Thinking Outside The Boxes

| Sydney, NSW, Australia | Working | July 30, 2015

(We are stocking a new store right in the centre of Sydney. As each truckload of stock comes in we have to unload it very quickly as a public laneway is blocked. We then have to stuff as much of it into a lift as possible.)

Coworker: *slotting a box into a space* “To think my parents said all those hours I played Tetris were just a waste of time.”

Refunder Blunder, Part 15

, | Olympia, WA, USA | Right | July 28, 2015

(I work the return desk at a home improvement store that’s going out of business. We stop accepting returns unless the item was purchased prior to liquidation, and there are signs posted everywhere stating all sales are final. An elderly gentleman walks up to the desk with an item return.)

Me: *checking receipt* “I see this is a purchase made after the liquidation process started. I’m afraid all sales are final.”

Customer: *sputtering* “Well, you should have signs posted warning people!”

(I show him where the signs are.)

Customer: “THOSE weren’t there when I bought this!”

Me: “They have been there over a month.

Customer: “Well, you should print it on the receipts, so people don’t waste time!”

(I take out his receipt and show him the text.)


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Derm Right!

| San Luis Obispo, CA, USA | Friendly | July 28, 2015

(At a craft store, there is a box of bracelets with elephant beads by the register. Two customers come up to pay and one picks the bracelet up.)

Customer #1: “Look, hon, pachyderms!”

Customer #2: *gasp* “That’s my favorite kind of ‘derm!”

Customer #1: *gives her a blank look*

Customer #2: “As opposed to epiDERMises and hyperDERMic needles.”

Not So Mellow Yellow

| MD, USA | Related | July 27, 2015

(While shopping at a popular electronics store, my 60-something mother and I walk by the bright yellow courtesy wheelchairs.)

Mother: “Ooh! Wheelchairs!”

Me: “No, Mother. They’re not for you.”

Mother: “Awww. But it would be fun!”

Me: “No. Yellow means ‘Do not touch.'”

Mother: “To me, yellow means, ‘Catch me if you can!'”

Pink Alert!

| Canada | Right | July 27, 2015

(I’m working as a cashier at a clothing store. A customer brings up his purchase, and I begin to ring it through and fold it.)

Customer: “Do you have any hand sanitizer back there?”

Me: “Yes, you’re welcome to use some if you’d like.”       

Customer: “Oh, no thanks, but you should probably use some. I have pink eye and I hear it’s somewhat contagious.”

Me: “…”

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