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(People often grab my hair and mess with it in my school halls. I get lots of compliments on my shoulder length curly hair, which my friends love. My hair is always in a feminine style. On this particular day, my hair is down and I am wearing yoga pants, a comfortable t-shirt, and ballet flats. A kid behind me in the hallway begins to mess with my hair.)
Student: Pretty curls!
(I turn around to see if I know this boy, and to thank him for the compliment but ask him to stop touching my hair. Before I can, he blurts something out.)
Student: Oh, you’re a boy!

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Customer: This is my first time here. What is a *names the drink.*

Me: Begins to explain the drink but apparently is not clear enough for the customer. (Even though I literally described the entire recipe).

Customer: *sarcastically and rudely* Thank you for telling me all about it.

Me: Begins to give a further explanation but interrupted while the customer turns to another employee to ask the question.

A Pox On Both Their Houses!

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(This takes place back in the early 90s, right before the chickenpox vaccine is released. I am only a toddler at the time and my family is about to go on a very expensive — and non-refundable — vacation. My babysitter at the time sometimes watches me with a friend of hers and the kid she babysits. That kid comes down with chickenpox, and the kid’s mother asks my mother if it is all right to expose me “to get it over with,” which my mom emphatically refuses due to our impending trip. She also tells my babysitter that she doesn’t want me to go over to that kid’s house while they are sick, which my babysitter agrees to. The next day, my babysitter is dropping me off and my mom sees the chickenpox kid in the car with me.)

Mom: “I told you I didn’t want her near [Other Kid]!”

Babysitter: “Oh, don’t worry, we didn’t have them in the house together at all!”

(I got chickenpox. My parents had to cancel the trip and forfeit their deposit. Twenty plus years later, my mom is still kicking herself over not being more specific in her instructions.)

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The Ear Is The Problem, Not The Earring

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(I’m an art vendor selling my own beaded jewelry. For each pair of earrings I make, I create a beaded design and then attach it to an earring hook, earring stud, or ear clip. All earrings can be converted to a different type, and I have signs around my booth saying that I will do the conversion for no additional charge. Most customers have no trouble understanding this. But at one fair, two customers enter my booth and look at the jewelry pieces on display. One picks up a pair of earrings attached to ear clips.)

Customer: “I like these earrings. But I don’t wear clip-ons.”

Me: “Oh, that’s no problem. I can easily convert them to pierced earrings. It’ll take me about five minutes, probably less, and it’s no extra charge.”

Customer: “Well, I like them but I just don’t wear clip-ons, so…”

Me: “Um, well, like I said, I can convert them. I have earring wires and studs. It’s no extra cost for me to convert them to pierced earrings, if you don’t mind waiting a few minutes. I can do it right now.”

Customer: “Sorry. I just don’t wear clip-ons, so I’m not interested in buying these.”

Me: *thoroughly confused, since I don’t know how I could be any clearer about her options* “Um… okay, then…”

(The customer set the earrings down on the table, and then she and her friend left the booth.)

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My husband & I are British so sometimes the accent poses problems but not this much.

Husband (en route to the airport). ‘Terminal A please,
Driver ‘Terminal E’
Husband ‘ Terminal A’
Driver ‘Terminal E’
Husband ‘No terminal A, as in A for Apple’
Driver ‘E for Apple?’