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I’m on a city bus when all of a sudden the driver slams on the breaks. All eyes go to the front of the bus where a biker has planted himself in the middle of the lane, facing down the bus. We’re nowhere near a scheduled stop, the road is busy, and the guy must have swerved across two lanes in order to face off with our bus.

Driver: * throws his hands up in the air* Seriously? What is your problem??

Biker: *motions that he wants to get on the bus*

Driver: Seriously? No. No! *shakes his head vigorously because the guy can’t hear him*

Biker: *smiles and gives a thumbs-up, then starts putting his bike on the rack*

Driver: NO! *shakes his head and waves his arm, but the biker isn’t looking*

Biker: *has secured his bike and looks to the driver with a grin*

Driver: *shakes his head again*

Biker: *frowns and goes back to his bike, but instead of taking it off the rack, he just turns it the other way, then gives the driver a thumbs up and moves to the door*

Driver: *scowls at him*

Biker: *motions for him to open the door*

Driver: *Shakes his head.*

Biker: …

Driver: …

Biker: *mouths through the door* Seriously??

Driver: Seriously. *Gestures for him to leave*

Biker: *dejectedly gets his bike off the rack and pedals away*

Bus Driver Gets An A

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A few months ago, in the middle of GCSE season — for those who don’t know, GCSEs are the exams that mark the end of compulsory schooling in the UK — I was on the bus to school when I realised I had missed my stop. I started panicking because I had a history paper starting at 9:15 which made up half my GCSE grade for that subject. I got so panicked that I almost ended up getting off the bus and trying to find my own way using my phone.

Luckily, the bus driver noticed me before I could make the worst decision in my entire time at secondary school. He checked his timetable and told me that if I stayed on the bus when it arrived in Huddersfield, it would go the same way back and I would arrive right before my exam. He even reminded me when he noticed my stop coming back up.

I ran into my school to find the rest of the students entering the exam hall. I had arrived just on time, exactly as the driver said I would. I managed to do well enough to get a grade 6 overall — the equivalent of a B in the old grading system.

Thank you, kind bus driver, for realizing that something was wrong. I certainly wouldn’t have noticed it in your position. After all, I didn’t pay enough attention to realise when my stop was!

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A Rapid Mouth On Rapid Transit

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(My husband and I are on the bus today, heading home from the nearby train station. I have a mobility issue and use a cane, so we sit in the two front handicapped seats. Our driver is clearly training, so there is a supervisor with her. As we approach a stop, we see another bus pulled off to the side, with three police cars and the passengers standing at the side of the road. Our bus stops, the supervisor gets off, and passengers pile on. It’s a small bus, so it fills right up. No big deal. The supervisor is talking to the police officers and the driver is waiting for him. Then, from behind me I hear a woman.)

Passenger: “Let’s gooooo! Why aren’t we mooooving?!”

Driver: *very nicely* “We have to wait for the other staff member to get back on. He’s just talking to the police.”

(My husband and I start chatting with the driver. I tell her the route is normally “very tame” and this stuff never happens. This is her first time driving this route. Less than one minute later, the same woman starts again:)

Passenger: “It’s taken an hour to come from [Street]! I have an appointment! YOU JUST CAN’T TRUST TRANSIT!” 

(We’re actually ON the Avenue she’s talking about, so I don’t entirely understand what she’s saying, but I say nothing. I’m already peeved, thinking I’m going to have to listen to this entitled woman for however long we sit here, but I say nothing. Sixty seconds later she starts again:)

Passenger:Why can’t we leave him here with the cops and go! I HAVE AN APPOINTMENT!”

(And this is when I get… testy.)

Me: “We can’t go because we’re waiting for the supervisor to get back on the bus! That’s why we can’t leave!”

Passenger: “Well, there’s no need to be snippy about it! I have to—”

Me: “We’re all in the same position as you so there’s no point in complaining about something that’s completely beyond your control.”

(The mouthy woman shuts up and we sit in silence. Less than one minute later, the supervisor comes back on the bus. It turns out that another passenger on the stopped bus punched a woman sitting in the front — handicapped — seat and the supervisor was a witness and had to talk to the officers. The offending passenger was arrested. There are sounds of surprise from the people on the bus as the supervisor explains.)

Passenger: “Well, I didn’t know!” 

Me: “You were on that bus! Maybe if you’d shut your mouth you’d know.” 

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(My husband and I are on a bus coming to visit Canberra from the South Coast. It is around a 4 hour journey, part of it going up a mountainous road. The bus breaks down a couple of times on the mountain because it overheated, but both times we were able to wait it out until the engine was cool enough to start again. The bus driver apologises profusely each time, and we all tell him not to worry as it was not his fault, but one passenger is getting really cranky. We make it to Canberra, late, and the bus breaks down again nowhere near the bus stop and won’t start up again. While the rest of us are calling a cabs and consoling the driver, the angry passenger is loudly complaining on her phone.)

Angry Customer: “Ugh! The driver is useless! Three times we broke down, THREE!!! F****** ridiculous!”

(The driver hears the loud exchange, and looks really upset. My husband and I console him and tell him to stop apologising like it was his fault because it wasn’t.)

Me: *to the bus driver but loudly so the angry passenger can hear me* “If anyone got mad at you for something that is out of your control, then they are just crazy. It’s not like you planned for the bus to break down, making you late to get home to your family after an extremely long trip! You’re only human, after all. Thank you very much for getting us this far. It was a great effort and we really appreciate it!”

(The angry passenger gives us an angry glare. My husband and I got in our cab and headed into the city and called a cab for an elderly couple of ladies who did not have a mobile phone to call for a cab. The angry passenger got off the bus and stormed angrily off somewhere, like the world was scheming against her.)

Grand Gesture To Get To Grand Rapids

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(I’m on a bus going back home from Columbus, Ohio to my small hometown in northern Michigan. Since it’s a small town, the bus stop is the lobby of a small motel. Just as I’m getting off, the passenger in front of me holds up his phone, and I can see that he is trying to communicate with me with a translator app.)

Passenger: *through the app* “How much longer until we get to Grand Rapids?”

(I overheard him speaking in Spanish earlier, and being fluent enough in the language, I explain:)

Me: *in Spanish* “You needed to transfer to another bus back in Flint, but don’t worry; I’ll help you.”

(I walk up to the driver, who has gotten off the bus for a smoke break.)

Me: “This man was headed to Grand Rapids but missed his transfer in Flint. Is there something you can do to help? Also, he doesn’t speak English so I’ll have to translate.”

(The driver agrees and gets on her phone, and then goes in to talk to the motel’s clerk. A few minutes later, she turns to me:)

Driver: “Okay, we’ve got him a room here for the night, and the next bus to Flint leaves here at noon tomorrow. He doesn’t have to buy another ticket.”

(I relayed this information to the passenger in Spanish, and he thanked me for his help. The next day, he texted me and let me know that he’d gotten on the bus. A little while later, he texted me because he wasn’t sure if he was headed in the right direction, but from his description, I could tell he was headed to Flint as intended. Later on, he informed me that he made it to Flint and got on the right bus to Grand Rapids. I had a lot of Spanish-speaking friends and classmates when I took high school Spanish, which I think was helpful in making the language stick. It’s good to see that all these years later, I’m still fluent enough to do a good deed with it!)

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