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A woman approaches the counter and asks for a consultation from the pharmacist. The patient inquires about vitamins, and the pharmacist counsels her for about 15 minutes, and ensures there are no interactions with her medications. She proceeds to shop more, then asks to check out with me. She proceeds to throw her items on the counter, and drops a 12 can coke pack on my left hand. I say nothing, since no damage was done. I finish the transaction and notice she has 2 other packs on the bottom of her cart out of my sight until she started to retreat. I call after her and she proceed to say “Seriously, you didn’t ring these up?”
Me: “No, I’m sorry. I didn’t know those were in the bottom of your cart. I can ring them through really quick, one moment.”
Her: “This is ridiculous, I’d assume you’d knew I’d have three since they’re on sale.”
Me: “I didn’t know they were on sale. It isn’t a good idea to charge you for items I don’t know you are purchasing. Your total for the 2 packs is (amount).”
The woman scoffs and says: “What? You mean I OWE you money?!”
Me: “Yes ma’am, if you want the additional two packs, you have to pay for them.”
She mutters under her breath and reluctantly puts in her chip card. I bid her a good day and she goes on her way. I heard from the manager that she caused a scene up front claiming that I overcharged her (I didn’t) and that the pharmacist didn’t help her in any way with vitamins. She also claimed that we refused to write her a rain check which she didn’t ask for.

To Get The Purse, One Must Overcome A Purse

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(A nice elderly lady is paying by check, when her back suddenly cramps and she has to grab hold of the counter.)

Me: “Ma’am, are you okay? Do you want me to grab a chair or something?”

Customer: “No, no, it’s this stupid back of mine. It’s been going out for years. Let me finish this check and get out to the car.” *finishes writing check*

Me: “I’m sorry you aren’t feeling well. I’ll hurry this along so you can get out of here. May I see your driver’s license?”

Customer: “My what?”

Me: “Your driver’s license. I need it to key in for the check.”

(It’s how our store confirms the person doesn’t have hot checks out on them.)

Customer: “Oh, no; it’s outside in my car.”

Me: “Is it far? I can help you out there. Do you want me to get the purse for you?”

Customer: “I’m parked right outside. Would you be a dear and grab it? The purse is right there in the seat.”

Me: “I most certainly will!”

(I run outside, click the button, and reach in. About that time, someone screams at me and I get hit in the back by a fat purse. It hurts a lot, so I scream and fall down in return, only to get hit in the head.)

Stranger: “You’re stealing someone’s stuff! You’d better put that back right now!”

(She is still hitting me as she says this.)

Me: “Ow! Ma’am! Please stop! I’m getting this for the lady inside!”


(She hits me again as I go running back in the store with the customer’s purse. My nose is bleeding, my glasses are broken, and I’m in tears.)

Customer: “Oh, my God! What happened to you?”

Me: “Someone was protecting your stuff for you.”

(I went on break after that so I could clean up. No cops came by, luckily.)

No ID, No Idea, Part 31

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(Policy states that I have to check for an ID whenever a card says “See ID” on the back, even though it is the signature that is supposed to go in that space which validates the card. Everything is going smoothly as I’m selling a beer to a middle-aged woman, until she hands me her card.)

Me: “I see that this card says ‘See ID’. Can I see a form of identification?”

Guest: “I don’t have one on me. I didn’t think I’d need it, since I’m over 21.”

Me: “I know, ma’am. I don’t have any problem with you purchasing the beer; the card just says that I need to see an ID before running it. Do you have another form of payment?”

Guest: “This is ridiculous; you have my husband’s card right there! Why can’t you just run it? I’m old enough.”

Me: “I can’t run it, because I need to see an ID before running it. It’s policy that if I see that written there, I need to see an ID, or I can’t run the card. Again, this doesn’t have anything to do with you purchasing beer. If your husband has his ID, I can run the card.”

(The guest huffs off and returns a minute later with her husband.)

Guest’s Husband: “What the h*** kind of policy is there against a 42-year-old not being allowed to buy beer?”

A Man’s Duty Is Not About Booty

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(I’m 17 and my friend has suckered me into working at my first job selling alarm systems door-to-door. They drop us off at random locations that we’re expected to canvas all day. I’m taking my lunch break, sitting outside a gas station on top of a small hill. A shirtless man passes by on the bottom of the hill, obviously going into the other entrance. He emerges with an energy drink and walks until he gets to the corner, then walks back. I don’t think anything of it and keep eating. Suddenly, he’s in front of me.)

Guy: “Hey!”

Me: “Hi.”

Guy: “I’ve seen you walking around, and I wouldn’t be doing my duty as a man if I didn’t tell you that you have the most beautiful a** I’ve ever seen.”

Me: *embarrassed and freaked out* “Thank you.”

Guy: “Just thought I’d let you know.” *starts walking away, then turns back to me* “My name is [Name].”

Me: “I’m [My Name].”

Guy: “You got a boyfriend?”

Me: “No.”

Guy: “What’s your number?”

Me: *trying to dissuade him with the obvious age difference* “How old are you?”

Guy: *puffs out chest* “How old do you think I am?”

Me: *lying* “About 25-26?” *still old enough the age difference should matter*

Guy: “Well, how old are you?”

Me: “I’m 17.”

Guy: *obviously shaken* “I’m actually 37… so, that’s a little old for you, right?”

Me: “Yeah, kind of.”

Guy: “Well, I guess I’ll be seeing you. Just remember, you have a beautiful a**. I was just doing my duty as a man.”

(He never talked to me face to face after that, but for the next two weeks I was stationed there, and whenever he saw me walking, he’d call out, “BEAUTY WITH A BOOTY!”)

Unable To Identify The Obvious

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(I work at a location that is a combo BBQ restaurant and convenience store. It is because of this that we have two separate liquor licenses for the restaurant and the convenience store, and we are very strict about keeping them separate. Due to the fact that many choose to get their alcohol in the convenience store side, I have to be the bearer of bad news a lot. A guest comes up to the counter with three other men, with his arms literally full of beer.)

Me: “Are you going to be drinking these on the premises?”

Guest: “Yes.”

Me: “I’m sorry, sir, but if you are going to be drinking these on the premises, I have to limit all alcoholic drinks to two per person.”

Guest: “Oh, but there’s a big group of us on the patio.”

Me: “I understand, sir, but I will need to see everyone up here, and I will need to see everyone’s ID to confirm they are of legal drinking age.”

Guest: *starts telling one of the other guys with him to collect everyone’s IDs*

Me: “Oh, I will need to see everyone with their own ID.”

Guest: “Wait. Why?”

Me: “Because I need to see if it is theirs?”

Guest: “But why do they need to be up here?”

Me: “So I can see if they match up with their picture on the ID? That’s how an ID generally works.”

Guest: “Oh.”

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