Part 7

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This happened a few years ago when I was still very new in the city. We always took the same bus route to and from the city centre, and one of the bus drivers on that route was the sweetest, happiest bus driver I have ever met in my life. He would always be humming some catchy song and when, for example, a couple — like my boyfriend and me — got off the bus, he would say through the PA system something like, “Have a romantic evening, you lovely couple,” or, “Treat that pretty girl right, sir!” or, “Have a fabulous day,” and if he found out that someone had their birthday, he would definitely get the whole bus to sing “Happy Birthday.”

He would also always stop and wait if he saw someone — like me, on multiple occasions — running towards the bus stop. One time I even saw him get out of the bus to assist an elderly lady getting on the bus. He was, all in all, a wonderful person.

Unfortunately, a few years after we had already moved to another part of town, we found out that this wonderful bus driver had died. Apparently, his kindness and cheerfulness were so well known throughout the entire city that the news of his unexpected death warranted a whole article in the newspaper.

The article was titled, “Oslo’s favourite bus driver has died.” He touched many, many lives.

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