An App-allingly Inefficient Way To Purchase

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(It’s the morning shift of a stocking day, so I usually have to put away the contents of a truck while simultaneously attending to any customers my coworkers are too busy to help. My coworkers at this time of day usually include only my manager, maybe one additional crew member, and a cook. As the early morning turns to a few hours until noon, we start getting more and more customers all at once, forcing my manager and additional crew member to call for my help to handle them all. I head to the front of the store to take out a few orders. Before I deliver to this one woman, my manager tells me that she wants to pay with her credit card. I can see more customers coming in and I know my coworkers are going to need my help with them, too, so I don’t really give it much thought. I just take it out.)

Me: *places her order on her table* “Here we are, ma’am. That’ll be $8.78.”

Woman: “I wanted to pay with my card, but it wouldn’t work. Something’s wrong with your machine. I have money on my card.”

(Our booths are installed with a card scanner that allows customers to pay for their orders before they arrive, but because we prioritize speed at our restaurant, we often stop the clock on orders before they’re ready, which causes the machine to think the order is on its way to the customer before it actually is.)

Me: “If I had to guess, the machine probably didn’t have a chance to actually do anything with your card. Let’s try again.”

(I enter in a code that lets me pull up her order and allow it to be paid for — assuming it wasn’t already paid for — and then attempt to run the card.)

Machine: *declines card*

Me: “I’m sorry, ma’am, but your card is being declined.”

Woman: “I know I have money on it; it must be the machine.”

Me: “Well, let’s try another one, then.”

(I take the card to another machine, enter the code, and swipe the card on her order, only to get the same message.)

Me: “I’m… sorry, ma’am. While I won’t claim to know what the problem is, I can say with relative certainty that it’s not an issue with our scanners. These machines have been working on the vast majority of cards perfectly fine since yesterday.”

Woman: *accepts her card back and pulls out her phone* “Fine. I don’t carry cash on me, so I’ll pay with the app.”

Me: “Let me just get the app payment code for your order.”

(I go just behind the see-through employees-only door to pull up the information on a system-tablet. I return and gives her the number.)

Woman: “What do I do with that?”

Me: *comes to the conclusion this is her first time using the app* “You enter it into the app and the order gets paid for.”

(She spends several minutes fiddling with her phone. All the while, I can see customers pouring in. Likewise, I set up the tablet on the other side of the see-through door with the screen showing that the order hasn’t been paid yet.)

Me: “Is there a problem, ma’am?”

Woman: “My phone’s just taking a few minutes to download the app.”

(I was flabbergasted. The app pays by means of prepaid amounts put into a personal account. I was going to have to wait here while she downloaded the app, set up an account, and put $10 on said account before she could pay; all the while, my coworkers were scrambling, trying to juggle the influx of new customers without me. I couldn’t just leave, lest I be held responsible for anything that happened. She took twelve minutes. Anyone who works in the fast food industry knows how long twelve minutes is to coworkers and waiting customers!)

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Taboo Tattoo

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(My older sister, who is in her early 30s, has a steady job, and owns her own home, has recently gotten a tattoo on her wrist. It is a two-inch long portrait of her beloved pet rabbit done in a style reminiscent of the classic Winnie the Pooh illustrations. I knew beforehand she was planning it, but we both kept quiet about telling our more conservative mother about it. After it is done and my mom learns about it, she calls me over the phone, very distressed about it:)

Mom: “I just can’t believe my daughter would be the one to do this. What are people going to think of her now?”

Me: “Mom, did you even see what the tattoo was a picture of?”

Mom: “No, as soon as she told me, I refused to look at it and left.” *sniffs, as she’s been crying* “What is it?”

Me: “It’s a very tasteful upside-down pentagram.”

Mom: “…”

Me: “Mom? MOM?! It was a joke! She didn’t get a pentagram!”

Mom: *heavy exhalation* “You little b******! I might need to go to the hospital after that!”

(She has since calmed down on the issue, though she probably still wants to hide it from my grandparents. My sister told me that my joke actually made things better as it has reminded that her tattoo isn’t the worst thing ever.)

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Unfiltered Story #160096

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We all sat in cubicles taking inbound calls for the billing dept. of a major cell phone company. Quite often we would have frustrating calls where the customer just would not or could not understand that we could not give them what they wanted.

We were never supposed to lose our cool or be unpolite but it’s really hard in a billing dept.

I had just got off a call and was waiting for my next one when I overheard another co-worker, who was always the most polite and patient, say “I can’t help that you seem to be stuck on stupid sir!”

I guess she reached her limit and we all chuckled for the rest of the shift.

Luckily she did not get caught

Won’t Be Getting His Paws On That This Christmas

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(It’s Black Friday and my sister-in-law told me a few days ago that my nephew wants the “Paw Patrol” tower. I tell her I will try to convince my father to buy it for him. We’re at a store when I mention to him the gift he could buy for his grandson. Just so you know, my father is known for being a bit cheap.)

Dad: “Sure, I’ll buy it for him. How much does it cost?”

(I go to the toy selection and see it costs about $70. I then turn back, not even going to attempt to get it, and return to my dad.)

Me: “Never mind. I know you’re not going to get him that.”

Dad: “Why? Tell me how much it costs.”

(I then show him where I found it, and he sees the price.)

Dad: “Yeah, you’re right. I love my grandson but not that much.”

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Refunder Blunder, Part 42

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(I work in a clothing store at the mall owned by a small company. The owner does not offer refunds because we offer low prices, plus the register system is older and cannot compute credit and debit card refunds.)

Customer: “I’ll take these shorts. Do you do refunds?”

Me: “No, ma’am. No refunds; exchanges only. Sorry.”

Customer: “Okay, that’s fine.”

Me: “Your total is $21.64, please.”

(The customer hands over her credit card and watches me charge her card but then sees the large “no refund” sign right next to her.)

Customer: “You don’t offer refunds?!”

Me: “No, ma’am. I said no refunds, exchanges only.”

Customer: *surprised* “Oh! I don’t want it, then.”

Me: “I am sorry, ma’am, but once the sale is in the system, it is final.”

Customer: “But I haven’t left the store, so I didn’t buy it!”

Me: “Yes, you did, ma’am. Your credit card has been charged. You can try it on in our dressing room and exchange it if you don’t like it.”

Customer: “No, there’s nothing else I want. I have not left the store, so I didn’t buy it.”

Me: “The register is running on an older system. It does not allow refunds, which is one of the reasons we do not offer refunds.”

Customer: “That’s a horrible policy. I will not be coming back!”

Customer #2: *who was watching the whole time* “I heard you say it the first time. No refunds or not, still can’t beat these prices!”

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