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I’m just the co-worker in this story. An older lady came in a well known pizza place. She gives us her name, which doesn’t pull up anything.
Co-worker: Ma’am I’m not pulling up anything on that band. Did you put it under another name?
Customer: Excuse me, do you think I don’t know my own name. Co-worker: no ma’am, some people just sometimes have different people in their house. What did you order? Customer: (well known pizza from competition) I ordered 40 mins ago. Co-worker: ma’am we don’t sell that. Are you sure you didn’t order from (competition)? Customer: I know where I ordered the d*** pizza. Co-worker: in apologize, but we do not sell those. At this point, the customers daughter came in. Customer: call you dad and tell him to send me the number I called from his phone. (They got the number, and she called to prove that they called us. A minute later, she cursed and hung up the phone, stormed out. The daughter apologized and ran after her) so apparently, she ordered from (competition like we thought)

Whales And Dolphins And Snakes, Oh My!

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These are multiple accounts of working at a waterpark, zoo, and theme park as a caricature artist.

Guest #1: “That’s where the whale is at, right? He lives there.”

I see he’s pointing to our central fresh-water lake where we have the ski show.

Me: *Pause* “No.”

Guest #2: *To her son* “See, snakes don’t have genders like worms, and they don’t have any bones.”

Me: “Actually, ma’am, snakes are mostly just a spine and a lot of ribs.”

Guest #2: “Oh, I think I know what I’m talking about, honey.”

Child: “I like dolphins!”

Me: “Why do you like dolphins?”

Child: “Because they eat other dolphins!”

A guest motions to the flamingo.

Guest #3: *To their child* “Look, it’s a flamingo!”

The guest points at me.

Guest #3: “Look, it’s an artist!”

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(I work at a fast food restaurant. We get busy doing the mornings. I work over night but the manager asked me to cover for the opener. I was working both drive threw windows by myself. This happens one busy morning.)

Me: Welcome to [place]. How can I help you?
Person: I’ll have [food]
Me: Okay. First window.
Person: Listen. I come in every day and you always get my order wrong. I want it done right.
Me: (already annoyed because this man is yelling at me for no reason.) I’m sorry they got your order wrong but I don’t work this shift. I’ll let the manager know.
Person: No! It was you! You always get my order wrong. Get it right! (He starts clapping in my face) if you can’t do this simple job, find a new one!
(I calmly tell him next window and ask my manager to give him his food. I just couldn’t do it any more. She later told me that he tried to get me fired but she told him I don’t work that shift so there was no way she’s firing me. This guy comes in every day and starts yelling.)

You Want Driving Anxiety? This Is How You Get Driving Anxiety

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When I am taking driver’s ed classes, I have an instructor that verbally berates me and yells at my friend and me the whole two hours we are in the car with him. This instance is just one of many.

I’m driving at thirty miles an hour and my instructor has not said anything else up to this point

Instructor: “What are you doing?! Speed up to sixty! Sixty! Come on; we’re going on the highway!”

My anxiety kicks in as I accelerate.

Me: “You didn’t tell me where I was going.”

Instructor: “You should’ve known!”

Another thing he did was force my friend and me to push our seats up really close to the pedals, far enough to make it uncomfortable. The only time he ever shut up was when my female friend mentioned that she dated another female student of the instructor.

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Wish You Could Separate Yourself From This Transaction

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Me: “Hi. How are you today?”

Customer: “Do I have to separate the WIC from the rest of my purchases? I was here last week arguing with a dumb cashier that I didn’t need to separate the WIC from everything else.”

Me: “Well… you don’t have to, but if there is an error with the card, it would take less time if the WIC items were on their own transaction.”

Customer: “Why would there be an error? What do you mean, it would take longer?”

Me: “The way our system is set up, we can’t just abort a transaction that has been entered in WIC mode even if the WIC is canceled. We’d need to void off every item and then start the transaction over again.”

Customer: “That’s dumb. I don’t need to separate it.”

Me: “No, you don’t need to separate it.”

I ring up the transaction and her WIC card has an error.

Customer: “What’s wrong with this dumb machine? Why isn’t it taking my WIC?”

I start to manually void each item instead of making her empty out her cart and scan the items.

Me: “There was an error with your card. I need to void all the items and enter them again in a new transaction.”

Customer: “This isn’t my fault!”

The customer after her said I was surprisingly patient and polite, which made me feel good.

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