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I work as a manager at a old fashion burger joint that’s been open since late 1940s and is only located in my city. I tend to close at night and have a pretty good relationship with me fellow employees. When we close I have to go behind them though to make sure everything is done. I noticed one of them walking around outside, almost lost like, in front of one of the big front windows.

Me: (as they finally come back in) you ok? What were you doing?

Coworker: oh I was looking for trash.

Me:(with out thinking) no, no trash only you.

I realized as soon as it came out my mouth how it sounded and get a horrified look on my face. Luckily they knew I didn’t actually mean anything by it.

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(I was a barista at a major coffee chain, working the bar at a somewhat slow period- we had a lot of people in the cafe but very few in line. I was making drinks at the espresso bar while chatting with a regular customer when some lady shoves herself in between us and starts yelling. For the record, she’d made no previous attempt to get anyone’s attention, simply stood up from her table and barged over.)

Angry lady: “I order a CHOCOLATE cookie!” *shoves pastry bag in my face*

I look in the bag and it is indeed a solid chocolate cookie.

Me: *confused but polite* “…. this is a chocolate cookie.”

Angry lady: “No this is NOT what I ordered! *continues to rant about how incompetent our staff is*

It took me a minute but I’m pretty used to dealing with customers who don’t make any sense at this point.

Me: “OHHH you want the chocolate chip cookie!”

Angry lady: “YES and I want it NOW. This is ridiculous! I’ve already waited too long for anyone’s help!”

Five years working with people like this and I know exactly how to deal with them- be polite, give them what they want but take as loooong as humanly possible without looking like you’re dragging your feet.

Me: “Well I’m happy to help you with that. I’m making a drink right now but I’ll have someone else get your cookie for you.” *finishes drink I’m making and waits for the cashier to ring up the couple customers in line* “Hey, [coworker]! Can I get a chocolate chip cookie please?”

Coworker: “Sure, did you want that heated?”

Me: *MEGA POLITE* “Ma’am, did you want your cookie heated?”

Angry lady: *about to pass out from the amount of blood rushing to her head* “NO!!!”

I hand her her cookie. She storms off. I smile triumphantly.

Regular customer: “WOOOW, what a b****!”

Parking Herself In Everyone’s Bad Books

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(I come to a popular coffee shop for my morning caffeine and as soon as I enter, there is a woman berating the poor cashier. As far as I can tell, the issue seems to be over the fact that the particular sandwich she wants comes on a different type of bread than she wants. After several moments of complaining, she finally finishes her order and moves to the side to wait and the police officer in front of me and I order quickly. After placing an order, the following exchange happens when an employee of a fast food place next door comes inside:)

Employee: “Hey, I’m sorry to bother you, but some woman parked in our drive-thru and came in here.”

Officer: “She parked in the drive-thru?”

(About this time, the entitled woman quickly exits the shop.)

Officer: “Yeah, I think that was her car. She’s having a really bad day but I think she’s going to move it.”

(The employee thanks him and goes back. A few minutes later, she re-enters.)

Officer: “So, you parked in their drive-thru and now I see that you parked in a handicapped spot?”

Entitled Woman: “Yeah, I am handicapped; I just haven’t put the sticker up yet.”

Officer: “Well, you need to make sure that you put that up or there’s gonna be a problem.”

Entitled Woman: “I have one so don’t worry about it!”

Officer: “I am worried about it.”

Entitled Woman: “You’re not making any money off of me today!”

Officer: “I don’t make any money off of anybody!”

(At this point, she left, but it wasn’t over yet; she came back inside to ask for an application, of all things, and then to harass them about an outlet, and at the condiment station which is right by where I’m sitting, she made some snide remark about them being cheap. Lady, if you’re looking for a job, you’re going exactly the wrong way about it!)

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Giving Them The Stink-Eye

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At my job, I’m considered a lead, so if an employee brings in any paperwork that needs to go to human resources or needs their paycheck, I handle it.

An employee came up to me, handed me their doctor’s note, and asked if they could get their paycheck. I put the doctor’s note in the scanner, and then I handed them the paperwork for their paycheck along with a pen to sign with. After they signed, I signed.

I then copied the doctor’s note, and as I was handing them their copy, I saw the reason they had been out: “conjunctivitis” or pink eye. I looked at them with a “Really?” look. 

I went to my locker and got hand sanitizer. As I came back to the desk, the employee told me, “You might want to sanitize the pen; I’m still contagious.”

I waited until she left and then sanitized the door handles to our office and threw away the pen. I sat there wondering about what an idiot she was while the other employees laughed at me.

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Boris The Ride Operator

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(I work as a ride operator at an amusement park. Our company has a sort of exchange program overseas; we get international workers to come in and work for the company. I am working an older ride with one of the international exchange employees from Russia. The ride we are working on is based on a popular movie and was made in the mid-1990s. This means that because of the way it was manufactured, some people may have trouble fitting in the ride. The ride requires the operators to push down on a lap bar and then buckle a seatbelt on the side. If someone is too tall, or their thighs push on the lap bar, we cannot close it and therefore cannot let them ride. I am not the strongest person, but I always try my best to let all of our guests at the park ride. My Russian coworker has a bit of trouble speaking English, so he will often use shorter sentences to get to the point. The day in question is hot, and it is near the end of both of our shifts. I have been doing my best to fit people in, often having to use my legs to push down on the bar so I can get people buckled. I don’t want to ask my coworker for help, because I am embarrassed. However, I am having difficulty pushing down one lap bar. If he comes over and pushes, I can buckle it, but it is nearly impossible to do myself. I call him over and he walks up to the car in question.)

Me: “Can you help me push?”

(He looks at the guest and shakes his head.)

Coworker: “Too fat to ride.” *turns around to open the lap bar*

(I was mortified and had to tell the guest that “for their own safety, they could not ride.” Fortunately, the guest was very nice and accepted all of my numerous apologies. Looking back on it, I feel really bad for the guest, but at the same time I find, from a viewer’s standpoint, the entire ordeal amusing. I quit two months later.)

In Soviet Russia, Accent Speaks You!

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