Getting Heated Over Coffee Temperature

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It’s been a pretty busy night, and because our times are so high, my manager tells me to serve the orders off screen as soon as I have them memorized, rather than when they’re ready. I see a medium coffee on screen and serve it off.

Due to a promotion, we have been selling iced coffee almost every order. I just hand out the next order and go to make it, assuming it’s iced. The order taker in the back is also notorious for getting orders consistently wrong and I’m having a visibly bad day, but I try to smile and be as accommodating as I can.

There is a loud car honking and then a knock at the window.

Me: “Is there something wrong?”

Customer: “Is that my coffee?”

Me: “Yes, is there something the matter? Too little milk?”

Customer: “I asked for a hot coffee. Not Iced.”

I can’t confirm it without going to the back, and since people have been disgruntled over the rise of price in medium and large hot coffee, I ask for the receipt just to confirm orders didn’t get mixed around.

Me: “Could I just see your receipt really quick? She may have rung it in as an iced and I just want to check to ma—”

Customer: *Abrupt and angry* “Look, I just paid the girl in the back $1.50 for a hot coffee, not an iced! I don’t need to show you my receipt! Now make my coffee!”

Me: “Sure.”

It turns out we don’t have enough hot coffee for a medium.

Me: “I’m sorry, it turns out we are out of hot at the moment. I can make this iced coffee just like the hot you wanted and refund you the difference?”

Customer: “What do you mean?! No, I’m not going to wait. Just give me my money back. How the h*** don’t you have any coffee?”

I go get the manager for the refund and get the next order. Now the manager is angry that the customer took her name and that I didn’t keep up on coffee. About ten minutes later, we get a call from the same customer.

Manager: “That was the lady who wanted the coffee. She said you were really rude to her, the line took too long, and you made it wrong and asked to see her receipt? She wants to file a complaint against you.”

Me: “That lady was ruder to me, honking her horn and knocking on the window like she deserved all the attention of the store. And if making sure she didn’t get over- or undercharged is rude, I guess I was. It took too long because it’s busy and she needed to argue with me over a simple request thinking she was the queen of being right.”

Manager: “Calm down. I’m sure she just exaggerated some parts, and I’m sure you were wrong to her.”

I got defensive and started to argue since I was tired, hungry, and irritated from a bad day. I ended up going on break early to calm down. I got back and laughed at it because if she hadn’t argued, she probably would have gotten free iced coffee or pies for the inconvenience.

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A Little Flu Jab Of Kindness

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I am seventeen, living away from home during high school. I contract the flu, so I go to the pharmacy and they prescribe me Tamiflu.

Because I am out of state, my insurance doesn’t cover it. The woman behind the counter says it will cost $100. I am already emotional because I am sick and away from home. I know my mom would pay for the medication, but it would be tight. I start crying by the counter.

The lady who filled my prescription hands me tissues and says she is sorry, but she can’t do anything about the cost. I fill the prescription and sit down in the waiting area.

A couple of minutes later, the woman comes over to me and says, “I went looking in our database, and I found a coupon for your medication. It will only cost you $40.”

I will never forget her kindness in my time of need.

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Unfiltered Story #193347

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I work in a chocolate shop. This is slightly after a new Spongebob episode was released.

Customer: “What do you sell here?”

Employee: “By any chance did you see the name of the store?”

Customer: “No.”

Employee: “So you randomly enter stores?”

Customer: “Yes. Anyway do you have flowers? I need flowers so I can shove them up your a**.”

Employee: “Ma’am, can you please not swear there are children here.”

Customer: “Huh? Me swear? I think not! Now let me rip your head off for bad service!”

I hear the commotion so I come out from behind.

Me: “What is going on out here?!”

Employee: “She wants to rip my head off!”

Me: “Ma’am, either buy some chocolate or leave.”

Customer: “Did you say chocolate!!!!?”

Me: “Umm, yes?”

Customer: “Chocolate?! Chocolate?!Chocolate?!”

Employee & I: *In unison* “Yes!”

Customer: “I’d like to buy all your chocolate.”

She buys nearly $100 worth of chocolate.

Did You Try Reading The Directions?

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A customer comes up to me with a book and a pair of reading glasses.

Customer: “Hi. I have a question. Maybe you can help me.”

Me: “Okay. I can try.”

Customer: “My doctor told me I should get reading glasses, but I don’t understand. Do I put the glasses on over my others? I asked my doctor and he didn’t answer me.”

Me: “Um… no. You just put the reading glasses on.”

Customer: “Oh. Okay. I mean, I can see the writing better this way, but I don’t know why my doctor wouldn’t answer when I asked him. I mean, how am I supposed to wear two pairs of glasses?”

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Puns As Painful As Bad Customers

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(I am in a popular store. A female employee is putting up a huge advertisement picture in the women’s clothing section, and a man with a manager’s badge walks over.)

Manager: “[Employee], how goes the poster hanging?”

Employee: “Well, I have a feeling there’s going to be some problems with this one…”

(I look at the poster. It’s a woman in an extremely revealing swimsuit.)

Manager: “Yeah, I knew this one would cause some issues. I can hear it now. ‘Mister Manager, how dare you show this to my children?! It’s so inappropriate! I want a refund even though I didn’t buy anything!’”

Employee: “When anyone complains, you’d better know that I’m making you deal with them.”

Manager: “I promise I will… ad-DRESS the issue! Get it? Address?”

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