Listening To A Musical “Duality”

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(I’m on a late bus home after a hard day at work. I’m sat minding my own business, listening to “The Beatles” whilst reading a book. Sat opposite me is an older man who appears to have had a few drinks. He starts poking me in the shoulder, causing me to take out my earphone.)

Me: “Can I help you?”

Man: *still poking me whilst yelling* “Will you turn that s*** off?! It’s way too loud!”

Me: “I have this at half volume and the rest of the bus is empty. If you think you can hear it, then please f*** off to another seat.”

(At this point, I put my earphone back in and try to go back to reading. He keeps poking me and I try my best to ignore it, but after two more minutes I take my earphone out again.)

Me: “What the f*** is your problem?”

Man: “I told you to stop listening to that loud rubbish, so turn it off!”

Me: “I am listening to The Beatles, and it’s not loud. If you keep touching me, I will change to heavy metal and turn it up to full blast. You have two options: f*** off and leave me alone, or I listen to Slipknot at full blast. Up to you.”

(I put my earphone in and ignore him. He moves, and all of a sudden my earphone gets ripped out of my ear. The man shoves his phone into my ear, playing some obnoxious ringtone. I grab his phone and throw it down the bus, smashing it against the back of the bus driver’s cabinet.)

Me: *yelling* “Who the f*** do you think you are? You touch me again, and it won’t be just your phone smashed into pieces!”

(The man ran to the front of the bus where the bus driver laughed at his complaint and kicked him off at the next stop.)

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One year, me and my friends decide to go to an anime convention for the new year in Austin. We ended up booking tickets with a cheap bus company, and would soon grow to regret it. Though there was a bus station from our home city, arriving in Austin would present us with the company’s ‘station’ there; Namely a completely empty lot, several miles away from our hotel. It wasn’t so bad, except the walk convinced us to call a taxi for when we decided to return.

The day that the convention ended, and that we were supposed to take the bus home, we checked out of our hotel and began to enjoy the last day. A few hours before our bus was supposed to leave, I call a taxi to arrive at our hotel at a specific time. Nothing seems out of the ordinary…until the taxi arrives well over an hour before it was supposed to.

Not wanting to be standing in an empty lot, in the middle of Austin, I asked the taxi to come back in an hour. An hour passes… and the taxi never returned. It becomes a mad dash to find another way there, especially now that it was too late to call another taxi. We managed to find one of our friends from our hometown, who had driven and, therefore, had a car available. They drove us to the lot where the bus was supposed to be, with a good 5-10 minutes to spare, only to find that the bus HAD ALREADY LEFT.

Me and my friends were now stranded in Austin, with no hotel room, and the soonest bus from another company leaving early the next morning. (At this point it was only ten at night.) Two of the four of us decided to camp out at the bus station (an actual station), in order to catch the earliest possible bus. The friend who had given us a ride offered to let us stay in their room for the night, since they weren’t going to check out until the next day, and would drive us to the station in the morning.

Thankfully we were able to get home safely, without any other incidents. But that cheap bus company has most certainly made it where I’m never going to use it again!

Her Argument Has Your Foot To Stand On

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(I am a 20-year-old male. I completely destroyed my foot in a soccer game two months ago, and I’m now returning to work. I have a full cast on my leg and have to get around on a little scooter. I sit in a disabled seat on the bus that is close to the door, put in my headphones in, and start watching a show on Netflix. About halfway into the ride, a woman stands in front of me; I think nothing of it, until she decides to reach forward and rip my headphones out of my ears.)


(I look up and realize she is pregnant.)

Lady: “I’m pregnant.”

Me: “Okay. Is it mine?”

Lady: “What? No! I just need to sit there.”

(I look around the bus; there are seats available everywhere.)

Me: “I seem to be missing why I should give a d***. You could sit over there.”

Lady: “I’m pregnant! I demand to sit here! I can’t stay on my feet, and walking all the back there isn’t going to be good for me!”

(I now look at my cast, at my scooter, and back at her.)

Me: “And you think it’s going to be great for me?”

Lady: “You’re probably just faking it! Move!”

Me: “No! I got here first! Also, this is a hard cast. I would have to be very dedicated in order to go through the trouble of making a fake cast.”

Lady: “Move! I’m bringing a baby in the world; I deserve this seat!”

Me: “No. You don’t. I don’t owe you anything. This is a disabled seat. If you want, I can pull out my temporary disabled sticker. But go sit elsewhere.”

(She tried to tell the bus driver, and asked him to tell me to move, but he told her to stop being a whiny b****, sit down, and just shut up. She glared at me the whole time. It was so worth it.)

Bus Stops Are An Amber Alert

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I am riding the bus back to my apartment after my classes one day. There is a stop light near my stop, so I end up pulling the signal while we are waiting at the light.

The bus driver then opens the doors for a few seconds while the light is still yellow. I’m a little confused by why this happens, but I don’t really think anything of it.

Then, we approach the bus stop and a few of us realize the bus driver is not slowing down. We start pulling the signal again, but the driver passes our stop.

When people start to complain, she tells us that she had already stopped and nobody got off, so it was our fault. She ended up letting us off at the next stop, and I had to walk 20 minutes back to my apartment, all because I didn’t want to exit the bus in the middle of a stop light!

Chip(munk)ing Away At Your Brain

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I’m on a well-known bus line, getting ready to visit family for the holidays. The bus has a rule requesting that passengers set their phones to silent or, at the very least, vibrate. One woman on the bus apparently didn’t get that memo. The ringer on her phone was loud enough to wake me up, and the ringtone she had was “The Chipmunk Song (Christmas Don’t Be Late).”

To make matters worse, someone kept calling her every five minutes or so. By the end of my trip, I got off the bus with a really bad eye twitch and a newfound hatred for Alvin and the Chipmunks.

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