Logo Away

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(Here’s the background story: we are currently building a website for one of the clients. This website will include their logo. This is a logo which they own and designed; we did not make this logo for them. When asked for the file, the client sends over a low-res .jpg file. We use the file; it is kind of grainy but not too horrible.)

Client: “Can you increase the logo size by 150%?”

Me: “Yes, we can; however, it will look grainy.”

Client: “Why will it look grainy?”

Me: “The file you submitted is too low-res. If you can provide us an eps file or a high-res version of the photo, we will be more than happy to increase the logo to 150% of the current size.”

Client: “If I have to enlarge the photo myself to get it right then don’t worry about it. I thought you guys had the capabilities to do a basic graphic design work in house.”

Me: “What you are asking is for us to recreate your logo, of which we are more than capable. However, there’s an additional charge for that service. All I’m asking is for the original high-res file or eps file.”


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Our store has several coupons which come out that are exclusively for customers paying with our store’s charge card. A woman comes up to the register with a few hundred dollars worth of items and one of said coupons.

Me: Okay, your total comes up to [Price].

The woman starts pulling out cash. I assume she didn’t read the fine print on the coupon, and clarify.

Me: Oh, your coupon is for when you use your [Store Charge Card].

Woman: What?

Me: To use this coupon, you have to put it on your [Store Charge Card]. See? It’s right here. (I point out where it says that on the coupon.)

Woman: I don’t have a [Store Charge Card].

Me: Well, if you don’t have it on you, we can look it up by your Social-

Woman: No, I don’t have a [Store Charge Card]! I got this from a friend! She said I could come it and use it!

Me: Oh… Well, unfortunately, that is a [Store Charge Card] exclusive coupon. If you don’t have one or aren’t paying with one, I can’t give you the discount. If you’d like, I can sign you up for a [Store Charge Card]. The discount for approval is [Same discount on the coupon]. That way, you’d still get the discount.

Her: I don’t want a [Store Charge Card]! Didn’t you send out some sort of percent off coupon in the mail at around two?

I have heard of no such coupon.

Me: No?

She starts looking on her phone anyway, and sure enough, finds no such coupon.

Her: Fine, just take the coupon off.

Me: Okay, the price is [Slightly higher price]. And if there’s nothing else, I’ll get you your change-

At that exact moment, the computer and pin pad lock up.

Me: Um, sorry, we’re having some technical difficulties-

Her: FINE!

She takes her cash and the coupon and flat out leaves, grumbling something about never coming here again.

Me: …Have a nice day!

There Are Plenty Of White-People Movies; They’re Called Movies

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(We’ve just finished watching a movie that had a main cast that was nearly all white. At the end of the movie, the main character says, “We can save the future, but we’ll need help.” They recruit people across the globe. None of the recruits are white.)

Dad: “I guess they don’t want white people in their future, huh?”

Me: *headdesks*

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Not Meating Your Expectations  

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(My mom, my husband, and I have stopped by a Chinese takeout place to pick up food for ourselves, my dad, and my two brothers.)

Mom: “We’d like six to-go meals.”

(She indicates the Styrofoam clamshells which are the general de-facto meal size here. These come with one side and two meats. There are options for meals with one side and one meat, which comes in a plastic bowl, and for one side and three meats, which is uncommon. We do plan on getting two extra servings of meat on the side, which will make two of our meals ring up as one side and three meats, but we never mention these until later on so we don’t confuse the employees.)

Counter Employee: “Okay!”

(She takes our first order, writing shorthand for each food on the clamshell. She has to pause to ask another employee what the shorthand is for one of the meats.)

Counter Employee: “And you wanted three meats on that, right?”

Mom: “No, we’re getting six meals each with two meats.”

(The girl takes the rest of our orders, pausing once to fill a clamshell. I’m unsure if this clamshell was for one of our meals, but almost speak up about it because she has just filled half the clamshell with the dregs of the last batch of chow mein, which at this point is almost entirely cabbage and celery. After checking with other employees for the shorthand for two more meats, the girl finishes writing our orders and starts filling our clamshells. Almost immediately we see her putting fried rice, [chicken #1], and [premium meat #1] in a clamshell.)

Me: “Wait, is that supposed to be one of ours?”

Counter Employee: *mumbles*

Mom: “That’s not right. We only ordered [premium meat #1] on one meal, with veggies and [premium meat #2]. That plate should have either double [chicken #1] or [chicken #1] and [chicken #2].”

(The girl starts mumbling to her supervisor, who is now trying to figure out what’s going on. My mom asks her to hold the food where she can see it, and rather than holding the clamshell under the sneeze guard where we can see it, she holds it flat at eye level behind both the metal top of the sneeze guard and another employee’s head, at this point standing about six feet away from us. There is NO way to see what’s in there, even for my tall husband.)

Mom: “Can you hold it where I can see it?”

Counter Employee: *holds the clamshell exactly where she held it before, not bothering to move closer*

(The supervisor determines the girl has written the wrong shorthand for [chicken #2]. I had watched as she asked for the shorthand for [chicken #2].)

Counter Employee: *starts filling more of our clamshells*

Mom: “Can I get more than just three pieces of shrimp in the shrimp [premium meat #2] that I’m paying $2 extra for?”

Counter Employee: *mumbles*

(The manager has noticed what’s going on.)

Manager: “The serving size for shrimp is five shrimp.”

Counter Employee: *mumbles more*

Manager: “Do you want us to give you a second serving of shrimp?”

Mom: “No, I want her to give me all five pieces of shrimp I’m paying for, not three pieces and a ton of vegetables.”

Manager: *whispers to the employee*

Counter Employee: *finally puts more shrimp in the meal, then continues making our meals*

Me: “Wait, wait, you aren’t going to fill all three of our meals with chow mein with cabbage and celery leftovers? Was that one of ours that I saw you do that to before?”

(There are fewer noodles in the entire pan than go in a standard serving of chow mein, but almost enough veggies that she could fill ours with “chow mein” if she emptied the pan. They check all our clamshells, and it appears that the meal I saw her fill with cabbage, celery, and a few shorter noodles went to some poor person who didn’t see what she was doing.)

Manager: *to the employee* “Wait until the new pan of chow mein is done.” *to my mom* “The next pan of chow mein is almost done.”

(The manager walks over and says something to the cashier, and as he walks out into the restaurant area I approach him to explain to him just how many issues have been popping up from this girl.)

Me: “I know walking up midway it seems like my mom is being dramatic about this, but this girl has been making big mistakes every step of the way.” *explains exactly what happened before the manager came over* “We definitely will be checking every one of our meals before we pay.”

Manager: “Wow, okay, this is something she needs to go back to training for. And I agree with you to check all your meals. How many people do you have here right now? Would you like free drinks?”

(The manager gives my husband and me free drink cups and talks to my mom, who refuses the cup because she doesn’t drink soda. He discusses what has happened with my mom while my husband and I fill our cups. My husband and I walk back over as they are lining up our meals to check them.)

Mom: “Wait? Why is there another meal with [premium meat #1] in it? We already went through this once.”

(I look at the plate and see that it has chow mein. All three meals with chow mein are supposed to have [chicken #1] or [chicken #2] and the same beef side.)

Me: “That’s supposed to have [beef side] in it.”

(An employee filled a small container with our other serving of [beef side] as the manager told us to just take the mistaken serving of [premium meat#1] for free. In the end, we left with only one serving of the side meat we had planned on getting two servings of because it would have been ten minutes longer to wait for the other. When we got our meals home, I looked at the shorthand labels on them. Almost every one of them was scribbled over and rewritten, and the girl had managed to mislabel both [chicken #2] and [beef side] as [premium meat #1], despite having asked for help with the shorthand for all three of those meats.)

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Customer without a halo
It is the day after a major release for a new game, and I am working the register and answering the phone for a very well known trade in shop in a mall. Please note that the pre order was just digital content for this game and no tangible things.
Phone rings:
Me: thank you for calling [store] in the [area] mall, this is [name], how can I help you?
Customer: yea I came in earlier and picked up my sons pre order for [game].
Me: oh fantastic, is there anything I can do to help you?
customer: (suddenly irate) well my son is all pissed off now because he never got his poster and all that other stuff promised.
Me: ma’am we don’t have posters to give out… This game’s preorder was digital.
Customer: oh so you gave out all the posters already… Why didn’t my son get one?? My husband told me that he was supposed to get one.
Me: ma’am, I think you are misinformed. We never had posters to give out. I went to the late night event last night and there weren’t any at all. And none were here to give out toda…
Customer: (cuts me off) But my husband told me you were giving them out!!!
Me: then I believe he was misinformed on the entire thing and I’m sorry for that.
Customer: well I’m giving the store number to my husband so he can call. Good luck… *click*
*right after my supervisor said he would take over if he called because he loves dealing with stupid people. And luckily, to my knowledge he never called.*