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It’s relevant to know something about us Danes, something that makes certain other cultures view us as a bit cold and unfriendly: we like our personal space. We don’t like when our little bubble is invaded. We like to be left alone, and an unwanted intrusion is generally unwelcome. Keep to yourself and don’t cause trouble, basically.

It’s also worth pointing out that in Aarhus, unlike everywhere else in Denmark, passengers board the bus at the rear and exit at the front, or if the bus has a door in the middle, board in the middle and exit at the front and rear.

This particular bus has doors in the middle. On this ride, the bus is somewhat packed. There are no seats left, leaving only room for standing passengers, of which there are already quite a few. At one of the downtown stops, three boys, maybe 13 or 14, get on, and they immediately start causing trouble.

They are talking loudly to each other, have music blaring from a mobile phone, run up and down the bus, bump into other passengers, and talk rudely about certain passengers. Everyone else does the Danish thing and remains silent rather than doing anything about it.

As the bus steadily trundles toward the outer neighbourhoods of the city, it approaches a stop where a sitting passenger has to get up. In order for her to get out, an elderly lady with a crutch has to get up from her seat, a somewhat slow procedure. The departing passenger gets out, and before the elderly lady can sit back down, two of the three boys rush in and take the two seats.

The lady tells them, “Excuse me, I was sitting there.”

The boy now sitting in her seat tells her, “So what? Now it’s mine! Buzz off!”

Everyone around them looks miffed but does nothing, apart from one guy who helpfully offers up his seat. All this time, the driver has been waiting for the lady to be seated, watching everything in the rear-view mirror, and hearing everything as well as the boys, who are loud enough for everyone to hear. The elderly lady now seated, the bus sets off again.

However, having left the third boy standing in the front of the bus causing mischief, they soon abandon the seats to join their friend, leaving two other passengers to take the seats. Eventually, the boys wind up in the middle of the bus.

As the bus approaches a minor industrial area with nothing of interest, except to those who work there, it starts slowing down. To those of us who can see the next stop, this seems strange. No one has pressed “STOP” and there are no passengers waiting to board. The bus then comes to a halt at the stop, the middle doors open, and a voice comes on the tannoy:

“Would someone please throw those three baboons off the bus?”

In a split second, a few other passengers grab the boys by their arms or collars and more or less yank them out of the bus with enough force that they almost lose their balance, and with the doors closing, the bus sets off again, leaving the boys stranded in one of the most boring areas of Aarhus until the next bus comes by.

Strictly legal? Perhaps not. People actually cheer, though. Karma’s a b****.

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I work in Europe in a call center doing tech support for a well known American insurance company…

I got a call from a guy that was part of a 7 person training course who wanted me to help set up his email. This requires me to download a file to his machine, but when I check it hasn’t been created yet. He gets me to check the other 6 people in his class, and no file for them either. So we end the call…

Two minutes later one of his colleagues calls back and we go through the same thing. Over the next 45 minutes all 7 of these morons call for the same reason, with the same result. The files haven’t been created, there’s nothing I can do…

Then their manager calls and wants to speak to my boss as I’m extremely unhelpful. I point out that it’s 4am where I am, that there are no bosses around as they’re all in bed like normal people, and that until someone in a completely different country gets around to creating these files my hands are tied…

Remarkably, this is not the worst call of the night, as on the very next call someone asked me to tell him his mothers maiden name as he needs to answer this question to get into his system…


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(I work in a café part of a Supermarket. I’m currently serving and older man who speaks a language that I don’t understand.)

Me (in danish): “Hello, what can I help you with today?”

Customer: *Speaks in foreign language.*

Me (now in english): “I’m sorry, I don’t understand, what can I help you with.”

Customer: *Getting upset, starting to point at different signs. Still speaking in a language I don’t understand.*

Me: “I’m afraid I still don’t understand, what kan I help you with.

(He is still pointing and getting more and more angry. I sense that he is pointing to our coffee machine.)

Me: “Do you want a cup of coffee?”

(He looks more relaxed now and is nodding his head in agreement, while he keeps talking in his language.)

Me: “Is there anything else I can get for you? No? Okay, that’ll be [amount] and I’ll just have to ask you to grab your coffee yourself.”

(I take his money and point to the coffee machine, which is on the customers side facing him. It’s very obvious that I can’t reach it from my side of the counter. The elderly man walks over to the coffee machine and I continue with serving another customer. I then noticing that we are running out of coffee, so I walk to the customer side of the counter to refill it. When I turn around the elderly customer has blocked my way and is visibly upset, while he speaks with a raised, angry voice in the language that I still don’t understand. I try my best to understand what he wants, but I have no clue what he’s saying. I’m getting more and more frustrated, when a younger man enter my store and walks straight towards us. He starts talking to the elderly man in the same language as he is. They go back and forth for a while, until the younger man turns to me.)

Younger man: “My grandfather says he ordered coffee but he didn’t get any?”

Me: “Oh, I’m really sorry, but it’s selfserve.”

(He translates for his grandfather and then turns to me again.

Young man (with an apologetic look on his face): “He says, why didn’t she just say so. I’m sorry.”

Me (a little dumbfound): “Umh, that’s okay, have a nice day.”

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Four years ago I worked a couple of months in retail. One week, when I was still fairly new, we were having a sale on candy bars, one for 6 kroner (0,91 USD). The boxes with the candy bars stood on a display, but because we just opened and we were only two employees present, the boxes with the candy were still closed. I was the cashier, when a woman comes up to check out. Among her groceries, she is carrying and entire box of the candybars. Still being new, I figure she is allowed to buy the whole box if she wants to.

I start scanning her items, but when I come to the box of candy bars, it won’t scan. I call my supervisor over, who takes a look at the problem.

Me: I’m sorry it’s taking so long
Woman: *angrily* That box is supposed to be 6 kroner!

Both me and my supervisor stop in our tracks.

Supervisor: Madam, the chocolates inside the box is 6 kroner each, not the whole box itself. We just haven’t had time to open them yet.
Woman: *Even angrier* Well, how was I supposed to know?! You should have opened them!

She got the rest of her items, still mumbling about how we didn’t do our jobs. After she left, my supervisor and me just looked at each other, dumbfounded by how she could think a box containing 30-40 candybars could cost only 6 kroner!

Lack Of Register Does Not Register, Part 13

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(We have two functioning tills, but we only open the second one when it gets busy and we have enough people. Currently, we have one till open. A man goes up to the second till.)

Coworker #1: “Excuse me, that till is closed. Can I get you to come over here so we can serve you?”

Customer: “No. I want to be served here.”

Coworker #1: “I see, but seeing as that till is closed, you won’t be. Please come over here.”

Customer: “No. You will serve me here.”

(My coworker shrugs and goes back to other customers, while the man just crosses his arms and stands at the till. A second coworker shows up two minutes later for his shift and notices the man.)

Coworker #2: “Sorry, seems like that till is closed. Can you please move over to the line by the other till?”

Customer: “No! I want two mulled wines, here!”

Coworker #2: “I’m sorry, but you’re gonna have to go over to the line to be served.”

Customer: “I can’t believe you won’t just serve me here.”

Coworker #2: “We’ll serve you over at the other till.”

Customer: “I’ll wait here.”

([Coworker #2] also just shrugs and goes to work. I’m standing awkwardly in the middle, minding the baked goods and the oven, listening to the man huff and puff. I notice people start to queue behind him.)

Me: *directed to the people behind him* “Sorry, can you please move to the line by the other till, where we’re serving people?”

(The other people very politely move, while the man dramatically throws out his arms.)

Customer: “I want to be served here! Why is that so hard?!”

(In the end, he stood there for twenty minutes before he got the hint and left. We still talk about him at work.)

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