Schooling The Secretary On Her Paperwork Skills

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I move to Texas in 2009. Everyone says I will get a teaching position easily, since I teach math. However, jobs are not forthcoming.

I finally get an interview with a school after applying on their district’s website. The interview is on a Thursday, so I am not expecting any news until the following week. Also, schools rarely call back candidates who they do not hire.

On Tuesday morning the next week, I get a call at home. My phone identifies it as the school, so I’m excited to answer.

Me: “Hello?”

Secretary: “Hello, Mr. [My Name]. This is [High School] in [District]. We’d like to schedule you for an interview. Would you be available tomorrow morning?”

I’m thinking it is a second interview to meet more staff.

Me: “Oh, that’d be great. Is there anything extra you’d like me to bring to this second interview?”

Secretary: *Pause* “Second interview?”

Me: “I interviewed with your principal last Thursday.”

Secretary: “Oh… Never mind.” *Click*

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(I work as a host at a popular chain restaurant. We have very busy weekends, and as a result, usually have a rather long waitlist, which can reach 30-40 minutes during peak hours. As a result, we often try to compromise with larger groups so we can seat more efficiently without having to skip around on the list. On this particular day, a larger group came in just as we’d seated several smaller groups, and we didn’t foresee being able to push adjacent tables together for them for at least another 15-20 minutes. This is the exchange the head of that group had with one of my co-workers.)

Co-worker: Sir? We wanted to ask if your group would be okay with being split between a few booths. They’re right next to each other. If so, we’d be able to seat you right now. Otherwise, it will probably be a few more minutes.

Customer: A booth? Like with the little walls around it?

Co-worker: Yes, sir.

Customer: Oh. No, we don’t want that.

(With this noted, we continue to move down the list and seat smaller groups in those available booths. A minute later, the head of the larger group approaches our host stand.)

Customer: Hey, what’s with this? I was here first and now I’m getting skipped over. You have tables available and I’m not getting seated!

Co-worker: Sir, we don’t have a table large enough to seat your party at this time. We’re working on getting two tables we can push together.

(He grumbles and goes back to his seat. Not sure why he thought we weren’t going to seat those open tables he didn’t want.)

Was Not Bready For That

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Our sandwich shop is extremely busy tonight and we have run out of bread.

Customer: “I would like two footlong steak sandwiches, please.”

Me: “Sorry, ma’am, we are completely out of bread tonight.”

Customer: “Oh… Then I would like one footlong steak sandwich.”

Me: “No… We’re out of bread.”

I fumble, trying to think of a way to state it more simply.

Me: “We… We’re out of bread!”

The customer stands there with her mouth gaping open for a while.

Customer: “So, you can’t make any sandwiches?”

Me: “Not without bread, no. I can still serve salads and pizzas, though.”

Customer: “Oh.”

The customer, maintaining a dumbfounded look on her face, sauntered out the door.

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Dog Owners Should Test Those Leashes Themselves

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I work in a vet clinic that also boards dogs and cats while their owners are on vacation. A client is picking up her dog after it has boarded with us for about a week, and because she did not leave a leash or collar with us or bring one to pick the dog up with, I bring the dog out on a disposable nylon slip leash that she can keep. The dog is very excited to see her owner and pulls on the leash to get to her, which is unusual for her. 

Me: “Here she is!”

Owner: “Be careful with her; don’t pull the leash so hard! She had surgery to remove a tumor from her neck a few weeks ago!”

Me: “She’s just excited to see you; don’t worry. She never pulls on walks.”

I return to the back and talk to my coworkers.

Me: “If she was so worried about her dog’s neck, she should have brought us her harness, or at least a collar.”

Coworker: “Some people just don’t get it.”

Three days later, the owner’s husband came back to bring the dog to board with us again. He brought her in on the same blue plastic slip leash. When I took the leash, he reminded me to be careful of her neck, despite the fact that if he’d bought a harness nothing would ever even need to touch her neck. I put her in a run and banged my head against a wall repeatedly.

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Gosh, What Could They Be Hiding?

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We have recently hired a new employee to work exclusively with a particular client. At our company, we have a ninety-day probationary period for all new hires. Unfortunately, the new employee is not a good fit, alienates the client right from the start, and appears to have exaggerated the skills he listed on his resume. We make the tough decision to let him go before the probationary period is up.

Me: “…so, unfortunately, the client is just not happy and we don’t feel you are working out in this position. We have to let you go.”

Associate: “Wow. Okay. So, what happens now? Is this effective immediately?”

Me: “Yes, it is.”

Associate: “But like, can I still get on my computer? I have a few things to do.”

Me: “We don’t need you to do anything; we’ll take care of anything that is still in progress. You can just take your personal belongings and head out.”

Associate: “Can I get on the computer for a few minutes to delete some personal stuff?”

Me: “What kind of stuff? You’re not supposed to have anything personal on your work computer.”

Associate: “Oh… Like… paperwork and things like that. It has my social security number and personal info on it; I want to delete that.”

Me: “We hired you. The company already has that information. Anything on there will be kept secure, if that’s what you’re worried about.”

Associate: “I would just feel better if you let me delete things.”

Me: “I’m going to have to go with ‘no’ on that.”

I never did find out what he had on there that he was so worried about. IT did their job and kept anything that was on there private.

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