You Can Gugelhopf On By!

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(My mum wants to order an old-fashioned cake — a Gugelhopf — for my birthday and enquires well in advance if a local bakery would be able to make that. She specifies that she will need it on a certain Friday, as they then will set off early on Saturday morning to come to see me. The lady says she will check and get back to my mum. However, she never does and my mum assumes the bakery can’t do it. Come that Saturday, the lady rings, somewhat upset, and with an attitude.)

Bakery: “You need to come pick up the Gugelhopf!”

Mum: “Wait, what? You never confirmed you could actually make it. We never discussed what flavour I wanted, or how big the cake would be, or what it would cost. You never notified me that the cake was ready, either!”

Bakery: “Oh…”

Mum: “Also, I said I needed it on Friday; now it’s way too late. We are already a few hundreds of kilometres away from home! You can now sell that Gugelhopf in your shop.”

(The lady then had the decency to recognise her fault and apologise for her mistake. In the end, my brother baked the Gugelhopf at my house, and it was delicious.)

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So at my work I sell a lot of baked goods all day. Today, an elderly man with a cane entered the shop. He was very jolly and wanted to buy a pie. He asked, “What kind of pies do you have?” I told him a few from our selection. He said, “Do you have huckleberry pie? Ooh I love huckleberries!” I told him no, but we have so many berry pies! Strawberry, blueberry, blackberry… He paused, and leaned close. With a very serious face he told me that he knew what berry that we definitely didn’t have. I assumed he was going to list off a rare berry from his youth on the farm. I asked him what berry. He looked up at me and exclaimed “Dingleberry!!!” Gotta love the elderly!

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At our bakery, we have ‘bagel packs’ for $13.99 that have 13 bagels and two tubs of cream cheese, as well as a ‘baker’s dozen’ for $9.99 which is only the 13 bagels.  Buying 12 specialty bagels separately would be about $16.  When this happens, I am preparing the bakery orders while my co-worker rings people up.

Co-worker: “What can I get you?”

Woman: “I’d like twelve everything bagels.”

Co-worker: “Alright, would you like to do the bagel pack or–?”

Woman: “No, I want twelve everything bagels.”

Co-worker: “Yes, ma’am, so just the baker’s dozen pack then?  That only has–”

Woman: “No!  All I want is twelve everything bagels!”

Co-worker: “I understand that, ma’am, but getting the baker’s dozen will–”

Woman: “I’ve said three times that I want twelve everything bagels.  Are you new here!?”

My co-worker raises her eyebrows, says nothing, and rings the woman up for twelve everything bagels.  I prepare the order.  The woman walks out with a smug look on her face despite the fact that she spent about $5 more for less bagels than she would have gotten with the baker’s dozen or bagel pack.

She’s Really Pushing It

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(My family has gathered to celebrate a birthday, and I go with my fifteen-year-old cousin to buy a cake. Since it’s quite busy, I tell my cousin to get in line for the registers while I go and pick the cake. Just as I’m getting in line with her, a middle-aged woman cuts the line right in front. My cousin speaks up but the woman just tells her to get out of her way. I tell my cousin to just let it go, and when she asks why, I say, loudly:)

Me: “Well… it’s clear that she’s in such a hurry, she can’t wait any longer and felt it necessary to be rude to other people and cut the line. If we let her go before us, we get to be the kind young people who let an older lady who’s in a hurry go first, while she ends up as the one who shouted and almost pushed a fifteen-year-old girl.”

(The woman, as was my intention, heard me and began to shout at me and my cousin. The manager approached her and asked her to leave, because she had cut the line and was annoying the other customers.)


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(I work for my mothers, mom and pop bakery that bakes pretty much all sweets. When a old lady comes in.)
Me: Hello welcome to [Bakery]. What can I get ya today.
Customer: yes, I’m looking to buy a large slice of Christianity.
Me:We’ll I don’t believe we make any of that but –
Customer: *dead pan look* I….WANT… A…. SLICE…. OF… CHRISTIANITY….
Me: we… don’t… have. any…?
Customer: Well do you know where I can find some, My son needs it now.
Me: I think there’s [church] about a block from here.
Customer: Thankyou deary, god bless. *leaves*
Mom: Did, she honestly just ask for a slice of religion?
Me: guess so.

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