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(I work in a call center for a health insurance company. I mainly deal with providers calling in about claims or member policies. This particular call, I was attempting to locate a claim for a provider. I had found a claim, but needed to verify the information first.)

me: what is the rendering provider’s name on the claim?
caller: *gives facility name and NPI*
me: who was the RENDERING provider on that date?
caller: *gives same facility name*
me: it’s showing an -individual-, rendering provider on this DOS. Can you tell me their name?
caller: *gives slightly different facility name*
me: *mentally slams my face against the keyboard*….I apologize, but I cannot go any further into this claim if I cannot verify the RENDERING provider name and NPI number.

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[I work in a food court in a mall and I’m on my lunch break, walking to a table after I’d just ordered food. I walk past a group of 3 girls who are throwing their cups up in the air and letting it spill all over the table. I watch this for a minute before walking over]
Me: “You do know someone has to clean this sh*t up after you, right?”
Girl 1: “Yeah?”
Girl 2: “We’re just doing this challenge we saw.”
Me: “Okay? Good for you, not only does the janitors have to clean up the already super messy food court, they have to clean this up.” [makes an exaggerated gesture to the mess all over the table]
Girl 3: “But, it’s their job.” [Looks at me like I’m a moron]
Me: “Yeah, and I hope one day no one makes your future job this hard for you.” [Obviously I say this as sarcastically as I can because at this point I’m very salty and I hope someone gives these girls hell in the future.]
Girl 2: [detecting my salt] “I think we should go.” [The other 2 nod and agree, then get up and leave. A janitor walks by and sees the mess and I grab rags from my work and try and dry the table up as much as I can. I seriously hope that janitor had a better rest of the day.]

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(This happens at a drive thru where the customers can see their order as it’s being taken. The next order I take is placed by an older sounding man for himself and a passenger.)
Me: *Answers next order over headseat* Hi welcome to [Fast Food Chain]! This is [My Name], how may I help you?
Customer: I need the (Hot dog combo) with Fries and a Coke and I want the Popcorn chicken combo!
Me: Alright, would you like your popcorn chicken entree to be medium or large?
Customer: Large! And make sure there’s BBQ.
Me: No problem, now would you like tater tots or fries for your side?
Customer: I want a small order of tots.
(For a combo the only options are medium and up, which I’ve explained to many customers before and they either are ok up sizing or they don’t want the combo option and instead order things seperate. I proceed to explain this to the customer.)
Me: I’m sorry sir, but for a combo, your side and drink need to be a medium size or bigger.
Customer: I want the small tater tot.
Me: *I remove the combo and ring up the large popcorn chicken entree and a small tater tot* Okay, would you like anything else today?
Customer: I still want the combo! Give me a medium Sprite!
Me: *Making the entree a combo again with a sprite and leaving the small tots as an extra purchase* Would you like tater tots or fries with that then?
Customer: I said I want the small tots!!!
Me: Sorry sir, the tater tots must be at least a medium to be a combo.
Customer: Make them small!!
Me: So you wouldn’t want the combo then?
Customer: I want the freaking combo!!!
Me: Okay, is it alright to make the tots a medium then?
Customer: I said SMALL!!! Give me the COMBO!
Me: Sir, for a combo the side and drink must be a medium or bigger.
Customer: Give me the combo!!!
Me: Alright with a medium tater tot?
Customer: NO! I SAID SMALL!!!
(This goes on for another minute before I finally heard him yell to his passenger how stupid I was and then heard him drive off.)

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(I was on my way home from a vacation and had a layover in Dallas. My flight out of Dallas hadn’t yet arrived so I went to Starbucks for some tea. I was waiting in line and there was a woman behind me.)

Woman behind me: *taps me on the shoulder* “Excuse me Miss, but I’m running late for my flight, so would you mind terribly if I went in front of you.”
(I had time before my flight so I decided to be nice)
Me: “Sure”
Woman behind me: “Thank you so much.”
(We both ordered and left and I made to my gate with plenty of time. As I was boarding I passed the lady who asked to go in front of me. We were on the same flight and we had plenty of time before the flight when we were at Starbucks.)

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(I’m a 21-year old woman living in a small Texas town. I’m out walking around an area nearby to a grocery store where I plan to pick up a few things, but first I stop inside a local donut shop. I notice two older men sitting at a table and, deciding to be friendly, I start some chitchat with them. Then, this happens when I comment about the Texas weather…)

Me: Whoo, sure is hot out today, huh?

Man #1: Then take them clothes off!

Man #2: Yeah!

(I didn’t know how to respond to that. After hearing that inappropriate comment from the two men, I just walk away from them speechless. At least the lady at the counter was a lot less rude and even gave me my pig-in-a-blanket for free!)